AUTHOR'S NOTE: Alright, new fanfic! I don't know how often I'm going to update this, but hey, when it comes, it comes. I have a disclaimer to add to this one, though. (You know, besides the part about not owning Adventures in Wonderland.) This story is the creative property of both me and my friend Alice/Tea_Holic/I can't remember how to spell her name on this site and I'm too lazy to look it up, but she's writing a story called Tea Quiero. :D Anyway, we were originally going to roleplay it with her as Hatter and me as Hare, but we got busy, so I decided to start writing it myself. She approved! So everything's fine. Anyway, enjoy. Review? :D

Part 1 – They Don't Think Much

A gloved grey hand pierced the otherwise unoccupied air of the little girl's bedroom, the length of the arm stopping at the surface of her mirror before it could reach a shoulder. It suspiciously jerked around and for some reason retreated back into nonexistence. A second later, out came the end of a top hat, and then a certain head of a certain Hatter who looked like he just saw his life flash before his eyes. He curled forward and struggled out of the tiny frame, then got caught walking with it over his shoulders. He wriggled to the side and lifted it off of him, then set it back down, immediately taking note of his handsome reflection and smirking. He took a few deep breaths and turned around, though, surveying his surroundings.

Nothing out of the ordinary... a desk with some books, a mound of stuffed animals, a shelf with countless trinkets, My Little Ponies, and Polly Pocket houses. He glanced at the white fluffy carpet and wiggled his toes inside his shoes, then stepped forward. Suddenly his eyes met those of an indifferent, sprawling cat on Alice's bed.

Before he could make any attempt at peace with the cat, out from the mirror came another friend from Wonderland, who landed on his face with his arms extended. Hatter immediately swung around.


He scurried to help him up and he eagerly grabbed Hatter by the arms for support. Once they were both standing, Hare continued to cling at him with wide eyes.

"How the hell did y-... what did you do? Dive in?!"

Hare gave him an offended glare. "I tripped."

"You really suck at tripping, you know that?"

Hare patted his afflicted nose a little. "...Well, we're here. Should we go find Alice?"

Hatter couldn't help but approach the cat. "Hey little guy~" He reached out looking just a little too enthusiastic. The cat hissed. He curled his fingers back in and scrunched his shoulders.

"Hatter, I think that cat's a girl." Hare mentioned, inching to his side.

"Oh, and you know all about cats, hm? ...Mr. Hare?" Hatter asked as Hare extended his arm to it himself. The hand suddenly retracted.

"What's that supposed to mean?!" Hatter smirked, but Hare was not amused. "Excuuuse me? I might be a hare but I think I'm large enough to handle a cat." He tugged on his vest a little for emphasis and reached for the cat again, who immediately tensed. "Now look, we're gonna get along fine-" In mid-sentence, the cat lunged for him. Hare rose his hands and dropped to the floor, shouting and swishing limbs as she swatted her claws at him. Hatter reached down and yanked her up and away from him, but he continued to shout "it hurts" and requests of "save me". Eventually it died down and Dinah wriggled out of Hatter's grasp to hang by the window sill.

Hare stood up and smoothed the wrinkles out of his suit, taking note of her new position. He received a look from her that only a cat could give. It read with much apathy. He crossed his arms and dropped his gaze to the floor.

Suddenly Alice came prancing in carelessly. She froze before she had even opened the door all the way. The two men were equally stiff. Hatter took the initiative.

"H-hey Alice." He weakly waved.

Her mouth gaped, she closed the door behind her and fumbled blindly for a lock that didn't exist. A very awkward silence passed over the trio. Hatter couldn't seem to read Alice's expression, so he coughed a little.

"Hey Alice." He repeated. Hare twiddled his thumbs and averted his eyes from the utterly petrified 13-year-old.

"...What are you doing here." She finally asked.

They seemed put off by her hostility.

"What do you mean 'what are we doing here?' Is that any way to greet your friends?"

Alice stared at Hatter incredulously and finally relaxed her tense posture. "Well.... yes... it kind of is when your friends show up in your room without your permission."

Hatter and Hare darted their eyes around as they tried to work a response out nonverbally.

"Well... you know... we figured... we didn't have anything to do tonight... we thought we'd come visit." Hatter tried.

"But you can't just come unannounced."

Hare cleared his throat. "You come by unexpected and we don't mind!"

"Yeah, but I don't show up in your bedroom." Hare thought about it a moment, agreeing it was indeed very good that she didn't arrive in such a place. Before he could respond, Hatter piped up again.

"Well... would you like to talk somewhere else? Maybe we could go to the park! You have one of those, right?!"

"It's five'o'clock," Alice sharply answered. Hatter looked Hare in the eye again uncomfortably, then turned back to the little girl.

"Alice... I get this feeling you're angry."

"Well!... Ighg.." She strolled towards the window. When she took one more glance at the two nervous grown men huddled together by her bed she started chuckling to herself under her breath. She ended it with an abrupt inhale. "-You're in my room." She said aloud, basically to herself. After another long awkward silence, she composed herself. They were not used to having this sort of moment with Alice. But then again, they also had never been alone with her in a bedroom. Hare slowly felt the weirdness of the situation sinking in. Hatter, though, looked like he really really wanted to go to the park and this silence was just an inconvenience.

"Alice! Dinner!" A female voice called from downstairs. Alice twitched nervously and darted her eyes between the men.

"I-I've gotta go. You guys can't stay here, I'm sorry, just go back to Wonderland and we'll talk later." She gently shoved them towards the mirror.

"But, but,-" They tried. When Hatter reached the mirror, he did nothing but hit his funny bone on the glass and grab it with a frown on his face. Alice froze.

"G-Go back," she repeated.

The two just stood there placing their hands on the surface looking confused.

"Okay, okay, wait, you have to stand over here, and walk, like this." She held her hand out and came towards the mirror. Her fingers dipped inside like they were puncturing jello. Hatter and Hare lined up with imitating gestures and stooped towards the mirror. Hatter's hand landed on it, and Hare landed on his shoulder.

"Alice!!" Alice danced in place again.

"Aghghgh, okay LOOK, I'm going down there. You guys keep at it! And whatever you do, do NOT leave this room! I'm dead serious about this!" She pointed at them with wide eyes and approached the door. "Stand over here while I'm leaving so nobody sees you." She pointed to a corner by her desk and they obeyed. The door slammed shut with quite some haste.

"Hare, I feel bad about this. She doesn't seem to want us here at all!"

Hare frowned. "Maybe it was just our timing."

Hatter reached the mirror again and tapped it.

"Alright, try again."

They both took turns entering the mirror, each with Alice's epic forward-hand. Neither succeeded. Eventually they were squatting on the floor with their hands massaging their eye sockets. "I'll be right back!!" A young boy's voice screeched somewhere in the hallway. The guys immediately shot up.

"O-oh sh-"

"What if he comes in here?-"

Hatter answered the question by running for the lights. Save for the moon's reflection through Alice's windows, they were now submerged in darkness.

"You know, when people enter rooms, they turn on lights," Hare remarked.

"Shut up, Hare." Hatter said, approaching Alice's closet. He slid inside and gulped when he realized he had just stepped on one of her toys and heard a cracking noise. "Motherrr-" he whispered in discontent. He redirected his attention to Hare's dark shape, standing outside the closet in a bewildered state. "Find somewhere to hide, dummy."

"Hey, don't be a jerk to me." Hare turned around with his hands extended and spotted her toybox at the end of her bed. He reached in and pulled out some extra blankets, then curled inside and put the lid over his head.

"What the hell am I doing?" He thought to himself. Suddenly there was clicking coming from the closet. A cheery 'bing!' came from the toybox.

Hare begrudgingly took out his cellphone and the blue screen illuminated his claustrophobic hiding place.

"we'll just have to lie low till alice gets back"
"i dont like how this is going hatter"
"itll be fine, u worry 2 much"

There was inactivity for a minute. Hare finally replied.

... ":P"

When Alice reentered her room and turned on the light, she was pleased to see no one there. She sauntered toward her window and glanced at the mirror. The fact that they had even been there was astounding to her, now that she thought about it. Upon turning around, she noticed some tumbled blankets at the end of her bed. Her brow fell. "...I did not seriously leave these here and forget," she thought aloud. She looked for Dinah, who must've scuttled out of the room earlier, and picked them up. "... I'm getting old."

She picked them up and absent-mindedly, opened her toybox, and there was a certain hare with his knees up, cell phone in hands, and two adorable brown eyes staring up to her. "Mr. Hare, what are you doing in my toybox?!"

"You mean.. this isn't Wonderland?" He tried. She set the blankets on her desk and crossed her arms. Hatter emerged from the closet.

"Yeah sorry, we can't figure out how to work your mirror."


"Yeah, your mirror's broken." Alice was speechless. She was about to approach the mirror again but stopped.

"You can get out of my toybox, now."

Hare slowly extended his arms and legs and sort of crab-walked out. The two dusted their suits off a little and stood around while she thought how to resolve this issue.

"... Hatter?" Hatter wiggled his eyebrows at her in response. "...What do you mean... my mirror doesn't work?" He inhaled to respond but was cut off. "I showed you how to do it. You should be able to do it."

"It didn't work. I don't know how much clearer that can get."

Hare tented his fingers. "We tried it over and over again, Alice, just like you said."

"Alright, guys... I really appreciate that you want to spend more time with me."


"I really can't have you in my house, though. This is dangerous! If my parents caught you in here, they'd call the cops in like 5 seconds."

Hatter and Hare chuckled to each other. "But Alice, why would they call the cops on two great law-abiding citizens like us?" Hare asked, tugging at his coat.

"... Lots of other reasons."


"Look, I'm not bailing you out if they find you. I'd be in a whole other world of shit if they knew I had a magic mirror in here. So just stop with the questions." What humor the two had in their expressions melted after that. "Now would you please try with the mirror one more time?"

Hatter lowered his head and stood a reasonable distance away from the mirror. He got in position and looked to Alice for reassurance, then stepped forward. When his gloved hand slid over the surface again and he remained standing, Alice covered her face with her hands. "I can't believe this." She said, muffled. "I don't know what I'm gonna do." Hare's hand nervously lingered to Hatter's arm. He placed the other over his mouth.

"M-maybe there are certain times when inter-mirror travel's off limits. You know, like how the Wonderland buses close by 8:00." Hatter offered. Alice's hands dropped to her lap and she stared at the floor.

"...I can't believe this is happening to me."

The guilty pair hovered around her. "W-we're sorry."

"Where do you want us to go?"

"You can't go anywhere."

"Alice, come on, don't you think that's a little extreme, I mean Hare and I aren't that-"

"No. You can't go anywhere. That would be... just... i-it just. You just can't."

"Why not?!"

"I would say 'look in the mirror', but I'm kind of pissed at that thing right now."

"... What about how we look?!" Hatter asked, mildly offended. Hare turned on his heel to glance at himself. He smiled a little and turned back to Alice.

"I'm not gonna get into that." They seemed curious now that she'd brought it up. "Y-you guys are fine. You're perfect just the way you are. And you belong in Wonderland. Does that make sense?"

"Yeah, but.." Hare began.

"Well what do you want us to do?" Hatter cut him off. Alice thought long and hard.

"Mr. Hatter?... Mr. Hare?" They paid extra special attention. "I don't want you to think that me being stressed about this means I'm angry with you or we're not as good as friends anymore. But I have to be really strict about this right now because my door doesn't have a lock. I have to start my homework. You guys are gonna have to hide down there." She pointed to the space between her bed and the wall.

"...Are you kidding me?" Hatter asked.

"It's a tight squeeze, I know."

"Oh, Jesus."