A Ghost in the Shell fan fiction

By The Low Brass Dude

It was that day again. When she was six years old she and her parents boarded an airplane and it subsequently crashed. She and another boy were the only 2 survivors. She was known as Motoko Kusanagi. He was known as Hideo Kuze.

The cemetery was cold and dank as usual. In front of Motoko were 2 stone slabs marked "unknown". All that was known was that they were her parents. She then knelt down and placed a rose on each of their graves. It was something she would rather not be reminded of. A single tear dropped off of her cheek and landed on the grave.

There were 2 other unknown graves, the parents of Hideo. She still loved him even though he was known as a terrorist. He was a sweet boy, who prayed for her with his left arm during hospitalization. And she was pretty sure that he shared the same sentiments today. 3 years after his "disappearance."

As she got up to leave she noticed a single paper crane on the grave of Hideo's parents. "No" she said to herself, "He died after I killed Gouda." She then left and proceeded to her car. During the trip back rain started pouring. It was extremely ironic and annoying. Turning on her radio she heard that 5 men were imprisoned for illegal medical operations. "Typical" she said to herself.

She then reached her house and realized that there was another car parked beside hers. But, she didn't invite anyone over. It wasn't a vehicle of anybody else on Section IX, so who was it? It obviously wasn't a burglar, and if someone wanted to assassinate her they wouldn't leave their car outside like that. Either way she took out her handgun and went inside.

None of the lights were on and she didn't hear anything, so then decided to look upstairs. In her bedroom were two cognacs. "So who was drinking in here, and knew my favorite cocktail for that matter?" After searching the rest of the house she saw that the only thing out of the ordinary were the car and the cognacs. After testing those to make sure weren't poisoned or anything she took a sip out of one glass and then sat down on her bed.

"It just doesn't make any sense, I never told anyone that Hideo had a knack for making paper cranes, and we were the only 2 besides the undertakers who knew where our parents are buried." She said taking another sip.

"It's not like the world ever made sense in the first place." said a raspy voice outside the bedroom. She got her handgun and went around the door to see a 6' tall man still with a little youth, silvery hair and a dark brown trench coat.

"Hideo?" Motoko asked stunned.

"I'm sorry it took me so long" he said hugging her deeply. "It took me a while to locate my shell and get back inside."

"How did you know where I lived?" she asked crying softly.

"You said it yourself; the net is truly vast and infinite. I was able to find your address through Section IX's computers. After that, 5 gentlemen reassembled me ghost into my shell, which was found at an old woman's house where both of our old shells are. Later they got arrested on charges of illegal surgery. They told me to leave and bring joy to those who lost it, as I did years ago."

"I just can't believe that you're alive Hideo." Motoko said looking up at him. "So you left the paper crane at the cemetery."

"Yes I did. I also made those cognacs you were drinking"

"I thought so," Now Motoko was wondering what to do, he was on the run from the police.

"I guess I should be going then, the police will be looking for me." Hideo said while turning.

"Wait!" Motoko said, "Is that car stolen?"

"It's yours" He said calmly. Motoko started going through things in her head, I don't remember owning it, she thought. "Well actually it's your parent's." He said. "I found it in an old garage near where I came back. To the police it looks like any other normal pedestrian's vehicle.

"They only caught a glimpse of me, though I doubt that they know who I am. But I am going to need to find a place to stay."

"You can stay here," Motoko said jumping at the statement.

"They'd probably come here first though," He said looking into her eyes.

"Please, I can tell them that whoever they were looking for died or something. Wait, what happened to the 5 men who operated on you?"

"Firing squad" he said looking downcast. "I saw them get killed and then went on my way through sewers. Not many people recognized me. So for the time being, I think I'm all right."

Motoko on the other hand was staring at a computer screen at files and whatnot. It stated that the 5 men were killed due to illegal surgical procedures and that there was nobody else in the warehouse. "It seems that you are free man." She said proudly in front of Kuze. He looked at the files and it showed that there was no mention of a sixth person and he was assumed dead. The other 5 were already on death row anyway.

"Thank god" he said with a smile on his face. He looked at Motoko for a little while and said "You don't mind if I live here with you, you already offered and……." He trailed off.

"And what?" Motoko asked.

"And, I love you." He said staring at her.

"So I take there was nothing with that guy with no eyes right?"

"Not at all" she said kissing him gently on the lips, and him returning the sentiment.

"Batou always was and always will be a jerk" she said kissing him again.