If nothing else, she could deffinately say that she'd never been anywhere else like Eureka. But then again, she hadn't really been anywhere until a couple weeks ago.

Maximum Ride sat in the tree house they had built gor her once it had been established that she would stay in Eureka. It was amazing, it apearently used some type of anti-gravity thing to keep it from falling out of the tree, or somthing like that.

And it wasn't just her tree house, the entire town was like one big cespool of futuristic technology. She couldn't believe some, if not most of the stuff that people used here, to say nothing of what they were developing in that Global Dynamics place, (not that she had been allowed in it).

Maybe someday she could convince that cold, unemotional, power hungry, if not admitedly good looking director Nathan Stark to let her wander around. Yeah, when pigs fly.

Hey, wait a minute...

A clap of thunder interupted her thoughts, and she saw a storm off in the distance. It was still a long ways off, so she decided to go for an evening flight before the winds became to eratic and dangerous. She spread her wings and leaped out of the doorway of her house into the air.

As she flew around the town her thoughts drifted back to when she first got here...


It had been four days sinse I barely escaped from that hellhole called the School, and I needed a good meal or I would die! I looked around for some berries or something that wouldn't send me into convulsions when I ate it. I found a patch of wild rasberries a little ways off, and I ate as many as I could find. When I had eaten my fill I searched for a branch that I could sleep on for the night.

While I searched I thought of Fang, Angel and the others still at the School. There were six of us: Me, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, the Gasman, and Angel. We had been at the School for as long as each of us can remember. And for as long as each of us can remember we've had wings. Apearently, we'd had avian DNA grafted on to us when we were still embryos. (I'm not sure whether we had real parnts or if we were all test tube babies.)

Growing up at the School had been nothing but misery for us and I had always tried to think of a way to escape. It had been years, but finally I'd had the opperatunity to make it happen. I had tried to convince the rest of them to try and escape with me, but they were still to scared. In the end, only Fang and I had tried.

When our handlers had come to get us for some reason or other, we knocked them out and bolted for the door as fast as we could. It took us a while, but we finally found a door that lead outside.

I don't need to tell you we couldn't get out that door fast enough.

We burst out the door, the light nearly blinding us. Our eyes adjusted, only to find a bunch of whitecoats and Erasers waiting for us. It took us a second to recover from the shock, but we were up in the air before they could blink. Actually, only I way able to take off, Fang was tackled by an Eraser and was pinned to the ground before he could get airbourne.

I looked back and was about to help him, but he shouted "Go!" at me before I could do anything. The last think I saw of him as I flew away was a whitecoat sticking a needle in his arm.

I must have been flying for hours, because by the time I realized that I was tired the sun was halfway below the horizon. I touched down in some trees and caught my breath. What had happened to Fang?, I wondered. Had he been given to the Erasers as their plaything and been beaten up? Had they torn off his wings as punishment for trying to run away? Was he even still alive at all? There were just to many questions.

But those questions would have to wait, at least until I was sure that I would have the time to think about them. Right now, I had to get as far away from the School as possible. I flew above the trees again and looked for something I could use to get my bearings. I saw a highway off in the distance. I flew closer and saw "You are now leaving Arizona" on a sign above the road.

Whether I had flown across the state or just a few miles I didn't know, I had been to distracted to notice. All I knew was that I had to keep going. Having on other plan, I decided to head north. I saw a semi-truck coming up the road and decided to hitch ride. I flew down behind it and, sinse the back door was open, I ducked into the trailer before the driver could see me. When I looked around inside I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

I'd landed in a mattress truck! I chose one of the mattresses at random and fell unconcious the instant my head the perverbial pillow.


When I woke up the sun was already almost to the noon position. The truck was still moving, but I knew that it probably wouldn't keep going forever. I peeked out the back to make sure there weren't any other cars behind us. When the coast was clear I jumped out and took to the skies again, heading in a northerly direction.

I must have been flying for quite a while, because by the sun was setting again I was feeling rather hungry. I checked the surounding area and found a little fast food place a little ways off.

This was mainly how my travels consisted for about a week. I would fly for a while, then eat something before flying until I felt to tired to fly anymore.

By day seven I was really starting to look ragged. I was also really tired, and wanted more than anything to just plop down and sleep for a month, but I knew that there was a really good chance that I was still being chased, so I couldn't. I had to get as far away as possible before anyone found me.

As the sun was going down I saw a small town in the disstance and decided to check it out. I figured it would probably be pretty much deserted at night time, so I could probably get a decent meal.

At least it couldn't be worse, could it?