To Imagine

"This is not fucking, Edward! This is you treating me like I'm some breakable piece of china!" Bella wants to be fucked, rough and raw. But will Edward ever conform to her ideas? All-human. Lemons galore; be warned.


I had been planning it for only about a week. My idea had been formed by Bella herself. Though she had no idea what I was planning for her. I think.

She had been on her period last week sometime, and I had been growing extremely frustrated; what with not being able to touch her and all. Apparently, while I couldn't make love to her, I had been promising to do things to her … things that I wouldn't normally do. Apparently, I had talked dirty to her (something I can't ever remember doing before), and, well … she liked it. Apparently, Bella had been getting excited … or so she claims.

Of course, I don't remember any of this. So, after she finished her period, I, of course being the common male that I am, had to make love to her the first second that I could. But, also being the not-so-common gentleman I am, I can't be rough with Bella. It just doesn't seem right. She's like a glass figurine, and I'm supposed to protect her from harm, not go out of my way to be rough with her! She doesn't agree.

"Bella, baby; I love you. Come on, come for me," I was on top of Bella, driving slowly into her as she grasped my shoulders.

"Edward…" she groaned, bucking her hips wildly into mine. "Do it; you promised."

I stared at her blankly and when she realized that once again I had no idea what she was talking about, she stopped flinging her pelvis towards my own and a look of disappointment came over her once euphoric features.

I, with difficulty I might add, stopped thrusting into the only place I wanted to be at this moment. "Bella, what's wrong?"

"Nothing," she said sourly.

Bewildered, I couldn't figure out what was going on. I flipped us over, so she was on the top, with my penis still embedded in her warmth. I bucked my hips again and her breasts bounced with the motion. "What the fuck is wrong with you, Bella? One minute your all for sex and the next, it's like 'Edward, I'm all hormonal now! Stop fucking me'."

Bella's mouth dropped open and she shot up off the bed. "This is not fucking, Edward! This is you treating me like I'm some breakable piece of china! You promised," tears of fury came slowly into her eyes, "You promised that you would fuck me, drive into me senseless! But just like every other time, you back off, treating me the same as you did before." She ran around the room, gathering her clothes and throwing them on herself.

I could only stare at her dumbfounded.

"Bye Edward. I'll see you later." And with that she was gone.

We had seen each other since. But we were never alone, we didn't touch, and it was extremely awkward. I was going to change that. Sadly, she had to work today, but I would have to find a way around that. In fact, I already had. Luckily, I took today off, but I still had set my alarm clock early this morning. I got out of bed, jumped in the shower, and then threw on my clothes. I brushed my teeth and all that jazz, and then flew down the stairs to place two waffles in the toaster. After eating my less-than-gourmet breakfast, I hopped in my car and drove the few blocks to Bella's.

Upon arriving, I let myself into her small house with my spare key and quietly slipped upstairs and into her room where she was still sleeping peacefully.

Thank God Bella is a sound sleeper, I thought to myself as I pulled down her pajama bottoms. I silently cuffed each of her legs to either post at the end of her bed. I pulled out the vibrating dildo from my bag, and set it on the bed. I slowly reached forward with my index finger and traced her clitoris until she began to produce her fluids. She started to moan in her sleep and I smirked to myself. I grabbed the dildo from the bedspread and turned it onto low. I shoved it into her vagina.

Bella immediately began squirming around and then shot up in her bed, calling out for me in the process.

"Good to know you still think about me, princess," I growled at her as she gasped when she realized she was tied to the bed. I pulled the dildo out slightly, but shoved it in roughly once again, to the point where I had gotten it to before, which was not all the way. However, this time I kept on pushing it up, only excruciatingly slow. When it was all the way in, I left it there, still set on the low setting, and stood up to see my beautiful girlfriend.

Even though it was early in the morning, sweat matted her forehead, and she panted for breath; her hips came up in a fashion that suggested she was meeting some invisible force thrust for thrust.

I came up to the side of the bed and pulled her shirt up and over her head. I threw it to the other side of the room. "My, my, Bella dear." I moved the pillows off the bed and sat down so her head was resting in my lap. I moved my hands over her pert breasts, just barely grazing them, but then taking one in each hand and squeezing hard.

"E-Ed-Edward…" Bella groaned from deep within her throat at my touch.

I reached down to the button on the vibrating dildo and turned it onto maximum. She screamed as she came immediately. I continued rubbing her full breasts in my hands, just focusing on the nipples and squeezing them in my fingers. She came again.

"More, Bella," I commanded, "more." I reached down to her clitoris and pinched it in between my two fingers and she came again. I moved her head from my lap and went down to the end of the bed again. I took the dildo almost all the way out and shoved it back in. "Bella, you wanted me to be rough, so you give me more cum! Do you understand?" She nodded but didn't come at my command. I took the dildo and started pumping it hard into her vagina.

Her eyes were rolling into the back of her head at this point, and it looked like she really did want to come for me. But that wasn't good enough for me. I reached for her hand and commanded that she hold the dildo in her vagina. She nodded mutely. I un-cuffed her legs and she immediately pulled them up and spread them so her whole vagina was exposed with the dildo hanging out. All around her was soaked. But I wanted more cum from her.

"Come with me, Bella. Keep the dildo in your pussy." She sat up shakily and I yelled at her to move faster. I lead her into the bathroom and made her lie in the tub. I took the hose off the tap and adjusted the temperature to lukewarm. I turned the nozzle to jet.

"Bella, remove the dildo." She did and I aimed the hose at her opening and clitoris. She made sounds I have never heard from anyone before and I almost came myself. She came again and I shut the tap off. I pulled her out of the tub and she clung to me from exhaustion. "Go sit on your bed exactly as you are. I want your legs spread apart and you leaning back on your hands. Put each of your legs on either side of the post on the bottom of your bed. Go."

I moved with her through the bathroom, right behind her while holding her breasts in my hands. As we reached the door to her bedroom, I told her to stop and I felt her up one time before letting her go. My hand squeezed her breasts lightly, then moved down her sides and smoothing down her stomach and coming to rest on her pelvis. I played with the neatly trimmed patch of hair there and her head fell back on my shoulder. My left hand rode down the rest of the journey and played with the lips of her vagina. Dipping one finger into her opening and letting it sit there for a minute, I then asked her to do what I had asked before.

As she went to the bed, I walked to the closet to pick her outfit. I decided on a black knee-length pencil skirt with a deep purple, slightly low-cut long sleeved blouse, and a black fitted blazer. I grabbed a pair of black pantyhose and three-inch stilettos before walking back into the room to find Bella waiting on the bed looking exactly like I told her to be.

"Good girl," I said as I walked over to the bed and bent down to pick up the other back I brought. "Go to the bathroom and put these on. Come out to show me; I want to see how they fit. She stood up off the bed and took the bag from my hands.

Five minutes later she walked out and I barely refrained from gasping. I knew I had gotten the size right, but the design looked abso-fucking-luetely fabulous on her. It was a matching bra and thong set. The bra was a padded black push-up with three roses on one cup and one on the other. The thong was minuscule; still black with one rose on the left hip.

"Turn," I commanded, sounding rather bored. She did. "Stop." She had her back to me now.

I stepped forward, moved her sweet-smelling hair from her neck and bent my head to kiss her. I began sucking and biting and she yelped at the first bite, but then starting groaning. Once I hand left a reasonable sized hickey on the left side of the back of her neck, I backed away. "Go downstairs and make yourself breakfast. Make it quick; you don't have much time."

She moved out of my grasp and left the room. I quickly made the bed and cleaned up the mess we'd made then followed her, her outfit in my hand. I found her in the kitchen eating a grilled cheese sandwich and grapes still in just the lingerie set. She finished her sandwich and put the dishes in the dishwasher. She walked towards me and put my hands on her hips.

"Edward…" she whispered then trailed off. She took another step towards me so her entire body was pressed against mine.

I moved my hands to her shapely butt and pulled her up; her legs automatically wrapped themselves around my waist. I massaged her butt cheeks with my hands and her pelvis thrust uselessly against my own, trying to create friction.

I backed up and sat down on one of the kitchen chairs. Her legs unwound from me when she realized where we were going. She stood in front of me and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. She reached towards my belt and tried to undo it, but I put my hand over hers and pulled her away.

"No Bella. You have to pleasure yourself without my dick." At her astounded look, I added, "and not with your fingers or toys either, Bella."

She looked like she was at a loss for what to do to help get rid of the burning ache in her clitoris. She looked at me with pleading eyes and I shook my head at her while smiling slightly. She crossed her arms over her chest and her breasts came together. I pulled her down so that she straddled my thigh. I then uncrossed her arms and began lightly kissing her breasts. She threw her head back and ground her vagina into my jeans. She groaned loudly and did it again. Bella kept on grinding herself into my thigh, then releasing and repeating the process. My hands came to rest on her hips and moved her around on my thigh. I could feel my leg getting wet. Still, she kept grinding while I moved her around, trying to create as much friction for her as possible.

My jeans were soaked through in places and I muttered, "Geez Bella. You're so wet." She ground exceptionally hard onto my leg and a fresh spurt of wetness came at my thigh. Five minutes later, I think she realized she wouldn't be able to come this way because she let out a tearless sob and let all of her weight drop onto my leg and she stopped moving completely.

"Go sit on the counter of the island, Bella. Spread your legs wide for me." She hurriedly jumped up and ran to the counter, she made a move to take off her thong, but I told her that she had to leave it on. I watched as she spread her legs for me. "Wider Bella." She moved her knees farther apart and my eyes turned into moons when I saw how wet she actually was. Her juices dripped from her center and the residue from earlier ran down her thighs. The small piece of cloth from the thong that covered her from me was soaked through completely. I sat back down, trying to act as though none of this was affecting me so. "Rub yourself Bella." Her hand came up and came to rest on her vagina. Immediately, she rubbed and rubbed. While her right hand was busy stroking herself through her panties, her left shook and then fell, her whole body going with it. Still she continued rubbing her ferociously.

"Edward," she panted for me, trying to sit herself back up to conform to my earlier orders. Her body shook with pleasure, but still she couldn't come.

"Bella," I growled standing up. "Stop acting like a fucking skank. I thought you were smart; I'm not touching you because you're not open enough for me. Push you legs wider for me Bella. Wide enough it hurts." Her legs spread even farther open, but I wanted to push her. I walked over to her and stroked her once, "wider Bella." She moved two centimeters. I bent my head and licked her from top to bottom through her underwear. I did this three more times and then grabbed the scissors from their holder beside me. I cut a slit in her thong.

I helped her sit up so she could look me in the eyes and then I stuck one finger into her hole. "Bella, I want more juice from you right now. Can you do that?" She didn't answer. I thrust another finger into her and she cried out, but no more wetness came from her. "Fuck, give me your juice Bella! Give me more of you." I stuck two other fingers into her and pumped all four of them into her dripping vagina. She squirted against my hand. "Good. I'm going to lick you clean Bella. So clean that your pussy will fucking sparkle and you will run out of juice to give me. But you better make more for me, Bella, because I will not be satisfied with this amount. Now. Spread. Wider."

Her legs moved a fraction of an inch, but that was enough. I bent my head and licked her exposed flesh. I licked her for what seemed like forever. She came twice in my mouth, but finally she seemed to get so tired that no more liquid would come from her.

I straightened up and pulled her up with me. When she was standing, I pulled the ruined underwear off of her with my hands, and took an identical pair out of my pocket. She stepped into them and then I grabbed her outfit off the table.

I walked back to her and handed her the articles of clothing. "Put this on." She started for the bathroom. "No," I began, "in front of me will do."

I watched from beside her as she put on the outfit. Her body bent with grace as she pulled the skirt up and over her hips. I watched as she put her arms through the sleeves and then buttoned up the top. She slipped her small feet into the stilettos and then straightened out.

I took her hand, "I will be driving you to work today, Bella, and we're going for lunch together during your lunch break. You are to meet me at 12:15 right outside your office building, okay?"

She nodded, "okay Edward."

I opened my arms for her and she came into them gratefully. "I love you," she whispered.

"I love you too, babe. Now get your hot ass out the door; you'll be late for work." She stayed in my arms and didn't move at all. I looked down at her face and she was grinning.

Well, if that's how you want to play it…

I grabbed the back of her head and crushed her lips to mine. She threw her arms up and around my neck; pulling me closer to her. Her tongue sought entrance to my mouth and I smiled into the kiss. My hands ran down her back to wrap themselves securely around her waist. Her tongue pressed and her teeth bit my lips, but to no avail, I wouldn't let her get in my mouth. Finally, I decided I would let her and I opened my mouth willingly for her. Her tongue swept over mine, then swirled all along the crevices of my mouth. My tongue joined her and they began to twirl themselves around each other playfully. I pushed my tongue and her tongue back in her own mouth.

During this I was slowly back her up towards the door. I broke the kiss and lead her out to my car which was parked in her driveway. I opened her door for her and she climbed in. I walked to the driver's side and got in. I started the car and we were off.

AN: I think this will be about a three part story. It's basically just sex, or sex-related subjects. Please let me know what you think.