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Hawaii Part II: Death By Volcano

The locals chanted as they carried a hogtied Hollis closer to the volcano. Though she had no idea what they were saying, she knew it couldn't be good, or else they wouldn't be going toward the volcano.

Ash from eruptions long ago surrounded the mountain, and just laid there motionless, as if they were taunting her.
She wondered what she'd done. Mann mentally filed through the events of the day;

After she had breakfast, she'd decided to go out to some of the souvenir shops, and learn more about the island of Lanai.
She had been purchasing some items when she-

That was it!

Hollis would have headslapped herself if ropes weren't digging into her wrists and keeping her in place. She'd been practicing her Hawaiian vocabulary out in public…And she apparently had mistaken one word for another and ended up getting herself in trouble

Big trouble.
Or, Niu Pilikia, as the locals put it.

Mann wondered how she was going to get herself out of this situation…

Aha! She would use the knife she kept in her back pocket!
Slowly curling her fingers that were tied around her back, she reached into her back pocket.

Then, her face fell, and her features created a look of comical shock. The typical 'Oh crap…' moment.

She'd broken Gibbs' rule number nine.
Hollis Mann had forgotten her knife.

Was there a chance for her now? Now that she'd broken one of Gibbs' most important rules?

Absolutely not.

Gibbs' rules were his own team's survival guide, and since she had forgotten her knife, she had what was coming to her.
A harsh way of putting it, but also correct.

They were almost at the top now…Mann wondered how long she had left. Probably not long, especially since-

"Oof!" Hollis sputtered as she fell to the ground, facedown.

"Oops," one of the men said. He looked to the other man. "My bad."
The other one nodded.

Mann tried to yell through the tape, but it just sounded like mumbling to everyone else.
"That," the youngest, began with a scowl, "is most definitely not our language, either."
"Let's just pick her back up," one of the other men suggested.

All of them nodded and picked Mann up, then continued up the volcano, until they reached the top.

They started their chanting again and with every few words, they would lunge her forward, as if to toss her into the mountain, only to bring her back towards themselves again.

Then, they threw her in front of them, and didn't bring her back.

"You crazy woman!"

Hollis never heard what he had yelled down the volcano because she'd already been immersed in the scorching, boiling lava.

All of this, and she still had no idea what she'd said.