Author Notes

Well, I try my luck at a Kingdom Hearts story. This was originally made on DeviantArt as a contest entry. The first-place winner was actually me.

I understand that the "OC joining the Organization" thing is rather common, but I still wanted to do this because...well, because I can and it's free.

Also Zexion & Xion were chosen as the main characters because these two affect Organization XIII's "Number XV" the most.

Anyway, without further ado, I'll give out the disclaimer and move on to the story. So, enjoy.

Disclaimer: Square Enix/Disney owns Kingdom Hearts (characters, concepts, and series). I own Misu and Ixmus.

Stolen (Prologue)

There has always been light and darkness…

Two different sides, two different objectives, two different meanings…

…Did you know family was separated by them?





Destiny Islands, normally the peak of pacific awe, now the dawn of darkness…


The airy yet foul stench of darkness tainted and lingered upon Destiny Islands. It seemed not one bit of life was present in the gruesome ruination….

…All expect one.

He was a young man, around sixteen years of age. He resembled a well-known resident of Destiny Islands; in fact, he was his brother. Blue was the capital pigmentation of his wardrobe, black was the penultimate. His physiognomy appeared to be troubled, confused, and uncertain. His wandering silver eyes confirmed this. Understandable, taking into account that he was gawking at his "home" marred by darkness.

As if routine-orientated, the teen's arm elevated toward his necklace; a light silver chain draping over his neck. The summit of the loop rested upon his nape. His hand clutched around the emblem, a light silver crown. His fingers seemed glued around the piece of metal. He remained like this momentarily. Bringing his other arm to the same height, he grasped the emblem with the previous hand and unclasped the seal with the former.

The emblem opened up, girth halved but quantity doubled. The left side displayed two designations colored gold and written half-manuscript, half-cursive.



The right side displayed a portrait of the aforementioned siblings only with five years reduced from their respective ages. Sora and Misu possessed jubilant grins and the background was Destiny Islands's former, radiant glory.

. . . . . ."Sora."




…."Misu,….keyblade's sibling."

Misu's instincts now became fully alert. The alarmingly high tension within the darkness rose even more.

"Cursed keyblade…"

Misu frantically canvassed the milieu for the eerie, spiritual voice. Nothing….the voice seemed to compliment with the limitless darkness.

"Care you spare….a heart?"

Now, the voice was frighteningly adjacent. Misu quickly turned around. He was gasped as he sought a Corridor of Darkness, a black oval-shaped passage, in the nub of the area he currently stood upon. A cloaked figure stepped out. The entity's sable façade absolutely enshrouded his or her appearance, but the powerful emanation of darkness can be clearly sensed from this person. The Corridor of Darkness disappeared and the entity leered at the aware Misu.

"Who are you?" Misu interrogated. A response was delayed. Eventually, the figure spoke enigmatically, "I am nothing but a mere shell." As intended, Misu was utterly perplexed.

"I desire…"

Misu could practically feel the temperature drop as that statement was uttered.

"…your heart."

Still cryptic yet Misu easily construed the fact that he was in danger. Unfortunately, no reaction time was permitted. The sinister character surrounded himself in darkness and was swiftly relocated in front of Misu. A hand lashed out and clenched Misu's trachea tightly. Misu suffocated against the deadly grip and immediately attempted to thrash his way out. However, no avail and no progress.

Misu's thrashing ceased as his breathing was cut off. Slowly but surely, Sora's sibling lost consciousness due to lack of oxygen at the hands (or rather, hand) of the unknown person.

"Kingdom Hearts…..let me enrich you…."

Another Corridor of Darkness opened up and Misu was dragged through it.

Where it led him?




It led him to a change in destiny.

A fresh heart had been transported from a ruination of darkness…to a salvation of emptiness.

….But all that heart could think of was….


Quiet…too quiet.

But that's how it always has been in a certain room in Castle Oblivion. White dominated the environment, silence really was golden.

Interestingly, someone resided in this room. A little girl whose appearance complimented the ivory ambiance; blonde hair, white sundress, and blue sandals. She sat on a small chair meditating on a matter. She seemed anxious…something irked her….of an impending event.

Her predictions were about to become a reality.

A Corridor of Darkness materialized in her room. The seemingly meek individual's thoughts were interrupted as she sensed darkness. She looked at the passage as somebody walked out. She gasped lightly, not at the entity but at most the entity possessed, Misu.


The girl, now identified as Namine, studied the sight before her. She recognized the voice…it was the voice of Organization XIII's leader, Xemnas.


The entity raised his free hand to his hood and unmasked himself revealing the silver-haired Nobody, Number I, Xemnas.

"Yes…I have come to you for you to do something." Xemnas stated. "T-to do what…?" Namine asked cautiously, her gaze focused on the unconscious Misu. "This is Sora's sibling….his heart will make a lovely addition to Kingdom Hearts. Also, it will make a great Nobody, perhaps even a Heartless." Namine gasped inwardly when Xemnas mentioned Sora and also felt some forms of insecurity at the mention of Misu. "What I request you to do is that you seal Misu in a crystal sleep the minute I extract his heart." He instructed.

Namine rose from her seat in protest, "But, Xemnas, I-" She was silenced when one of Xemnas's aerial blades came dangerously close to her neck. "Do not defy me…" Xemnas warned darkly, "I gave you a command so I expect you to do it." Namine hung her head low in defeat, sadness, and soon-to-be guilt. "Y-yes, sir…"

Xemnas positioned Misu so that his aerial blade pointed directly at his heart.

. . . . . . ."Sora….Sora…Sora…."

Xemnas and Namine heard the words not from Misu's mouth but from his heart. They could sense the light within it, and the defiance it harbored. Namine immediately deduced that the attempt could be fruitless because of such a strong-willed heart. Xemnas thought otherwise. The leading Nobody stabbed Misu's heart with the aerial blade.

Namine covered her mouth in horror as he observed the aerial blade being inserted into Misu's chest. A light started to leak out from the wound. Amazingly, this light prevented Misu's heart from being taken. Xemnas growled in frustration as he summoned the second aerial blade. Namine turned away, covering her eyes, unable to bear the sight.

Xemnas now jabbed both halves of Forbidden (the name for both of his aerial blades) into Misu's chest. As an extra measure, he started to suck in the light with his elemental attribute, nothingness. Even with this, Misu's defiant heart continued to be a problem.

With a frustration-induced growl, Xemnas ripped out the heart with Forbidden. The glowing heart levitated from Misu's limp body. The light deterred by Xemnas's nothingness pulled away and encompassed the heart. Putting that aside for now, Xemnas grabbed Misu's body and opened another Corridor of Darkness. "Namine, now!" Xemnas signaled as he tossed Misu into the black passage. Reluctantly, Namine made a crystal shell spawn within the Corridor of Darkness. The crystalline base resembled the leaves of a bud. The normally clear white color transformed to a clear ebony chromaticity. The bud itself trapped Misu and its complexion transfigured similarly. Once the sealing was complete, the black crystal shell disappeared into the unknown.

Namine slowly sauntered to her chair and sat in it again, guiltier than ever. Xemnas looked at the newly acquired heart in awe and triumph, "A perfect tribute to Kingdom Hearts, wouldn't you agree, Namine?"

"Yeah…I guess…" Namine gave an uninterested reply. "Well, I appreciate your compliance, Namine. Farewell." Xemnas stated as he disappeared along with the heart.

Namine felt terrible. Once again, she assisted the Organization in a nefarious action. And the caliber of this one was especial. "I really am a witch." She said in sorrow.

She wanted to cry, but a Nobody is unable to cry.

"Sora….Misu…..I'm sorry…"

But who said a Nobody couldn't mentally weep?

"Organization… is another special day."

Fourteen, different Nobodies sat on tall white thrones in the room Where Nothing Gathers.

"Today, we acknowledge another Nobody among us…"

Everyone noted that there was a vacant, fifteenth throne beside Number XIV, Xion.

"Allow me to introduce you to Number XV…"

Another dark-cloaked person walked in and stood in the very center of the room. His was on so nobody could see his face. All eyes diverted their attention to him.

" 'The Shadows of Hope'….Ixmus."

A new story for a new Nobody had just begun…