A 'Con, a Soldier, and a Newspaper…

Disclaimer- I do not own Transformers or Mission Impossible.

Captain Lennox was done with his shift and had left the Autobot hanger. All he wanted was to go home to his wife and baby girl when he spotted movement in the desert. Thinking it was probably a coyote, he ignored it at first. The Autobots and all the sensors and cameras around the base would detect any danger. But his gut warned him it could be something worse. So to be on the safe side, he used his hand as a visor to block the sun so he could get a better look.

Oh, shit.

It was that huge cat Decepticon. And it was incoming. Fast.

Lennox dived back into the hanger, grabbing his radio only to realize it wasn't there. He had removed all his equipment since he was heading home. Right now he wished he really had a gun. No way did he want to face a 'Con without a gun.

Where was everybody anyways? Shouldn't the Autobots have detected the 'Con already and been out there shooting it up?

Lennox took a quick look out the door. He quickly spotted the cat as it was the approaching the hanger. But what in the hell was the 'Con doing?

Said 'Con was currently crouching behind a spiny bush that was in no way large enough to provide it cover. Then it barrel rolled over to an even smaller bush and halted there. It then got to its feet and slowly tiptoed to the next shrub. At least this one was big enough for the 'Con to hide behind even if Lennox could still see it through the gaps in the branches.

As the 'Con got closer, Lennox spotted a grey bowler hat upon the 'Con's head. And was that a tie around its neck? And as the 'Con barrel rolled yet again Lennox heard the 'Con humming.

Dum Dum. Da Da. Dum Dum. Da Da.

Lennox was floored. Why in the world was the cat humming the Mission Impossible theme song?

Then the 'Con's optics met Lennox's eyes. Both froze. Lennox threw himself back behind the door, hands over his head, waiting for the 'Con to open fire, for the wall to collapse, and hoping desperately for the Autobots to show up and kick some 'Con ass.

And waited.

And waited.

And shouldn't the 'Con have blown him up by now?

Cautiously, Lennox again peeked out from behind the door.

Lennox blinked. Then brought his hands up to rub his eyes and looked again. Nope, still there. He must be crazy because there was the 'Con sitting on its butt holding up a copy of what looked to be today's paper.

Suddenly, the sand exploded beside the newspaper holding 'Con. The 'Con dropped its paper and bolted away from the base, cannon fire grazing its hind legs.

Lennox looked up just as Ironhide ran over to where he was standing.

"Captain Lennox, are you damaged?" Ironhide questioned as he continued taking pot shots at the 'Con until it fled out of range.

"No, but I am wondering who could have possibly introduced Ravage to classic spy movies."