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Chapter 8: The smokin' hot Lamia. HOT DAMN!

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"Inner Moka or another transformed monster"

"Tsukune in the Guyver-unit"

(In the school courtyard)

The reconstruction of the grounds was going smoothly and the body parts and blood splatters were being cleaned by various 'speciaists'.

But that wasn't the target of everyone's attention.

The main target was the math teacher, Kagome Ririko.

She was a young woman in her late 20's with chocolate brown hair, bright brown eyes covered by black-rimmed glasses, finely tanned skin, a low C-cup bust, legs that went on for days, and a perfectly curved figure. She wore a white button-up shirt with a black leather skirt and black high heels.

Every teenage boys fantasy and every teenage girls role model.

She walked through the mass of students who all gawked at her.

"Even though she's a teacher, she's sooo hot!" A heart-eyed guy exclaimed to his friend who was equally heart-eyed.

Ririko continued to walk while enjoying the looks that she was given.


"I SAID 'I WAS SORRY'. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!? AAAAHHH," Gin screamed as he ran away from the raging Tsukune.

"YOU ALMOST LET ME DIE, YOU STUPID SON OF A BITCH. I'M GONNA BEAT YOUR PATHETIC ASS WITHIN AN INCH OF YOUR MISERABLE LIFE," Tsukune yelled as he attempted a drop kick on the werewolf's face.

Gin managed to duck under the attack and before Tsukune could regain his bearings, he used his werewolf speed to run away.

"That's it! BIO-MM!?" His mouth was quickly covered by Moka's hands.

"That's enough, Tsukune. We're gonna be late for math class," She said while dragging him away to the school.

(In the classroom)

"Now who can tell me the answer to this equation?" Ririko asked to the mostly flustered students. She looked at them for a moment until her eyes rested on Tsukune who looked like he was forcing himself to stay in his seat.

"How about you, Mr. Aono?" she asked causing him to jerk.

"Huh? I'm sorry, I was planning a murder for a werewolf," He said seriously, causing the students who knew what he was capable of to shudder and others to laugh.

Ririko-sensei's face seemed to darken.

"I don't think you understand that if you continue to fail my class, you fail the entire semester," She would have said more but the bell rang signalling that the day was over.

The students rushed out, except for Tsukune and the girls. Ririko-sensei calmly walked out He was trying to get his stress levels from his bad day to lower.

"Someone got owned, WHOA!" Gin peeked from the doorway to tease Tsukune but slammed the door shut when the pen Tsukune threw pierced through the door where his head was.

"I swear to God, I wll kill him." Tsukune fumed to the giggling girls.

"Stop laughing at me! It's not that funny," He demanded but it only made them laugh harder.

Tsukune had anime tears coming down his face with a gloomy aura around him.

"Cheer up, Tsukune! You already know that you can beat the tar out of him at any time so you just need to be patient," Kurumu chided as she moved behind him and began massaging his shoulders.

She victoriously smirked to the others as he sighed in contentment. Mizore suddenly pulled out a sandwich bag and filled it with ice cubes before placing it on his head, over his eyes.

"Ahh, Thanks, Mizore," He relaxingly sighed again. Mizore gave Kurumu the same smirk that she was giving. Soon there were lightning bolts clashing between their eyes.

"No fighting," Tsukune chided. They both pouted but Mizore went back to sit beside Moka and Yukari, and Kurumu continued massaging his shoulders.

"Do any of you know why Ririko-sensei was angry at me earlier?" He asked.

Moka chose to answer.

"She's a woman who's extremely passionate about her teachings and there are rumors about those who she tutors."

Tsukune took a moment to digest all of this.

"I heard that she usually gets rather picky about "certain" students who are failing her class when it's close to final exam time," Kurumu said thoughtfully.

After hearing this, Tsukune jerked his body forward, scaring Kurumu and throwing the icebag off of his face and into the wall.

"HOLY HELL!! I completely forgot about the finals. What with the massacre of the Enforcers and my other near-death situations I can't see how finals could be that important." Tsukune exclaimed.

Tsukune-san, if you fail the final exams then you have to stay in summer school for the vacation time," Yukari explained.

"Ah hell, that figures, does anyone know how the hell i'm supposed to pass this damn thing? Wait a minute! How are the rest of you doing in this class?" He asked the girls who smiled.

"I'm passing just fine," Yukari chirped.

"I'm doing good," Moka said.

"I'm fine," Mizore muttered.

"I'm...doing....good?" Kurumu murmered nervously.

Tsukune looked at her with an are-you-kidding-me? look, "You probably need more tutoring than I do, Kurumu. Can you tutor her, Yukari?" He asked the little witch.

"But I wanna tutor you." She complained. Tsukune chuckled.

"Kurumu needs you more than I do at this time," He said while affectionately rubbing her head, causing her to smile.

He left the room to the headmaster's office and minutes later the girls left to their own business.

(With Tsukune)

"This is creepy," He commented as he observed the headmaster's office to see the Exorcist himself sitting at his desk while fingering the Rosario on his wrist.

"You wanted to see me?" He asked as he sat down in front of the desk.

The headmaster looked at him with those creepy eyes of his, "I did Mr. Aono. I have a proposition for you that I believe you may be interested in," He said in his creepy voice.

Tsukune raised his brow, "Fascinating, You have my attention. If i'm interested then maybe I won't vaporize you for nearly allowing me to die," He said.

The Exorcist only chuckled amusedly and his glowing eyes were brighter for a moment.

(Twenty minutes later with Moka, on the school roof)

"He asked you to be the school's Sole Enforcer!?" Moka asked incredulously.

Tsukune rubbed the back of his head nervously, "Yeah. He said that since I slaughtered them all, I'd have to take their place and uphold the peace around this place. He says that I'm an honorable person who won't abuse the power that comes with the position" He said coyly.

Moka looked worried. "Does that mean that you're leaving the Newspaper club?" He chuckled before answering.

"Not quite, I'll pretty much just keep doing what I'm doing but if I see or hear about any problem then I'll have to bioboost and deal with it. Though if I ever get challenged to an honorable battle then I'm honor-bound to meet the challenge head-on." He said simply.

"Does this mean that you can cuff me to the bedposts and have your way with me and then I can do the same to you afterwards?" Mizore said after she popped out of the doorway to the stairs.

"WAAAAGH!!" Tsukune and Moka screamed and wrapped their arms around eachother.

"How the hell does she do that?" They both thought.

"STOP RIGHT THERE!" A woman's voice yelled.

"WAAAAGH!!" Tsukune and Moka screamed again and held eachother tighter.

They turned around to see Ririko-sensei with an accusatory glare aimed at Tsukune.

"No wonder you aren't passing my class. You've been spending your time fraternizing with the likes of her." Ririko-sensei fixed her eyes on Moka, who realized the state that she and Tsukune were in. She scrambled away from him with her face practically glowing. Tsukune's wasn't any better.

"I think you may need tutoring." She said with a brief gleam of lust in her eyes that only Tsukune noticed.

"GREAT! Moka-chan can tutor me," He said with a pleading tone in his voice.

"Yes, I can tutor him," She sxclaimed, understanding his plight.

"But that won't do. You're teenagers and neither of you will get any studying done if you're together. Only with me will you learn anything." She grabbed the sides of his head and gently, yet firmly, held his face in her cleavage causing Moka and Mizore to turn green in envy and Tsukune to shine a brighter red than the light from his transformation.

"Aono-kun!" Another voice yelled, which caused Ririko to release Tsukune. They turned to see Shizuka-sensei running towards them.

"You have to come quickly, there's a group of students that have challenged you for your position as the school's Enforcer," She exclaimed when she was close enough.

"Are you serious? That tidbit of info went around faster than I thought." He commented miserably as he slowly walked to the edge of the roof. He turned around to face them and gave them a fake-sorrowful expression.

"Oh, What A world! What A world!" He dramatically exclaimed before falling backwards off the edge.

They didn't have to wait long for a scream of "BIOBOOST" to echo from the edge and a flash of red light.

Moments later Tsukune appeared in the Black Guyver armor with the abdomen orb glowing.

"Anyone care to come and watch?" He asked before flying off to the courtyard.

"Hey, wait for us!" Moka shouted at his shrinking figure. Her, Mizore, and Shizuka-sensei quickly sprinted down the stairs while Ririko-sensei took her time.

(Ten minutes later at the school courtyard)

"There you girls are, What took you so long?" Tsukune teased when they arrived among the crowd of spectators.

They glared at him which he chuckled at and then they noticed that Kurumu and Yukari were already there.

"Kurumu, Yukari," Moka yelled, getting their attention.

"Do either of you know who's challenged Tsukune-kun," Mizore asked when they got close enough.

"I think that it's the Wrestling club's president, Chopper Rigishi, that challenged him and he said that he was speaking for his entire club." Kurumu explained. They looked at the group of muscular boys and noticed that all of them were warming up with various weights.

"I was starting to think you backed down, that maybe you realized that your little performance with Kuyo was just a fluke," The one everyone assumed was Chopper, arrogantly stated.

Tsukune cocked his head to the side and crossed his arms over his chest, "I'm just here to keep the peace, and my first job as The Sole Enforcer is to make sure that arrogant shit-stains like you, will never have this position." He said with conviction.

"That's where you're wrong, I don't much care for the position as much as everyone else here. I only want to fight and beat you, the guy who killed Kuyo, he was supposed to have been beaten by me. Then you came and took my opponent from me. What right did you have to take that away from me," Chopper's rant was cut short by his body transforming. He grew to nine-ten feet tall and his muscles bulged in a similar manner to Saizo's. Spikes burst from his spine and horns popped from his skull. He was a troll, an Eastern European monster that had some knowledge of the magic arts.

"What the hell was I supposed to do? Let him kill me? Let him put that stick even further up his ass than it already was. That nutjob actually believed that he was Justice-given form, He deserved to die." Tsukune declared and adopted his combat stance.

Chopper growled, "I don't care about what he did, only that you killed him before I could defeat him in battle. Now the only way to prove my power is to beat you," Chopper roared and attempted a karate chop on The Guyver's head, but Tsukune jumped out of the way just a split second before his hand impacted.

Tsukune rolled to the side and glanced at the wrestling club to see them transform into trolls as well.

"Ah hell! I just can't get a break, can I?" Tsukune moaned and activated his high-frequency swords.

They all charged for him with Chopper in the lead, Tsukune jumped and performed a whirlwind kick which connected with the side of his head and sent him flying a few feet away. The other eight trolls managed to dogpile him and everyone thought that it was the end until Tsukune busted up from the ground a few feet away.

"You are all going to die," He said sinisterly and moved his hands to the center of his chestplate to unleash the Megasmasher.

They all screamed and ran away in fear.

Tsukune dropped his arms and began chuckling, "Here I was thinking i'd get a good workout. What a bunch of wimps. Am I right?" He continued and aimed the question to Moka and the others.

"To be honest, you kinda scared us with your 'Glorious Boobs of Death,' Tsukune." Yukari chirped, which caused the rest of the newspaper club and the other spectators to bust out with laughter.

Tsukune growled, "It's called 'Megasmasher' dammit, 'Megasmasher' actually sounds cool and it's my weapon so that's what it's going to be referred as," He yelled, making them all laugh harder.

"Can we call them the 'Big Bad Blazing Tits of Doom?'" Kurumu gasped before dropping onto her knees with laughter.

Tsukune was about to retort but was caught off guard by Chopper's fist impacting with the side of his face and sending him into a tree.

"You may have scared them off but I'm not that cowardly," He declared before jumping into the air and slamming his knee on Tsukune's gut and creating a seven ft. deep crater.

Tsukune coughed up blood from his facial vents at the severe blow.

He managed to regain enough of his bearings to shove him off and slam his knee into his nose. After he was disoriented, Tsukune performed another whirlwind kick to send him into the school wall. Tsukune jumped away and kneeled to regain his breath.

"Alright! It's been proven! I can bleed and really, really hurt. And it's healed already? Wow! The unit's healing functions are better than I thought," Tsukune thought and stood as Chopper got back on his feet.

"How can you still stand? I've smashed boulders with my chop. You shouldn't even be alive after taking an injury like that!" He exclaimed. Now he was starting to get worried.

"The Guyver's regenerative capabilities exceed that of a vampire's, no offence, Moka, and it can even heal dismembered limbs and other severe injuries like that," Tsukune boasted as he readopted his fighting stance.

Chopper merely snarled and ran at Tsukune with the intent to tackle him but was halted by The Guyver's hands grappling with his own, it soon became a war for dominance with neither side willing to give an inch.

After a minute of them grappling, Tsukune had decided to end it. He raised his head and shot a headbeam into Chopper's right eye.

"AAAAAAARRRRRRG," He screamed as blood bursted from his socket. Tsukune took advantage of his opponents injury and tackled him into a wall, leaving an indentation.

Tsukune backflipped away and allowed Chopper's unconcious human form to fall to the ground.

"I rise, you fall," Tsukune said dramatically and disengaged the Guyver. As a show of sportsmanship, he hefted Chopper on his back to carry him to the infirmary.

Only to be met by the other members of the wrestling club with arrogant snirks on each of their faces.

"Ah hell! What do you pansies want?" Tsukune groaned although he had a pretty good guess as to what it was.

"He's in his human form, get him!" One guy shouted. The other members cheered and jumped into the air to dogpile him again.

Tsukune was backed into a corner, he couldn't bioboost without killing Chopper in the process and the girls were too far away to help.

Suddenly they were all sent flying by a black, green, and tan blur that kicked up dust as it rushed back and forth, beating the trolls senseless. He looked at the form of a transformed Gin with a curious expression.

"I hope that this sets us straight, Tsukune," He said casually.

Tsukune sighed, "Keep them off my back while I get this lug to the nurse and we're square." He said before motioning his head to the trolls who were getting their bearings back.

Gin Chuckled. "Does this mean that I have permission to stay in my monster form for a little while?"

Tsukune laughed, "Sure, Why not?"

Tsukune felt Gin vanish from sight and heard the sounds of a beating before walking into the school building with The girls following him shortly after.

They never noticed the eyes of Ririko-sensei on them from behind a pillar.

(The next day after school)

"I was hoping that she'd forget about that tutoring crap," Tsukune groaned as he stood in front of Ririko-sensei's homeroom. Almost immediately after class, she had strictly ordered him to go to her room for private lessons.

He noticed that she emphasized 'lessons'.

"If a teacher falls for me then it means that i'm just that good, or i'm lucky, or that this place is more fucked up than I thought."

Tsukune sighed dejectedly before opening the door and walking into the room.

He shut the door behind him and his eyes widened at the smell that assaulted his nose, He observed the room's interior, which looked like a mad scientist's laboratory. Candles that looked like skulls, fog, and all that other crap.

"Do you like it?" A sultry voice whispered in his ear.

Tsukune whirled around and slapped his hand over his nose to stop the nosebleed that was sure to occur.

For before him was the sight of Ririko-sensei in an S&M outfit. Black leather tube-top, mini-skirt, stockings, and six inch high-heels.

"Shall we begin?" She asked as she sauntered toward him.

"What the hell have I gotten himself into!?" Tsukune whimpered as she placed her hands on the sides of his face.

(The next day)

"I give up," Yukari frustratingly proclaimed as she walked out of Kurumu's room.

"But you can't! If I don't pass then I won't be able to spend the summer with Tsukune," Kurumu wailed as she followed the little witch.

"Look, it's Tsukune," Yukari exclaimed as she pointed at the aformentioned human.

They jogged to his side but he didn't acknowledge them, instead, they noticed, he mumbled algebraic equations and math formula's as though he were in a trance.

"Oh God! Were the rumors true?" Kurumu exclaimed in her head as she shook him in an attempt to awaken him.

"What's the matter?" Yukari asked worriedly.

"Tsukune!" A third voice happily exclaimed.

Kurumu and Yukari turned to see Moka happily skipping toward them with a notebook held in her arms.

"I made you a study guide that should help you pass Ririko-sensei's finals," She joyously said as she held it out and thought of what his reaction would be.

Nothing happened.

She looked into his eyes to see them glazed over and he was mumbling math formulas under his breath.

"Tsukune?" She asked and began waving the notebook in front of his nose.

"What are you doing with my student?" Ririko-sensei asked as she came from behind a corner and snatched it away.

She began flipping through the notebook with a sneer on her face.

"you just can't stop meddling, can you?" She exclaimed and threw the notebook at Moka's face.

The girls were stunned as Tsukune raised his head and began walking towards her despite the girl's protests.

"If you're trying to separate us then you're wasting your time. I am his teacher, and the bond between a teacher and her student can grow beyond any limitation," She said as she held her hand out to Tsukune, who kissed it like a loyal english gentleman.

"He's mine now!" She said before walking away with Tsukune following her.

"Tsukune..." Yukari moaned dejectedly and Kurumu dropped her head, her bangs covered her watering eyes.

"How...could you..?" Moka whispered and ran off somewhere.


"That's it, you're doing great, Tsukune." Ririko-sensei praised as she watched him write notes from over his shoulder.

Suddenly, he stopped and began shaking.

"Mo...ka...chan." He muttered.

Ririko growled, "You're still thinking of that wretched girl? We'll have to fix that." She saidas her legs began to distort.

(With Moka)

Moka was looking at the notes that she had made for Tsukune when she suddenly snapped the book shut in a huff.

"There must be something wrong with Ririko-sensei's teachings," She thought.

"I know about some boys in my class that are taking Ririko-sensei's after-school tutorings," Yukari said to Kurumu as they walked by, not noticing Moka.

"They got really smart all of a sudden but they acted like they were her servants oor something. And Tsukune was definitely acting seird earlier." The rest of their conversation was blocked out when Moka's thoughts drifted to Tsukune.

"Tsukune...he's in danger," She frantically thought and rushed out of the cafeteria with the notebook firmly held to her chest.

(With Tsukune in the conference room.)

"Uahahahahahaha,"Ririko cackled as a flower-like appendage connected to a giant snake's tail grasped around Tsukune's head and A strange energy flowed into him.

"Only my teachings will help you. This is for the best."She said gleefully.

"Bio...Bio..Boo...uuggghh," Tsukune was apparently trying to fight her influence, but was losing.

"STOP!!!" Moka screamed as she burst through the door.

The flower-thing detached itself from Tsukune's head and slithered behind Ririko and in the light, Moka saw that her legs were gone, replaced by the body of a snake with the flower at the end of it.

She was a Lamia, an ancient Greek monster that had the ability to control peoples minds and was feared for kidnapping and killing children.

"How dare you interrupt our important lesson, I dedicate all that I have to teaching and I won't allow you to interfere."She slithered her tail around Tsukune. "Let's finish where we left off, Tsukune." She was about to reattach the flower but was halted when Moka's notebook slammed into her face.

"It's all a lie! Your teachings methods are inhumane! Turn Tsukune back now." Moka screamed frantically.

Ririko slapped the notebook with the end of her tail and it broke apart.

"You're going to pay for that you worthless little bitch." She screamed and put Moka into the wall courtesy of her flower-tail.

"I'm doing all of this for the good of you students. I'll kill you for trying to destroy my bond with Aono-kun." She screamed and began pressing harder.

"!" She pleaded softly.

Her pleas were heard.

Tsukune saw a sheet of paper on the ground. He picked it up and read the scribbles on the bottom.

"We can pass it together,Tsukune." It said with a red heart drawn around it along with a few pink bats.

"This is Moka-chan's handwriting," He thought and was filled with strength.

Unknowingly his eyes were glowing a bright red, usually indicating that he was transforming into the Guyver.

"GRAAAAAAHHHHHHH," He screamed and sprinted to Moka's form in the wall and trying to pry the flower away.

"I'm sorry for not wking up earlier, Moka-chan. We'll study together after this is over." He whispered in her ear while his hand grabbed something on her chest..

"What! How did you...?" Ririko asked before slithering to him and yanking him away from Moka by his hair.

"I'll have to give you another dose of my tutoring." She sneered.

Tsukune suddenly raised his closed hand into the air and opened it to show...

A silver Rosario.

Ririko was blown away by the red energy that Moka suddenly gave off.

When the energy and light died down, Inner-Moka stood with silver hair, red-slitted eyes, and a fuller figure.

"Pathetic creature! You dare lay a hand against my Tsukune?" Inner Moka's proud voice echoed.

"A Vampire? How dare you get in my way! How could you betray me, Tsukune-kun!? You'll both pay for this!" She screamed and lunged for them only to be sent flying by Inner Moka's super kick.

She impacted with the far wall and slumped to the ground, unconcious.

"You are nothing but a narcissist! Drunk on the power of being an instructor, Know your place." Inner Moka said after lowering her leg.

She walked over to Tsukune's unconcious body and sat him against the wall before grabbing the rosario from his hand.

She pecked him on lips before reattaching it to the choker on her neck.

(The test day)

After Ririko's brainsashing spell was broken, Everything Tsukune learned was forgotten and studying had to begin from scratch.

Until finally the test day came.

"Do your best,Tsukune." Moka thought as she watched him sweat nervously.

(After the test, outside school grounds)

"Don't worry, Tsukune. We both know you did okay." Moka chirped to the glum human.

"It doesn't matter what grade I get. I got to study with you, that's all that mattered to me" He said, making her blush. "Thank you for helping me until the last minute, you're A lifesaver, Moka-chan." He finished.

He looked at her to see her about to cry.

She tackled him in a hug and brought them both to the floor, crying in happiness the whole time. His test fell to the ground with a big eighty-nine percent written on the top of it.

(With Kurumu, Yukari, and Mizore)

"I did okay," Yukari mumbled to her perfect one-hundred percent.

"I'm fine," Mizore said while looking at the eighty-five percent on her test.

"NOOOOOOO!!!!!!" Kurumu wailed at her test score of forty-four percent.

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