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101 Ways to Kill Hollis Mann

Hawaii Part I: Death By Shark

Hollis strolled from her beach house, looking forward to a swim in the ocean. She was glad to be out of DC, that's for sure. She was sick of all the jurisdiction disputes, and the military life.

Nevertheless, all of these reasons are acceptable, but not the real reason why she'd gone.
Mann wouldn't be able to handle accidentally running into Gibbs at any time, it was clear that they didn't really compliment each other anyway.

She continued on with her stride across the hot sand, before reaching what she thought was the perfect place to lay her towel before going swimming.

Hollis barely acknowledged that the beach was desolate and uninhabited by any travelers or vacationers, let alone locals.
Shrugging, she unfolded her towel and placed it on the sand, then unpacked her umbrella and dug it deep into the ground.

Mann took off her bathing suit wrap, and put it on the ground, leaving her in her one-piece for swimming in the ocean.

Hollis was careful to avoid any seashells as she walked down the beach…

Closer, and closer to the water…

Seeing nothing out of the ordinary, she stepped into the water, testing the temperature; Perfect.

She walked deeper, and deeper into the blue until she had to start floating, which was probably about fifty feet into the water.

Somewhere in the distance, she swore she heard the Jaws theme playing, but she assumed it was her mind playing tricks on her, due to her change in location.

She suddenly became uncomfortable, overcome with something Gibbs would describe as a gut feeling. Turning around, she expected to see more people entering the water for a swim as well, only to see that the area around her was just as bare as it was before.

Mann was filled with a feeling that was a cross between suspicion, and paranoia. But a word she refused to use, was fear.

The music got louder.

Deciding that she would tan first, she began to swim back to land.

The theme that was all too familiar to her by this point in time started to quicken.

She still wasn't sure if she was really hearing it or not.

Swimming a little faster, Mann started hearing the swoosh of water from behind. She quickly turned, only to see a murderous fin breaking through the current of the water.

Her eyes widened, and out of pure human instinct, she swam as fast as possible in the other direction.
The shark followed after her, and before Hollis could scream, it grabbed her legs in between his sharp sets of teeth and plunged her into the water.

Pain followed.

And the music stopped.

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