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Out of Control

Chapter 1: Monsters vs. Alien

Tsukune Aono. Your average 15 year old. Literally average, if you count him getting straight C's on every one of his high school enrollment exams, which required A's or B's. However, thanks to his dad, he was finally able to find an academy that he could go to. Though, it might have been a better thing if the old man hadn't found out about this school from a pamphlet dropped by a passing priest.

However, something couldn't be helped, as his parents heard none of his objections about the academy. And so, Tsukune was riding a bus toward the academy. He was dressed in the normal school outfit the mandatory tan pants with a pair of blue tennis shoes. His white undershirt was worn under a green jacket and a red tie around his collar that could be worn with the outfit. He himself had spikey brown hair and light brown eyes.

As he sat staring at the packet in his hand, he couldn't help but sigh as he thought of his friends who were going to their own high schools. However, his musings were cut short, as a voice, which came from the driver, spoke up.

"Hey kid." When he saw he had Tsukune's attention, he continued. "Are you a freshmen at Youkai Academy?"

"Yeah…" Tsukune casually responded.

"Then you should be mentally prepared." The driver spoke. "It's a terrifying school."

"Huh? You mean like…" Tsukune began, but before he could continue, his phone began ringing, so he reached into his right pocket and withdrew the phone. Looking at the screen, Tsukune recognized the name, and answered the call.


"Oh, Tsuki-chan. I heard from Auntie, but are you going to Youkai Academy?" His cousin, the girl, known as Kyou asked.

"Yeah…" Tsukune replied.

"Since my favorite cousin is attending that school, I did some research on it." Kyou said. "That school is…" She began, but at that moment, the bus entered a tunnel, and the signal was lost.

"Hello? Kyou-chan?" Tsukune said into the phone, trying to find if the connection had held a bit. "Hello?" However, no reply came, so with a sigh, Tsukune closed the phone and placed it back into his pocket. After a few more moments inside the tunnel, the bus came out and Tsukune looked at where the tunnel had ended.

The landscape had greatly changed, the most prominent on the land being the dead trees all about. The water had a red color to it, no like a tint, but like it was made of blood. The sky seemed peaceful enough, but that was the only similarity to what it was like before the tunnel.

"This is like a totally different world after we entered the tunnel." Tsukune mused out loud as he looked at the bus stop, which happened to be a scarecrow with a pumpkin head. "What the hell is this place?" He wondered, looking towards the large building in the distance.

"Be careful, young man." The driver said, before closing the door and driving back towards the tunnel.

"Oh, yeah, I need to call Kyou-chan back." Tsukune remembered out loud, dropping his bag and reaching for his phone. When he pulled it out, and dialed the number, however, he only heard a beeping, meaning there was no signal. "I still had reception before we entered the tunnel though..."

With a sigh, Tsukune closed the phone again, and once again slid it back into his coat pocket. Deciding that he might find some answers, and maybe a phone, at the building in the distance, he chose to head walking for a while, he noticed the woods that he was travelling through looked a lot more dense than before. However, Tsukune chose to ignore it. He failed to notice a strange sound coming from behind him until he felt something slam into his back. Acting on instinct, he turned as much as he could, and seeing someone else, grabbed hold of him or her and took the brunt of the fall.

When Tsukune had finally stopped tumbling, he reached out with his hand, trying to find something solid to push against to stand up. However, when his hand came into contact with something, he squeezed it, and realized it wasn't the ground, since two things happened. One, the thing he had squeezed felt soft, like skin, and two, a gasp was heard, a female one if he guessed right.

Looking up, he found his hand was actually resting on a girl's upper thigh, dangerously close to her skirt. He then heard the girl speak, in a soft tone that he found very appealing.

"Sorry, my eyes went blurry 'cause I'm kinda anemic." She said, while brushing some of her pink hair out of her face. When she did, she also opened her eyes, and Tsukune finally saw her completely. She wore an outfit he knew was standard for girls at Youkai, a tan skirt, white under shirt, and a green over jacket. He noticed that around her neck, was a strap of leather, which had a silver cross chained to it. She had pale skin, while her cheeks were a little flushed, and she was looking at Tsukune with her green eyes.

At this point, only one word registered through Tsukune's mind when he saw the girl. 'Woof…' However, his thoughts were cut short, when suddenly, the girl moved, and he remembered where his hand was. The girl suddenly got a shocked look on her face, and jerked her knees together, although Tsukune's hand was stuck in between her legs.

"Um, um…" The girl said. Tsukune withdrew his hand from between her legs, and moved away.

"Sorry, I thought my hand was on the ground." He said. At that point, they both noticed a bit of blood on his hand, probably from a stray rock on the ground.

"Oh no, you're bleeding…" The girl said, as she reached into a pocket and pulled out a small cloth. She moved forward, intending to clean the blood off his hand, but it was then that she caught a whiff of his blood. Her eyes widened, and she started shaking a bit, before placing a hand on her chest. "No…this scent…My body is…"

'Hm, scent?' Tsukune thought, and he then took a small smell of the girl's hair, and gained a pleased look on his face. 'The scent coming from the hair is nice…' But before he could think anymore, she reached out and grabbed his head.

"Sorry, because I'm a…Vampire." She said, as she moved forward, and quickly bit his neck. After a few seconds the scared boy realized that the cute girl was biting his neck and sucking his blood, "EEEEEEEEEE!NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!NO!NO! SHE SUCKED MY BLOOD! SHE SUCKED MY BLOOD!" Tsukune screamed while running back and forth with blood squirting out of his neck. The girl watched him go with a mix of amusement and curiosity.

"Are you from Youkai Academy too?" The girl asked after he calmed down a little bit. When he looked back up, he found that his bag had been knocked open during the crash, and she had picked up his information packet.

"Yeah, but I'm only a freshman…" Tsukune responded.

"That's great, I'm a freshman too!" The girl suddenly said, getting an excited look on her face.

"I see…" Tsukune said, not quite sure why she was suddenly so happy.

"Erm…do you hate vampires?" The girl suddenly asked, while she stood and fidgeted a little, like she was almost afraid of his answer.

'She's joking…right?' Tsukune thought nervously. Standing up and brushing himself off, he answered her. "What's wrong with that? I love vampires! So it's interesting since you bumped into me." he yelled hysterically, It was then he felt the girl jump on him, making him loose his balance and fall back onto the ground.

"I'm so happy!" The girl suddenly said, as they fell. When they had hit the ground, she was straddling him, holding herself on her hands with his waist between her knees. "Then will you be my friend?" She suddenly asked. All Tsukune could do was nod for his brain lost all motor control due to the position they were in. "I'm really glad…I don't know anyone here and I was feeling worried. Oh, I'm Moka Akashiya."

"I'm Tsukune Aono." Tsukune replied, glad that he had finally learned this girls name. 'I'm going to spend my high school days with this beautiful girl, I think I'm finally getting some luck.' Tsukune thought, with a quick glance to the school.

(Later, at the school)

"Hello, everyone!" Tsukune's teacher said. "Welcome to Youkai Academy. I'm your homeroom teacher, Shizuka Nekonome."

'Hm, the teacher seems to be friendly enough, but…' Tsukune thought.

"I am sure everyone already knows this, but this is a school for monsters!" Ms. Nekonome said, making Tsukune double take for a second.

'Monsters, huh. I should have figured Moka wasn't kidding, but how the hell do I get out of here without getting ripped to pieces." Tsukune thought, before he continued listening to the teacher.

"As of now, the world is under control of humans." Nekonome continued. "For us, monsters to survive, we have to coexist with the humans!" Tsukune thought about saying something to the teacher, but the she kept right on talking, so he let it go for a moment. "For that reason, school rule number 1: All students must be in their human form unless special situations arise." Tsukune sighed a bit, realizing that not too many people would be suspicious of him, with everyone else looking like a human.

"School rule number 2: No other student should know your true form. Understood? Everyone should follow it well!" Nekonome finished.

"Boring rules…" Said the guy to Tsukune's right, identifiable by his slicked-back, brown hair.

"You are…" Nekonome said, looking at the class roster. "Saizou Komiya-kun, right?"

"Why don't we just eat those humans?" He replied. "That's what I'd do, teacher."

Tsukune heard this and whimpered softly, while rubbing his hands together under the desk. 'Is this guy serious?' He thought.

"But you shouldn't do that." Nekonome responded. "Because the school's staffs and students from head to toe, are all monsters. We're inside a secret barrier. Any unsuspecting humans who enter, will be killed on the spot." At this, Tsukune looked at the teacher, and moved his right arm, accidentally thumping it on the desk.

'What does that mean about me?' Tsukune thought. Saizou looked at Tsukune and his over-sized tongue moved around outside of his mouth.

"Now that you mention it, I smelled a human scent just now…" Saizou commented, while still looking at Tsukune. All Tsukune did in reply was glance fearfully at Saizou, making him turn back toward the front with a smirk.

At that moment, the door to the classroom slid open, and someone began speaking. "Sorry for being a bit late!" A female said, and when Tsukune heard her voice, he stiffened, letting his hands drop to his sides.

"Oh, and you are?" Nekonome asked the girl. It was then that she stepped into the classroom, and Tsukune saw that it was indeed who he thought it was.

"I'm Akashiya Moka." She said, standing in front of the class, smiling. Most of the male population in the class was thinking along the lines of what one boy actually said out loud.

"This girl is hot; don't you think she's cute?" Tsukune smiled when he saw Moka, and lifted his shivering hand to give her a small wave in acknowledgement. However, when Moka saw Tsukune, she expressed her happiness at seeing him by lunging at him.

"It's Tsukune! We're in the same class? I'm so happy!" Moka cried out happily, while the rest of class looked shocked beyond belief.


Tsukune and Moka were walking down the halls of Youkai, Moka literally clinging to Tsukune's arm. Tsukune himself was still trying to figure out if this was really happening to him, or if it all was a horrible nightmare.

'What is this? A dream?' Tsukune wondered to himself, while he was on the receiving end of quite a few glares. 'It's a little hard to believe a school for monsters exists and if i'm not careful i'll end up as someones lunch."

When they were both outside, Moka had insisted they get something to drink. While Tsukune got soda, Moka had decided to grab a can of tomato juice. After opening the drinks for them, Moka took a sip of her drink, while Tsukune did the same.

'Jeez, if she's really a vampire…she sure hides her form pretty well.' Tsukune thought, while he continued to sip his drink, Moka doing the same with her tomato juice.

"You're Moka Akashiya, right?" A voice suddenly asked, while someone walked out from behind a nearby pillar. Swallowing his mouthful of orange juice, Tsukune looked over and saw it was none other than than the juvenile, Saizou. A second later, Saizou moved forward, and grabed hold of Tsukune's shirtand lifted him about a foot in the air.

"Tsukune!" Moka cried, as Saizou held the other boy up. All Tsukune did was shakily glare at the bigger male.

"Can you tell me why a beautiful lady like you is hanging out with such a guy like this? Moka-san. " Saizou asked Moka, his gaze going to Tsukune's face. "If you ask me, I'd guess his monster form is so weak, he can't even fight his way out of a paper bag."

With little effort on his part, Saizou threw Tsukune towards the vending machine, obviously thinking the boy would crash into it. Tsukune flipped himself in mid air, and skidded to a stop in front of the vending machine.

"Tsukune!" Moka called again, attempting to move toward her friend. However, she was stopped by Saizou grabbing her shoulder and holding her in place.

"Don't bother with that trash, come hang with me." Saizou commented, brushing off Tsukune's landing. Moka, however, gave him a glare, while pushing his hand off her.

"I'm with Tsukune now." Moka replied, while moving toward Tsukune. "Are you alright, Tsukune?" She asked, while the boy in question stood up and glared at Saizou.

"Yeah, I'm good." Tsukune replied. Moka smiled at this, and they both turned to leave. Saizou stood where he was, "Enjoy your friend, while he's alive", he said while his outstretched hand flexed, showing grotesque, bulging muscles along his fingers and the back of his hand.


Tsukune and Moka stood on one side of the academy roof top, Tsukune facing one direction, leaning forward on the railing. Moka was facing the other way; her back was against the railing.

"That was scary…how did you catch yourself back there, Tsukune?" Moka asked again, showing she really was curious about her friend.

"My parents knew that I wouldn't be one of those "standing out" students but the quiet guy is often mistaken for trying to act cool, so they had me take some self defense classes like tae-kwan-do(A.N: Did I spell that right?), jujitsu, kung-fu, and the typical karate." Tsukune casually remarked. "Are all monsters that freakin strong?" Tsukune asked, while he looked toward Moka. She couldn't help but smile, and flick Tsukune's nose playfully.

"You're a bit weird." She commented. "It's like you're seeing a monster for the first time." Tsukune didn't reply to that, but Moka seemed to remember something at that point. "That's right Tsukune, what kind of monster are you? Oh yeah, giving out the identity of our true nature is against school rules, sorry about that." Moka said. "I take back my question."

"But you already told me that you're a vampire." Tsukune commented.

"I wasn't aware of the rules back then." Moka replied, her face flushing a bit in embarrassment from being caught.

"But you sure don't seem like the kind of vampire from movies and novels and stuff like that." Tsukune said.

"Only right now." Moka responded. "But look at this." She said, pulling her jacket and shirt apart a bit, showing the Rosario, as well as a little more of her cleavage.

"What are you doing?" Tsukune questioned in a squeaky voice, his face turning a dark shade of red.

"Showing you the rosario on my chest." Moka answered, getting a heavy sigh from Tsukune. "Once this rosario is taken off, I'll turn into a terrifying, true vampire, the strongest of all monsters." Moka finished.

"Strongest of all…?" Tsukune mused, wondering what she meant by that.

"That's why this is a protective seal…I can't even take this off myself without consequences." Moka commented.

"It's okay." Tsukune said, catching Moka's attention. "Even if you're a little scary…Moka-chan is still Moka-chan." Tsukune, who had been looking out over the school grounds, turned to Moka, to see the girl suddenly jump towards him and hug him fiercely.

"Thank goodness!" Moka said. "You're my first friend, Tsukune! Also, one more thing…" Moka said, while she moved back, her arms still on Tsukune's shoulders. "You're my first."

"First?" Tsukune asked, genuinely confused on what she meant.

"Until today, I've only imbibed tomato juice and blood transfusion packets, so…Sucking real blood like that…Your's is the first real blood that i've ever drunk…" Moka said, almost dreamily, while her hands crept toward the boy. "That sweetness, fragrance…That feeling…I can't forget them! And a girl never forgets her first time" She said, while placing her head on his right shoulder.

"," at that instant Tsukune was slammed right into the wall leaving cracks on the cement with his right side implanted into it. "Stop it you're embarrassing me," Moka chimed with her right hand out and her left on her blushing cheek. Moka ran towards the door "Let's go explore some more," She yelled to her friend who was still one with the wall

"Ah, okay that one hurt" Tsukune said before pulling himself out of the wall. He pulled himself together and quickly ran to catch up to his new friend/crush.

(The next day, Bus stop)

Tsukune stood outside of the school, his bags in his hands. 'I don't really know if this school is right for me…' Tsukune thought. He sighed, and turned, heading toward the bus stop.

"Tsukune!" Tsukune turned around and found Moka had just arrived. "I felt that you were…acting strange, so…" Tsukune lowered his head with a sigh,

"I was thinking of going to a school for humans." Tsukune said out loud.

"Humans?" Moka asked.

"Even though you're a good person Moka-chan, I'm not sure it's possible for me to attend this school." Tsukune said, facing Moka.

"You can't!" Moka suddenly shouted, rushing forward, and grabbing hold of one of Tsukune's bags. "You can't got to a human school!"

"Moka-chan?" Tsukune said, while the two tugged at his bag.

"I hate humans." Moka suddenly said. "I went to a school for humans during junior high. I was lonely because humans don't believe in monsters. I was different from everyone…It'd be better if I didn't exist! I kept thinking about such things." Moka lifted her head, and looked at Tsukune. "But you told me it's alright even if I am a vampire!" She said, tears leaking down her face. "That's why for the first time, I didn't feel alone…"

"What if…" Tsukune suddenly said, catching Moka's attention. "What if I am one of those humans that you hate, would you still accept me?"

"Wha...?" Moka said, thinking she might have heard wrong.

"I'm a human." Tsukune said, softly. "I only got into this school because of some mistake." He said. Moka took her hands away from Tsukune, and backed up a bit.

"No way…" She said. "Humans shouldn't be able to enter this school…"

"I guess you did show that expression…" Tsukune commented. Moka made to reach forward.

"Is this true, Tsukune?" She asked.

"Stay away from me!" Tsukune suddenly said, giving Moka a glare. "You hate humans, don't you? Maybe I don't really want a monster friend after all." Tsukune said, making Moka gain a shocked look.

Tsukune turned, and after grabbing his bags, moved away from Moka. After several seconds, Moka snapped out of her shock, and quickly followed after him.

After a while of walking, Moka came into a small clearing, where she saw someone waiting. However, it wasn't Tsukune, like she was hoping.

"Where're you off to, Moka-san?" It was Saizou. Moka stopped moving, and quickly came up with an answer.

"I'm very busy right now so if you'll please excuse me." She said, hoping he would back down. However, she was sadly mistaken, since Saizou only laughed at her.

"I can't stand it anymore!" He suddenly yelled, his tongue lashing out, and his body beginning to bulge. The bulging completely shredded his shirt, leaving only his pants, and when it was done, Saizou had changed completely. His body had grown and bulged out, showing huge amounts of muscle, while he had metal pieces along his forearms, knuckles, and around his collar bones. "This is my real form, i'm an orc." His tongue quickly shot out, and Moka screamed out loud.

(A little ways away)

Tsukune stood in front of the bus door about to leave when he heard a scream that he recognized as Moka. quickly apologizing to the bus driver, he ran as quickly as he could towards the direction he heard the scream come from.

(Back with Moka)

Moka had her back against the tree. After a tongue lashing from Saizou, she was covered from head to toe in saliva. Saizou was in front of her, leering at his supposed prey.

"What's wrong? Won't you transform, Moka-san?" He asked, speaking in a playful tone. "Or are you too frightened?"

"It's against school rules to show our real form!" Moka replied forcefully.

"We're outside of school, so it's fine!" He responded, playfully dancing around. Suddenly, his tongue flew out again, grabbing hold of Moka's leg, and swinging her, intending to smash her into a nearby tree.

However, he was surprised when someone suddenly appeared in the path of where she was supposed to hit. Looking closer, he found her held in Tsukune's arms, it was fairly obvious he had saved her.

"That's enough." Tsukune ground out. "Stay away from Moka-chan!" He shouted, standing and facing Saizou.

"What did you say? Saizou said, moving closer to Tsukune. "You fool!" Suddenly, Saizou lashed out, smashing into Tsukune's left side, forcing him to fly down a small hill. "It doesn't matter what monster you are, you're pathetic no matter what!" Saizou shouted.

"Tsukune!!!" Moka suddenly shouted. She dashed past Saizou, and quickly slid down the hill after Tsukune.

"Hey, wait up!" Saizou shouted, quickly following after.

(Bottom of the hill)

Tsukune landed on his stomach, his clothes were shredded from the rocks and bushes of the hill and his skin wasn't faring any better. He glanced upwards and immediately saw the sign marking the bus stop, and couldn't help but let out a weak chuckle. "Figures that i'd end up here."

"Tsukune!" He heard, making him turn strain to turn his head and see that Moka had arrived down the hill. She immediately got beside him, and hugged him to herself, sobbing softly. "I'm sorry…I'm sorry, Tsukune. The difference between humans and monsters are just too much."

"Moka-chan…" Tsukune rasped.

"I'm a vampire. Sucking blood and harming humans." She said. "Back in my previous school, what I had really wanted was a friend…being human or monster doesn't matter." She spoke, brushing some tears from her eyes. "But I guess it really is impossible."

"What the hell are you doing?" They heard, and Moka turned to see Saizou had finally managed to make it down after them, "I told you to stay away from her,"

Tsukune didn't hear him though, he was lost in his own thoughts, "No...I need to save Moka-chan, I need power...the power to protect everyone," he mentally screamed. He suddenly snapped his eyes open and grasped his head as if he had just remembered something crucially important and after a moment he slightly smirked and pushed himself up.

"Please move aside, Moka-chan." Tsukune said, gently pushing her away and tried to stand.

"Tsukune?" She said.

"I'm not as weak as you claim, Saizou." Tsukune commented, smirking at the gargantuan juvenile in front of him. Saizou only laughed out loud at that.

"If so, how was I able to knock you all the way down here?" He commented, laughing the whole time.

"I had to take the blunt of the hit; otherwise, Moka-chan would have gotten hurt." Tsukune said. "Now, however, I don't have to worry so much about that. But I'll say this; you got a fucked up notion of fair play pal, and it's kinda pissing me off."

"Shut up!" Saizou yelled, swinging his arm from above to try and crush Tsukune who quickly jumped into the air and threw his arms out to his sides. "BIOBOOST!!!!" Tsukune screamed as his shoulder-blades glowed with a white-red light and behind him a large circle of light of the same color appeared and from it emerged a strange, black, humanoid armor. The light encompassed Tsukune and the armor and when it died down Tsukune was gone and in his place was the armor and no Tsukune (Guyver Fact: The bioboosting armor comes through a wormhole and materializes by its user. the spherical wormhole also serves as a protective barrier that desintegrates anything that it touches.). It stood at 5'9" with a long slender, serrated antennae along the top of his head and several silver orbs on the temporal regions of his head and on his midsection where a belt buckle would be with the biggest on the middle of his forhead. His eyes were red and his mouth was gone, replaced with two small, metallic spheres and on it's sides were what looked like vent holes, under them were what looked like tiny drills. On his forearms,below the elbow were two sets of spikes curved in an upward angle. The edges of the orb on the creatures forehead glowed red

(Guyver fact: The central part of the Guyver unit is a special devise known as the control metal. This devise regulates the bioboosted cells, and posesses self-defensive faculties that protect the suits wearer. It also governs the Guyver's self-regenerative powers. The control metal also serves as a kind of "manual" for the Guyver unit. A ring of light glows from the crevice in the control metal whinever it teaches the wearer how to operate the weaponry.)

Then a steam-like gas hissed out of the vents on his face

(Guyver fact: Peroxide resins,surplus collagen, waste metals and other by-products that result from bioboosting are held inside the body , and are evacuated through the facial vents along with excess body heat).

"What the hell?" Saizou's educated response was.

"What's the matter? Weren't you going to kill me?" Tsukune's voice had a metallic sound.

"Tsukune, what happened to you?" Moka asked, looking at his new appearance.

"I'll explain later, Moka-chan." He said, giving her a brief glance, before turning his attention back to Saizou. "Hey, Ugly. Come and get some." He called, while giving the orc the "come here" hand guesture. Saizou roared and tried to punch Tsukune who caught the incoming fist with little effort and effectively swung the giant away into a tree a good distance away.

Saizou stood and glared at the enigmatic creature before grabbing a tree and swinging it in an attempt to bat Tsukune away. Tsukune was hit in the ribs and impacted on the ground beside Moka. Tsukune flipped himself upright and ran towards the orc who tried to bat him away with the tree again but Tsukune jumped and firmly planted his feet on the offending weapon. When Saizou saw Tsukune standing on the tree he was naturally stunned for a moment. The smaller being ran along the tree and when he was close enough he pulled his arm back and slammed his clenched fist on the orc's face. The blow stunned him momentarily, causing him to drop the tree. When he recovered he, once again, glared at the boy with the left side of his face swollen before rushing towards him. Tsukune sprinted toward Saizo at the same speed, they collided and grappled their hands in an attempt to overpower the other. After a few seconds Tsukune used his foes own weight against him by spreading his arms and head butting the orc right on hes nose. The blow caused Saizo to loosen his footing and the Guyver took that opportunity to tackle him and ram the Orc into a tree. Tsukune jumped away from the stunned monster and ran in front of Moka.

"Moka-chan, get out of here, I'll deal with the dirtbag,"He said.

"No, Tsukune, this is my fault." She said, moving to stand in front of him.

"It's okay, Moka-chan. I told you that i'm your friend and that means that i'll always protect you." He said, placing his hands on her shoulders. Moka heard this, and gasped at what he said.

"Hey, what are you two blubbering about?" Saizou yelled, effectively ending that tender moment. When Tsukune turned to face Saizou again, his left arm moved behind him and one of his his elbow spikes accidentally caught hold of Moka's rosario. With a 'clink' sound, the rosario popped off the chain, which caused a flash of pink energy, catching everyone's attention.

"The rosario came off…" Moka said, as the area around them began changing. An aura of pink energy spread out, turning the water purple and sky blood red. At that same moment, a flock of bats flew down from the red moon, surrounding Moka, and changing her. As the bats swirled around the girl, she seemed to age several years, giving her a more defined figure. Her hair changed from its light pink to pure silver, and her eyes changed from green to blood red.

After it was done, Moka stood covered from head to toe in bats, keeping her from being seen for the moment. Saizou was the first to speak.

"What's with her? She's like a totally different person!" He commented, Tsukune also noticing the change in atmosphere around them also commented, "She's not Moka Akashiya!"

"Moka-chan…" Tsukune said, suddenly remembering what she had said earlier


"Once this rosario gets taken off, I'll turn into a terrifying, true vampire, the strongest of all monsters."

(Flashback end)

"Could this be a true vampire, like she meant…?" Tsukune wondered out loud. Suddenly, the bats covering her scattered, revealing her transformed state for all to see.

"It's just like the rumors say…" Saizou said. "Those red eyes, the silver hair, a huge demonic aura! So she's a Class-S monster, a vampire?!" He shouted.

Moka merely brushed a strand of hair out of her face, and then spoke, looking right at Saizou. "You are the one who woke me from my slumber, huh?" It was more of a statement than a question.

"What's wrong with my body…It couldn't be…I'm trembling just from looking at her!" Saizou commented as Moka stretched her arms behind her back. "No way!" Saizou shouted, while Moka jumped about a bit to flex her leg muscles. "Go for it! Who cares if it's a vampire!" He shouted, trying to strengthen his ego.

Moka merely yawned, before locking her gaze on Saizou. "Know your place." She commented. All Saizou could do was give a confused look, before Moka slammed her left foot in his face, causing him to fly back and slam into the hillside. When the dust had settled, Saizou was sitting ungracefully on the ground, completely out of it.

'She's completely different from the Moka-chan before, her power is more fierce, and colder…' Tsukune thought as Moka lowered her leg to the ground. 'Overwhelmingly strong, but… which is the real Moka-chan?' He wondered as said girl was walking towards him. Tsukune tensed slightly, fearing that he was going to have to fight.

"There's no reason for you to be afraid of me I wouldn't dare hurt someone with blood as delicious as yours." Moka said. "I owe you a big thank you for helping earlier." Tsukune relaxed somewhat, until Moka reached out rubbed her hands along his chest. "What strange powers! you don't have the same type of aura that other monsters have. Just what kind of creature are you?" She asked.

"I'm not a monster, at least I don't think so... all I know is that in this armor I'm wearing is referred to as "Guyver"." Tsukune commented. Moka nodded, "Well, either way you are very interesting Tsukune Aono, I think I'll keep you around for a while, you just keep babysitting the other Moka for me" she said before taking the rosario and snapping it back into place on the chain hanging from her necklace. In a shimmer, her silver hair turned pink and her blood-red eyes changed to grassy-green, returning her back to her normal appearance.

"Oh, Tsukune, you're alright. Thank goodness." She said slightly groggily. Tsukune could only nod and held her at arms length away, she got the message and stayed put. He took a few steps back before the armor began glowing in various places until it came apart, revealing Tsukune who fell to the ground in a kneeling position in front of Moka who rushed to his side. The pieces of the Guyver armor re-took the humanoid shape and hovered before the circle of light appeared and the unit dissappeared into it.

"Tsukune...?" Moka said, looking at her hero shyly and questioningly. Tsukune sighed with a smile and began his tale while they walked towards the school after grabbing his bags," It all started when I was thirteen years old


A younger Tsukune Aono was walking through a small forest and looking at the stars in the sky. After he walked for a few more minutes he decided to head back home, before he could turn toward the street that lead to his neighborhood a bright light shined above him. He looked up to see a meteor fall into the trees a few yards behind him. Deciding to check it out he jogged through the trees he found the crater that the meteor created. Peering inside, Tsukune saw what appeared to be a bunch of slimey tentacles rolled-up like a lasso with with a few sheets of metal on the sides and a blue orb in the center. "What is this thing?" Tsukune asked as if a voice would tell him the answer.

The curious boy reached out and touched the orb on the device and as soon as his skin made contact the edges on it glowed blue before the plates of metal on the sides snapped off and the orb lunged towards him, the tentacle things wrapped around his body, after that that his vision went black.

(Flashback end)

"Once I woke up from my blackout I was in my bed and that night I had continuous nightmares about an alien world that was destroyed by these savage creatures called Zoanoids. The Guyver was created to annihilate these things but there were no hosts who were tolerant to their bio-boosting capabilities so in a desperate attempt to ensure that the Zoanoids and their masters the Zoalords couldn't spread their monstrocity, the aliens who were dubbed the "Creators" set an extremely powerful bomb into one of their planet's active volcanoes and it sank down to the center of their world and detonated, the end result was absolutely nothing survived. This unit that I have is the only proof of their existence and also their legacy, and I never activated the unit afterwards because...I guess it felt that it wasn't needed at the time so it erased my memory of the whole ordeal and the issue with Saizou alerted the unit to a hostile party, so it reactivated and my memory of it was returned along with some other details". Tsukune finished his story.

Moka stared at the human beside her, "Soooo...does that mean you're an alien?" she asked.

Tsukune chuckled, "No, I'm completely human when i'm not wearing the armor so I'm as vulnerable as any other mortal, but in the armor, I'm practically a super-being whose physical capabilities are incredibly enhanced and to tell you the truth I actually held back in my battle with Saizou because if I went at him full strength I might've torn his arms off or kicked his neck out of place. The best part is that the Guyver has a multitude of weaponry and other functions that I haven't discovered yet and I suppose that they will come to me when the unit feels that that function is necessary," he explained.

Moka listened intently while her inner self having a moment of serious contemplation, "Fascinating, he's a human that can change into something that was built by our Creators and if what he says is true then the Guyver was meant to destroy our ancient ancestors, so that would mean that it is naturally stronger than myself.I must inform father of this," she thought behind her seal.

After Tsukune and Outer Moka had reached the school building, Tsukune's hand scraped a dead tree branch elicting a small cut. He raised his hand to his face and before he could wipe the blood off, Moka grabbed his wrist and licked it clean. After she let his hand go she started sniffing the air.

"I really can't resist your scent…" She commented, making Tsukune's eyes widen.

"What did you say, Moka-chan?" Tsukune asked.

"Forgive me, Tsukune!" Moka suddenly said, and before Tsukune could ask what she meant, Moka lunged forward, and bit onto his neck.

"OUCH, MOTHER OF HELL!!!" Tsukune yelled. However, at that time he was also thinking to himself. 'What in the name of God have I gotten myself into?'

(Authors note: I thank you all for reading this and just so you know the, Guyver that Tsukune wears is the one that Agito Makishima uses. It's the black one)