The Giant and the Midget

"Hello there, little man."

A young Hitsugaya scowled at the giant guarding the gate. "I am not little," he defended.

Jidanbo raised an eyebrow. "You are no bigger than my smallest finger!"

"Would you please open the gate," Hitsugaya snapped. "I need to get through."

"You amuse me, little man. So young and so hurried. No time for conversation?"

"Well, big man," Hitsugaya growled, "if you must know, I am heading to the Shinigami graduation ceremony."

Hitsugaya thought he had won here, but was shocked and disgusted when the giant only laughed.

"Oh, a relative of yours?" he wondered. "Do you have a pass?"

"No!" the boy shouted, beyond frustration. "I am graduating!"

"You're too young to graduate," Jidanbo retorted, skeptical.

"Am not!" Hitsugaya cried in a rare childish fit of rage. He reached for his zanpaktou and flashed it at Jidanbo as if to prove that he was going to be a Shinigami.

The giant sighed. "All right, little one. I'll open the gate."

Young Hitsugaya looked smug, pleased that he could prove worthy to pass. As he was finally let through the gate, he called back one last thing. "And my name is not 'little man'! It's Toshiro Hitsugaya!"


Years passed by. Hitsugaya moved up the ranks to Captain of the Tenth Division. He stood at the gate once more, needing to be let back into Seireitei.

"Hello, little man."

Hitsugaya forced his face into a stern expression. "Jidanbo, I told you, my name is Captain Hitsugaya now."

"Ah," the giant said, "but your name changes so quickly. When I first met you, you were only Toshiro Hitsugaya. Then you were Lieutenant Hitsugaya, and now Captain Hitsugaya. I find it easier to simply call you little man."

Hitsugaya smirked slightly, but doubted Jidanbo would be able to see it from up there anyway. "Well, I can assure you that I will be staying Captain Hitsugaya for awhile."

Jidanbo laughed. "Who can be sure? I have heard you are quite talented. In less than a hundred years, maybe, I might have to call you Head Captain Hitsugaya."

Hitsugaya shook his head. "Jidanbo, could you please open the gate? I am in a hurry."

"You've been in a hurry ever since the day I met you," the giant said, but shoved open the gate nonetheless. "Goodbye, little man."

"Goodbye, Jidanbo."

The giant rolled his eyes as he closed the gate back up. Who could have ever guessed that the giant and the midget would get along?


Thanks to KnowledgeandImagination for the idea of a Jidanbo and Hitsugaya fic in response to my request for odd character combinations. (This bulletin was listed in the eighth chapter of my fic, Like Brothers). Any more combinations are greatly appreciated. I'm thinking of maybe doing Ulquiorra and Isshin next, simply because I think it could be amusing and there is not one in existence yet.