Hello strangers!

If you're reading this then you clearly read Heroes & Villains, and hopefully enjoyed it. At the time of posting my final chapter I said I had an idea for a possible short sequel, which I wasn't sure if I was going to post, of when I was going to do so. Well that time has arrived and I am about to start writing said sequel [like literally, I'm off writing as soon as I'm done here]

I'm writing a short, probably ten part sequel entitled 'At Worlds End' [I know, obviously plagiarism there] which will follow along with the events of the movie from Atlas and Adrian's point of view. One of my few reviewers here mentioned how they hoped I wouldn't kill her off before the events of the movie start, and I'm not, I have plans for her =]

Anyway, if you're reading this I hope you'll be reading my sequel and I apologise for making you wait this long and I pray you haven't lost interest and patience. Thanks for reading =] and it's good to be back here.