Charlotte adjusted the video camera until Cooper's smiling face came into focus. She used both hands to steady the camera as she walked around the open car door for a better angle. Through the lens, she watched as Cooper lifted the infant car seat out of the backseat of his car. Charlotte immediately zoomed in on the precious newborn strapped inside. Despite the traumatic circumstances of his birth, Baby Boy Turner was pronounced perfectly healthy. He had ten fingers and ten toes, a headful of dark hair and a sweet disposition.

Cooper held the carrier in one hand and waved to the camera with the other. "Hello, Auntie Charlotte!" His smile widened when Charlotte, mindful of the fact she was recording, didn't say anything nasty in response. Cooper reached into the carrier and smoothed down the baby's wisps of dark hair. "You need to look handsome for your close up, little bug." He fussed over his new 'nephew' until the sleeping infant whimpered. "Oh, I'm sorry." Cooper offered the baby a pacifier to console him. "Uncle Coop is sorry."

Charlotte kept her eyes trained to the viewing screen of the camera. When Cooper started to walk toward the house, she rounded the car to catch Violet stepping out of the passenger side. "Say hello to the camera, momma."

Violet looked directly into the lens. She didn't smile. She didn't respond. She just stared for a long moment before slowly turning away.

Charlotte knew that Violet was still recovering physically and emotionally from the attack. Her baby had been ripped from her womb by a mental patient as she lay, fully conscious, in a pool of her own blood. The fact that the baby had been recovered, healthy and whole, by the police and that the person responsible was behind bars wasn't going to erase her memories. The emotional anguish and abject terror she'd felt that night would linger long after her body had healed. Returning to anything that even remotely resembled a normal life would be a long and difficult process.

But Charlotte had dedicated herself to helping Cooper help Violet in any way possible. She was determined to do her part; even if that meant she had to take video of them bringing their little snot home from the hospital.

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