To Imagine

"This is not fucking, Edward! This is you treating me like I'm some breakable piece of china!" Bella wants to be fucked, rough and raw. But will Edward ever conform to her ideas? All-human. Lemons galore; be warned.


My God, she was panting and totally out of breath, as well as I was, but she wanted me to fuck her again!

"Bella, hold on just a sec. I need to catch my breath."

She pouted, "But I don't want to wait!"

"Do you ever get tired of sex?"

"No," she said simply, leaning down to bite my neck. I let out a low grunt and I felt her smirk against my neck. She suddenly stood straight up and delicately started unraveling my tie from around my neck.

"What are you doing?"

"Well, if you won't help me with my problem, I'm going to have to deal with it myself." She had finished with the tie and dropped it before throwing through her legs and catching it behind her. I watched as she pulled it up so it rested in the lips of her vagina and she pulled it back and forth with her two hands.

"Mmm…" she sighed and moved the tie faster. I could see the wetness forming on my tie. "Edward, please."

I hurriedly all but ripped my shirt off and grabbed her hand and she dropped the tie. As we passed through the bathroom door and walked into my room, Bella jumped on my back and we both went crashing to the floor. She flipped me so I rested on my back and then perched herself so her pussy was resting on my stomach. She took my hands and placed them on her breasts; I automatically started playing with nipples and stroking the enlarged flesh.

Her hips started to move in tiny circles against me and I continued playing with her breasts while she moaned. She took one of my hands and threaded our fingers together, resting it on the floor behind my head. Her juices started to pool on my stomach.

"You're so wet Bella."

She groaned and took my other hand from her breast to join hers in playing with her clit. She lifted her hips slightly away from my body so both of our hands got get to her most intimate place. As my hand brushed her entrance, she crawled up my body so her core was right above my face.

I put my hands on her hips and lowered her body closer to mine. As she got within the distance of my tongue, it poked out and licked her from beginning to end. I then thrust my tongue into her vagina and she shrieked and threw her pussy into my face.

I plunged my tongue in and out, and traced her clit with my finger. Finally, she came and I swallowed every bit of her, and proceeded to lick her clean. When I was satisfied that she'd had enough of this, I lifted her hips of my face.

"Bed Bella," I said to her roughly. She rose to her feet on shaking knees and stumbled over to the bed. "On your hands and knees Bella." She complied and I walked over to the bed and kiss her butt cheek. I then covered her butt with my hand and rubbed it slightly.

"You've been a bad girl, Bella. And bad girls deserve to be punished. Spread your legs apart Bella." She did and I reached down to stroke her lightly. When I found her was already wet I scolded her, "are you excited for your punishment Bella? That isn't proper. Stop dripping for dicks to be inside you for two seconds of your life."

I removed my hand from her clit and smacked her ass harshly. She cried my name and I laughed. "Bella, you're not supposed to enjoy your punishment. Stop this," I took my hand and shoved it in her vagina and then moved it to her face so she could see what it was. "Stop getting wet now Bella."

I slapped her butt again, but instead of stopping, her juices gushed from between her legs. I slapped again and she moaned my name.

I continued to smack her ass until it was beat red then I hoisted her up and stood her by the post at the end of my bed. I bent down and grabbed my belt off the floor and tied her around the waist to my bed frame.

I grabbed two chairs and put them on either side of her, putting one of her leg on each. I took the dildo from earlier this morning and turned it onto the highest setting and shoved it into her. She came immediately and her cum ran onto my floor. I left the vibrating I dildo inside of her and grazed her lips with mine. I reached down and twisted the dildo three-hundred-and-sixty degrees and pressed my thumb to her clit while I pushed the dildo in deeper. When she was just about to come again, I took the dildo out and let her sit there for a moment. When she realized I wasn't planning on ding anything right away, she gave me a death look.

I lifted her legs up off the chairs so they rested around my waist and plunged into her. Her arms came and tugged on my shoulders and her hips rolled wildly into mine. I pounded into her with reckless abandon and her breasts bounced invitingly just in front of my face. I bent down and opened my mouth so her nipple would rest there. I moved my tongue around it and nibbled along the flesh, my dick still thrusting hard into her vagina. She came loudly when I sucked harshly on her nipple and twisted the other bud between my fingers. I thrust a few more time until I came, spilling my seed into her body, and then I pulled out of her and undid the belt from around her waist. Her feet dropped to the floor and I pulled her to rest on the bed again.

She climbed on top of me again and eased herself onto my penis. When she was fully seated, I felt her fluids seeping down out of where our bodies were joined.

"It should be illegal to be this wet Bella."

She sat, perched on my dick and rested her hands on my shoulders. My hands ran across her butt and pulled her body down so she lay against mine.

"Talk to me Edward."

I looked at her questioningly, "what do you want me to say?"

"Talk about what you're going to do to me; what you want to do. Talk dirty and call me names, make me beg and plead for you to be inside me."

"I already am inside you."

"Tell me what it feels like. Of what it feels like when your penis enters me."

"It feels … incredible."


"You're so tight Bella. You squeeze me every time I'm inside you. I can go so deep into you and you don't complain that. You get so wet for me Bella. My dick aches to be inside you because it's so warm and fluid. It feels like this is where I was meant to be. And the smell of your juice … fuck, I could eat you up all day and not get tired of it."

Bella groaned, "Fuck, can you?"

I ignored her and started to move my hips in circles around her. "I love how only I can get you like this; feel your clit," I pinched it, "throb for me, smell your wetness seeping through your panties for me, see your breasts bounce in my face; your nipples begging to be bitten and squeezed, hear you cry my name when I make you come, and taste your sweet cum; knowing I made you produce it."

My hips jerked up and her body bounced on top of mine. Bella sat up straight, "stay still."

She began twisting her body to the right. Her left leg lifter over my body and her right lead it around in a circle. She made a full circle with her body with my penis still embedded in her. I grunted and she repeated her command to stay still. She stopped once she got back in her starting position.

"Bella you're fucking amazing." She lifted herself up and dropped back down, the hairs at my groin branding her sensitive clit. My hips jerked up to meet her thrust for thrust.


"Fuck, Bella I love you." I held her ass in my hands and pushed her down harshly on my dick, impaling its length upon her. Our pelvises met each other viciously and we humped each other steadily until we come came in unison.

Exhausted, Bella fell down against me and closed her eyes. Her breathing slowed to a normal pace and she wiggled her hips to get comfortable. My own eyes closed as my penis deflated and I relaxed against the bed with Bella on top of me. We fell asleep together, with my penis still embedded in her warm vaginal depths.

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