Mohinder Suresh awoke to the sound of his digital alarm clock. Mohinder slammed his fist down on the off button, shattering the entire clock. Ignoring the pieces of clock on the floor, he got up, and trudged into his kitchen.

"That's the tenth clock this week," he muttered to himself. Stupid super-strength.

Mohinder's kitchen was a mess. There were dirty pots and pans in the sink, as well as a huge tower of plates precariously stacked on top of one another. The floor was filthy, as was basically every other thing in the kitchen. Mohinder entered and flipped the switch, and the light flickered to life. If only I could get up that fast in the morning, Mohinder thought vaguely, reaching into his cupboard.

He was pulling out a box of cereal, when it struck: A coughing fit! Mohinder coughed like he had never coughed before; wheezing, leaning over, and coughing loud thunderous coughs. When the ordeal was over, his mouth was so dry, it felt like it would crack into little pieces, fall off his face, and make the floor that much filthier. Mohinder ran to the sink, turned it on, and drank out of it fountain-style for a good thirty seconds. Mohinder's mouth was saved...for now...

After Mohinder had finished his breakfast- which had been full of violent coughing- he went to his medicine cabinet and opened it up. Inside were small boxes of Tylenol, Tums, Aspirin, emergency debuginization pills, and band-aids. He pushed these aside, seizing the bottle that held the cough drops. He popped off the lid, and turned it upside down. He was met with nothingness. Mohinder was out of cough drops. He slammed his palm against his forehead.

After putting on a jacket, Mohinder stepped out his front door. He was met with extremely loud music. The weird thing was that the music was coming from his own car and the lyrics seemed to be in Japanese. Mohinder ran to his car and saw none other than Hiro and Ando, head banging to the radio.

"What do you two think you're doing?!" Mohinder yelled over the music. But apparently not loud enough, as Hiro and Ando had not even noticed Mohinder was there.

"HELLO?!" Mohinder yelled. Despite his raised his voice, Hiro and Ando's only response was to temporarily stop head banging, and turn up the volume louder.

"HELLO?!?!?!?!" Mohinder yelled at the top of his voice. That combined with banging on the window finally triggered the Japanese duo's attention. Their response wasn't exactly ideal.

"AAAAAAAHHHH!!!!" Hiro and Ando yelled. They hurriedly turned off the radio, yelled at each other in Japanese, and rolled down the window. Ando blasted Mohinder with red lightning, the overflow of power knocking him unconscious.

When Mohinder woke up, Hiro and Ando were gone. They had kindly left him some pain to remember them by. He silently swore to get them back as he opened his car door. Mohinder started his car, then turned on the radio without thinking: he was met with ear shatteringly loud Japanese rock. Mohinder quickly turned off the radio, but the car sputtered, and died. He tried several more times to start the car, but it just wouldn't go. But Mohinder needed those cough drops, so, after a short mental battle, he decided to walk. Little did he know how much of a mistake that was.


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