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Chapter 2

Carly woke the next morning, her vagina sore, but feeling very happy. She couldn't believe she lost her virginity to her brother and knew it was wrong, but she didn't care. She loved him and besides she had never gotten that type of satisfaction from masterbating. She threw on her bathrobe and went downstairs

When she arrived in the kitchen, she found Spencer had made waffles and pancakes. "Hey!" she said in a seductive tone. "Hey, you're sure happy this morning!" Spencer replied.

- "Considering how good last night was, I don't think I've ever been happier."

-"Well I made you breakfast!"

"Thanks, but I'm not really in the mood for breakfast." Carly had a sensual look about her.

Spencer knew where she was going, but couldn't help but ask, "What are you in the mood for" Carly didn't even speak. She just stood on her tip toes and kissed Spencer passionately. After two minutes of sucking his face, Carly hopped up on the dining room table and shed her bathrobe, revealing her young, naked body. She took the syrup off the table meant for the pancakes and waffles and poured it on her developing breasts and stomach. Spencer couldn't fight it, he began kissing her back and moving down her body, licking off the sticky syrup and working his way lower. He kissed her young vagina and kissed her thighs and woked on flicking his tongue in and out of her pussy. Carly moaned with pleasure.

Spencer pulled his pants and boxers down and shoved his cock into his sister. He grunted with delight. He pumped in and out of his sister, faster and harder. Carly had thought back to last night, when she came three times. 'He is such a good fuck!' she thought. Uuuhhhh, ooooooh, Spence! Spence! Carly cried as she orgasmed. Carly came on Spencer's dick and Spencer couldn't take much more either. He laid Carly out on the table and blew his load inside her!! He jerked her twice for good measure as her pulled out. They were both breathing heavy and tho it was only five minutes, they both seemed to enjoy it!! "You better go get ready for school," Spencer advised. Carly nodded and headed upstairs to get dressed!!

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