Author's Note: Now, this chapter is going to be a little (meaning, incredibly) cracky, but overall this story arc is going to be pretty plot orientated. I actually planned it out beforehand people, that's a big step for me.

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From the second they arrived in Egypt, they realized that it was very hot, and very bright. It was as if someone had moved the sun too close to the Earth, and then turned it up a few degrees.

"Alright, time to find a lost tomb," Elle said cheerfully.

"Where are we going to find a lost tomb?" asked Ando, which was fair, because there was nothing but dunes in all directions.

"Let's ask Adam," Mohinder said sarcastically, "I bet he knows the way."

"As a matter of fact, I do know the way, Mohinder," said Adam, "We just go in the opposite directions from the sun to find civilization, and then we just ask some locals."

Mohinder rolled his eyes. "And your sure about that?"

"Of course. You see mate, around here it gets pretty hot, so people tend to live as far away from the sun as possible."

And so, for lack of a better idea, they headed off in the opposite direction from the sun.

After several hours of trudging through what seemed like endless miles of sand, the group arrived at a largish town that primarily consisted of vendors sitting in patches of shade produce by open tents. In the distance, large buildings could be seen.

Hiro, who had dragged Adam's coffin the entire way, collapsed onto the ground.

"Hiro!" Ando ran to his side.

Hiro stretched out his arms, grasping at the sand. "Need... water..."

"Oh, c'mon, that was nothin'! When I was young, I could sprint across the entire Kalahari!" said Adam.

Elle kicked the coffin.

"Ow! Who did that?"

"You're mom," said Elle, as her and Ando began to drag Hiro into the village.

"Oh, aren't you just a riot," Adam replied, sounding rather hurt.

Mohinder, being the only one left who wasn't helping or in a coffin, picked up the front of Adam's prison and followed after Elle, Hiro, and Ando.

Eventually, they made it to the other side of town, where they found a well. Ando drew some water, and dumped it on Hiro.

Hiro gasped and sputtered to life, then shouted, "Four hundred and eleven thousand, six-hundred and forty two!"

Ando grabbed Hiro by the shoulders. "Hiro, are you okay?"

Hiro stood up, then pushed his glasses up his nose. "Yes. I am fine now."

Elle sighed. "Finally. It's time to get back to the original point of this mission."

"You would be the expert on that, wouldn't you?" growled Mohinder.

Suddenly, twelve very large, menacing Arabian men came out from behind a tent brandishing a variety of knives and curved swords.

The largest and most menacing one pointed at Hiro. He yelled something in Arabic, and they all charged towards him.

Hiro, after realizing that they had been pointing at him, turned and ran off down the street. The group of men followed yelling angrily.

"Wow. That was unexpected." said Elle.

"We have to help him!" Ando said urgently.

"What's happening? What was that noise?" asked Adam.

"Hiro just got chased off by a bunch of thugs!" said Ando, pointing down the road(which was highly ineffective, because Adam couldn't see him).

"Ah, he can handle it. He is the Master of Time and Space after all," said Adam, "Anyway, let's ask around and see if anyone knows where any tomb-sites are."

And so, they wandered around, asking people if they knew of any tombs that held gold and jewels. After thirty five unsuccessful attempts, they found an incredibly old woman.

"Hey, do you know of any tomb-sites around here?" Elle asked half-heartedly, expecting the answer to be that she was a foolish stereotyping American tourist.

The old woman's eyes were so wrinkled that they appeared to be closed, and a strange necklace made of hieroglyphics hung around her neck. Her voice was thin and raspy.

"Fortune telling five dollar."

"We don't want a fortune telling. We just want to know-" started Mohinder.

The old woman nodded. "I heard what you said. So I gave you an answer. Fortune telling five dollar."

Reluctantly, Mohinder handed her a five dollar bill, which, to the group's astonishment, she stuffed into her mouth, chewed, and swallowed. Then, all of a sudden, her eyes opened wide.

"Mohinder Suresh, many perils lay ahead of you."

"Yes, I have already deduced that from my current situation. Wait, how do you know-"

"And nothing is what it seems."

"Nothing?" Elle asked, her eyes now as wide as the old woman's.


Elle cocked her head to one side and put her hand on her hip. "You sure? Because, everything seems pretty real around here if you ask me. Except for that shark over there, it's probably not real, because, I mean, everyone knows that sharks don't come in that shade of pink."

The woman ignored Elle and continued. "And, if you give an offering to the well, you will find what you seek."

"To the well!" came the muffled cry of Adam.

When they reached the well, they circled around it and stood around awkwardly.

"So... who's got an offering?" asked Elle.

Ando pointed at Mohinder. "Mohinder, your watch."

Mohinder's hand shot instinctively to his watch. "This was given to me by my grandfather. who obtained it from King Saud the Seventh as a reward for saving him from an assassin.

Elle rolled her eyes. "Oh, I bet. Adam, you got anything?"


Elle rolled her eyes again, then let out an exasperated sigh. "It's always me who's gotta do this stuff, isn't it?" She pulled a lollipop out of her pocket and tossed it into the well.

As soon as the lollipop touched the dark water, a sound suspiciously like that of Jerusalem Bells ringing and Roman Cavalry Choirs singing began to emanate from the well. Then, a beam of brilliant white light blasted forth, and the group shielded their eyes. After a good ten seconds of this, the well returned to its original state.

Mohinder buried his face in his hands. "I knew this wouldn't work... we should've-"

Elle gasped, and Ando stared in shock. They both pointed above the well, and Mohinder, unnerved by the silence, looked up.

Adam rattled his coffin door. "Hey, why am I hearing Jerusalem Bells and Roman Cavalry Choirs? What the heck are you guys doing?"

There, hovering above the well, was a Elle's lollipop. It's fluffy white wings beat softly, and it's peaceful expression seemed to cause the whole town to quiet down a bit.

"I am Lolli, your guide and guardian."