Angels On Demand.

Dean and Sam had heard from Castiel that they would need help in order to defeat Lucifer after his escape, more help than they could get from an angel anyway and so they we're driving to Anchorage, Alaska due to Dean's fear of flying.

As they slowly pulled up outside a beaten down house on the outskirts of the city Sam shuddered. Something about this place seemed off to him and he was reluctant to go inside. Ever since the demon blood in him had taken a hold it was like he had some sort of sixth sense and knew when something bad was going to happen. In this case though, Dean wasn't going to listen. Castiel had risked his life for the hunter and so Dean felt like he owed it to him to follow his advice this time. Both Dean and Sam walked up to the door and knocked loudly.

"Come in it's open!" A female voice shouted loudly from somewhere inside. Dean opened the door cautiously and stepped inside, Sam right behind him.

"Don't you lock your doors?" Dean asked.

"If you were anything I was afraid of, you wouldn't have knocked." the voice replied dryly, stepping out of the door to his right. He gave her an appraising look. She appeared to be in her early twenties, long blonde hair, bright blue eyes and a lopsided smirk graced her face.

"Dean Winchester," she said thoughtfully. "I don't know why I thought you'd be taller." Dean raised an eyebrow and Sam had to stop himself from laughing.

"I'm Kayleigh," she laughed. "Which I suppose is ironic, but you can call me Leigh."

"Ironic?" Sam asked. "Cas didn't tell you," it wasn't a question, but Dean shook his head anyway.

"This will take some explaining," Leigh explained, walking into the kitchen and gesturing to the boys to follow. When they were all sat at the table with coffee in their hands the questions began.

"Why is you name ironic?" Sam started with.

"'Cause Kayleigh means 'like God'," she explained. "And I'm Lucifer's daughter." At this revelation Dean's eyes widened to near comical shock and Sam's eyebrows rose to his hairline. Leigh sighed.

"I'm not evil, I won't turn you over to him," she said condescendingly. "I have about as much choice over my parents as you did."

"Why did Cas send us to you?" Dean asked. "Why does he trust you?"

"I'm protected as the child of an angel, which is unique in itself, even if the angel went dark side. I have a lot to owe to Castiel, he's been reincarnating me for centuries, millennia even, just so I could be here for the right time." Leigh explained.

"I thought the devil had a son," Dean admitted. Leigh rolled her eyes.

"Being a hunter, you should know Hollywood rarely gets anything right." Leigh snapped.

"How old are you?" Sam questioned.

"Interesting question," Leigh laughed. "Do you mean overall? Or in this life?"

"Both?" Dean suggested.

"Overall, I'm over nine thousand years old. Luckily in this life, I'm only twenty-four." Leigh chuckled at the shocked expressions on the boys faces.

"But why did Cas send us here?" Dean persisted.

"He wanted to get you somewhere safe before Zachariah went stir crazy?" Leigh suggested.

"Zachariah hasn't gone stir crazy," Sam pointed out. Leigh's smirk widened as she leaned back in her chair.

"Not yet," she answered.

"But if you're Lucifer's daughter, won't he be heading right over here?" Dean asked. Her smirk widened even further as she once again answered, "Not yet." Dean started to pace around her kitchen.

"Dean, calm down," Leigh said. "And sit."

"Stop nagging, you're not my frigging girlfriend," Dean growled out.

"Not yet." Leigh answered in her eternally calm voice, which just angered Dean even further.

"Why the hell should I even listen to you? You're the daughter of the freakin' Devil!" Dean shouted at her. Finally Leigh's composure broke.

"You're so narrow-minded! I feel sorry for our kids!" she yelled.

"We," Dean shouted, gesturing between them wildly. "Do not have any kids." Leigh leaned across the table slightly. "And if you so much as think the words 'not yet' I swear to God…" Dean trailed off. Leigh tilted her head as if listening to something.

"Now you've done it," she groaned. "He's coming. Time to play happy families." She started pushing Dean and Sam towards the front door. "Head toward the centre of town. I'll get rid of my father and call you," she told them, pushing them toward the impala.

"How?" Dean asked.

"You're forgetting something," Leigh answered seriously and pointed vaguely at the sky. "Angels on demand." She headed back to the porch. As Dean and Sam drove off, they could see the black smoke starting to form around her house and all of a sudden, Dean felt unexplainably guilty for leaving her on her own. He hoped she'd be okay.


Okay, this was something that randomly popped into my head during a really long car journey and I thought it'd be cool if Lucifer had a daughter.

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