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There is a cross-over element, but I'm sure that Naoko Takeuchi of Bishojo Senshi Sera Mun fame will forgive me. Well... I'm fairly certain.

In any event, on with the show....

Part 1

Naruto always knew he was special.

He wasn't like the others in that place. So full of tears, always crying or with angry looks on their faces.

The others had real family names. They had dead grown ups.


No one had heard of any Uzumaki in Konoha. And he'd asked all the other kids and grown-ups.

Even if their eyes were cold, they still told the truth, unlike that big liar Usop.

Sometimes at night, he'd leave from that cold place that the other kids called old home. It felt too...confining. Too...sad. Too many tears had been shed there.

No, he liked to sleep outside.

The roof of that place during summer was nice. Cooling breezes, twinkling stars that pinwheeled overhead.

But what was nicer were the parks and training grounds in Konoha. The rustling leaves, the soft animal cries in the velvet darkness, the distant stars high above framed by trees.

Those places felt nice, as if they were right. That Naruto would always be safe there.

The other children thought he was odd for liking to spend the night outside of his bed.

But they weren't special like him.

They didn't know about his secret place.

They didn't know about her.

They didn't have her. Not like him.

She talked to him.

She sang to him.

She listened to his stories without calling him a liar or laughing at him.

She told him that he was special.

And one day, he would find a way to free his neesan from her jail.

He would take her out of his special place, her home. He would show her Konoha instead of telling her about it. He would have ramen with her at Ichiraku with her just like jiji-san had ramen with him there sometimes.

Naruto ran.

The sun blinking in and out of the canopy of trees above him.

He was careful to pace himself. Satoshi niisan had told him and the others that feeling the burn when practicing was fine, but outside of that, overdoing things was bad.

Still, he could feel the warmth from the sun and from running.

The sound of cicadas surrounded him as he ran, trees blurring as he moved past them.

Grass rustling underfoot, the scent of wild flowers in bloom hung around him.

Sticky from the humidity of the afternoon, Naruto really wished there were big pools of water to swim in.

But the training ground he had snuck into... well, it didn't have one near where he was going.

Pausing as he entered a clearing, the young boy found himself face to face with one of the inhabitants of the forest.

Blue eyes met golden eyes.

A low growl from the white furred tiger was replied to by an answering one by Naruto.

The tiger broke first and looked away.

Neesan had told him to not back down from silly animals. They had to be shown who was in charge.

He didn't know how or even why the tigers and other animals in the forest listened to (feared) him when the grown ups and the other kids in Konoha didn't listen to him. At least not like the animals did.

And really, the forest wasn't that scary. He didn't really see why they fenced it off.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.




Naruto continued running.

Ah. Looming over its clearing, he could see the tall tree that reached for the blue heavens like a giant spear of green.

And all too soon, he was at its base. Exhaling a sigh at the wave of cool air, he crawled into the rock encrusted hollow at the base of the tree.

With its entrance concealed by massive roots that flowed around and in front of it, the hollow was easy enough to miss if one wasn't looking for it.

More importantly, the interior of the hollow stayed nice and cool even in the blistering summer that washed over Fire country every year.

Blinking away the spots from his eyes, Naruto continued crawling into the heart of the hollow.

While there was some light from the entrance, there was soon not quite enough to make out the details of the hollow.

Beyond the fact that there was a solid floor of smooth, cold stone that he ended up crawling on. That and the heart of the hollow was large enough for a small group of grown ups to stand in. Not that they would be able to easily get in to that point.

Standing up right with a stretch, he scowled at the sticky feeling under his white tee-shirt.

"Summer sucks," He sighed with a decisively nod.

Sitting down once more, Naruto looked for the carvings on the rock suface before brushing them lightly. The flaring of the words traced in the rock's surface wasn't enough to blind him, but the lavender glow was enough for Naruto to truly make out the interior of the hollow.

He was soon surrounded by a ring of strange words; the certain flowing pattern to them made Naruto certain that they had to be words. Even if the words looked nothing like what Satoshi niisan was teaching him and the others.

The first time this had happened, he had been surprised. Now... it was something to be expected. As was what happened next.

Rings of glowing light rising from the ground to surround him before flaring white and dying away.

To reveal a much larger space.

Looking downwards from the rim where he stood, Naruto's lips curved up slightly at the sight of the crystal that glowed with a soft white light from where it rose from the center of the bowl-like cavern.


"And that was when Hikaru-neesan asked Satoshi-niisan what was so great about being a ninja," Naruto gestured wildly with his hands, his excitment making his attempts at sitting down almost futile.

"Really? And what did this Satoshi-san do?" Naruto smiled at the low whispery voice echoing around him as he gazed up at the crystal pillar that glowed softly.

He could see her where she floated inside the crystal; a flowing river of hair black as night shrouded her body, but he could imagine what she looked like.

With a gentle face like that, a pair of lavender eyes that was always warm and never mocked him or even looked at him coolly, 'neesan was more beautiful than anyone else.

Not even those nice ladies with the weird eyes were as beautiful as 'neesan was in his eyes.

The fact that she was stuck in a crystal pillar was something that he accepted. That he could hear her words without her seeming to talk, strange but acceptable. She had to be some kind of super kunoichi to do that.

"Well... Satoshi-niisan called his friends from where they were talking with some of the other children," Naruto settled into a slightly more comfortable position from where he was seated before her.

The hard edged grooves in the ground that carried the glowing greenish-blue water from the base of the pillar, and up the slopes of the bowl around them in patterns made settling himself comfortably slightly difficult.

"And they all started walking up the wall of the building and started to dance. You should have seen the looks on everyone's faces when they started dancing as if they were on the ground and everyone else were on the wall or something."

A soft cool breeze brushed Naruto's unruly blonde hair, dislodging some of the dirt from his journey here. The breeze faded away, leaving behind the scent of lilacs and roses. "That must have been a sight to see. I'm afraid I don't have anything new to talk about... would you like to see more of my past?"

"That would be cool, 'neesan," At Naruto's reply and rapid nod, the world around him washed away into white.

In the distance the girl could hear the spirits of the eight winds howl and roar as they raced across the frozen plains, the ice and snow cracking beneath their paws.

Breathing out a puff of mist in the cold air, she turned to look at the heavens. Haloed by the dark heavens, her world glowed blue with (basked in) the faint light from the distant heart of the Pax Selene.

Dominating the heavens like the queen that it was, her world glimmered with energy that she could feel (taste, touch). Drawing comfort and strength from the sight, she drew in another frigid breath.

Her strides forward left no sound, and her boots but the faintast of prints in the almost pristine field of snow behind her.

Before her, she could see her destination; a temple nested higher on the slopes of the small mountain that she was ascending. Rising out of the snow here and there were small boulders, with menhirs buried in the snow amidst said boulders.

The traceries and runes on the menhirs warded the temple. Shielded it from prying eyes. Cloaked its presence in layers upon layers of protections and glamours.

And as she walked winding path up the gentle slope of the mountain, she could feel the discordant sounds intrude upon her senses.

Sharp murmuring that were a blasphemy to her soul and that which she belonged to.

Prayers to that which was Anathema.

Keeping an even pace and dressed in the robes of a postulant, she presented the very image of a harmless wanderer. A small lie she permitted herself.

The tinkle of snow crunching beneath her boots accompanied the girl's breaths as the howl of the winds faded into the distance.


She allowed a tiny sad smile to grace her face, while the cowl of her robes shielded her eyes. She had hoped that the guards would permit her entry, a vain hope. She had hoped to conceal her presence til she had no other choice to unveil her glory.

"Hey... stop," A soft hum of metal upon wool as a pair of blades were drawn to point at her.

"It is most regrettable that in this day and age, there are those who are so unreasonable." She continued walking, the drawn blades ignored. "It saddens me to be unwelcomed."

A sigh as she shook her head in sorrow.

A tiny and minute flare of the energy (essence, life) that flowed within, and space twisted upon itself.

"Oh god..." Panic and fear blossomed upon the faces of the pair that stood before her. "It... it's HER!"

A sweeping gesture, a flash of silver and magic was performed.

Two became four.

But four proved to be not as good as two. For the two men found existence as four to be unbearable and thus... perished.

Humming a lullaby softly, she made her way up the granite steps, glaive clasped in her hands behind her back.

To be continued