Chapter 1

It was 3:30 in the afternoon, Carly had just gotten home from school. Normally, Sam would be with her and make up some excuse to avoid going home. But today was different, Sam had detention and so Carly went home alone.

Spencer was sitting in the kitchen, he hadn't been laid in three months and was extremely horny. Carly walked in wearing a spagetti strap shirt and blue skirt. "Hey, I'm home!", she exclaimed. Spencer said nothing and just stared off into space. "Hey Spence," Carly said again. "I said I'm home!" Again Spencer said nothing. He just got up and locked the back door. And then walked over and locked the front. Carly was baffled. "Spencer, are you okay?" she asked. Spencer just shot a menacing look at her. Carly was starting to worry, "What's wrong, Spen-?" "Shut up! Spencer finally shouted. He grabbed Carly and propped her up on the kitchen table. "Spencer, what are you--?" but Spencer cut her off. "I said shut up you little whore!"

He forced her down on the table and held her down with one arm and ripped her shirt off with the other. He then proceeded to rip off her bra and began sucking on her developing breasts. After her nipples were erect, Spencer pulled off her panties and unzipped his pants, he pulled them down leaving just his boxers revealing a huge bulge. He pulled them down revealing his erect penis. A look of shock registered on Carly's face. She had never seen one before. Carly pleaded with Spencer not to do what she knew was coming, "Spencer p-p-please don't!" "Shut up, u fucking cunt!!" he shouted.

He forced his throbbing cock into Carly's virgin pussy, breaking her hymen in one mighty thrust. Carly let out a heavy breath. She was finding this actually was quite enjoyable. "O-oo Spencer!! That feels soooo good!" He grunted with pleasure as he continued pumping in and out of his sister. He fucked her all over; on the counter, on the couch on the stairs, on her bed, on his bed, on the car in the iCarly studio.

Finally around midnight, Spencer and Carly were back in her bed, both naked. Carly had already orgasmed three times and they were both breathing heavy. Spencer started to slow down, he was going to cum. He arched his back and blew a huge hot load into his sister. He collapsed onto her naked body and he kissed her forehead and muzzled her neck. They began kissing and and muzzling each other before finally falling asleep in each other's arms.