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Summary: Social outcast Bella goes to live with her Aunt Esme, Uncle Carlise and her mean cousins, Alice and Rosalie in Forks. Bella finds it hard to fit in but is willing to do anything she can to be accepted. One night, she is dared by Rosalie and Alice to enter the creepy old house on the hill that is said to be haunted. There she meets a strange boy who she befriends, but is she about to regret it?

The whole ride to Forks was unsettling, I was completely nervous. It takes me a while to adjust to something new and I just prayed to god that my stay with Aunt Esme and Uncle Carlise would be a somewhat pleasant one.

Leaving Phoenix was hard, my mom was off to travel around the world with her new husband and I didn't want to be a burden in her way so I was being shipped off to Forks, Washington to live with relatives that I have only ever seen twice in my whole life. One time was when I was ten and it was someone's funeral and another time just for a plain old visit.

From what I could remember, Carlise and Esme were warm and friendly people so I wasn't nervous about that, what I was nervous about were their daughters, Alice and Rosalie. They picked on me a lot when I last visited them and I hoped to god that they had changed.

I wouldn't say I was the most out going person in the world, I'm more of the shy and awkward type so in other peoples eyes that meant... a complete dork. I'm not in with the fashion trends, I never know what the latest songs are on the charts and I always tend to say the wrong thing.

Alice and Rosalie always used to pick on me because of my glasses, I can't help it if I have the sight of an eighty year old woman can I? And what's worse? I've just gotten braces which just adds to my whole dork-ness, great. None the less, I knew I needed to put on a positive attitude, not make assumptions and try to fit in.

I looked out of the window and watched the town pass me by, it looked so gloomy here. Where the hell had the sun gone? I guessed that this town hadn't seen sunlight in a long, long time.

"We're almost here." The cab driver said.

My stomach flipped over and I felt like I could puke at any moment, I sure hoped that wouldn't happen. The cab pulled up outside a large white house, it seemed homely enough.

The cab driver helped me with my bags up the porch steps and left. I knew I needed to ring the door bell but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. What if they didn't like me? What if I didn't fit in? Even worse, I was starting a new school the next day and that was enough for me to hyperventilate.

I slowly dropped my bags on the floor and reached for the door bell but the door suddenly flew open.

"Bella! Welcome to Forks sweetie." Esme said as she pulled me into a hug.

I awkwardly returned the hug and patted her on the back, she must have sensed my stiffness.

"Relax honey, I know this is all new but we are going to make you feel right at home OK? Carlise, can you help her with her bags please?" She shouted into the house.

Carlise turned a corner and walked towards the front door, he took my heavy bags off me and I followed him into the living room.

"So, how was your flight Bella?" Carlise said, probably trying his hardest to start a conversation with me.

"Um I wouldn't know because I took a sedative." I said and I knew that was the end of that conversation. Yes, I always tend to stop a conversation with my stupid awkwardness.

"Oh." Was all he could say and there was nothing but an awkward silence between us that lasted for about thirty seconds.

"I'll show you to your room Bella if you like." Esme said and I followed her upstairs. The wall against the stairs was covered with pictures of Rosalie and Alice, making over the top poses as if they were super models, I actually felt like laughing out loud.

Esme lead me to the back room, it was a nice. The walls were a pale blue with white curtains and the floor was laminated. It was very spacious so there was enough room for my shit, which I had a lot of. The bed was covered in a white duvet, I sat myself down on it to see how comfortable it was and it wasn't bad at all.

"So how do you like your room?" Esme said with a warm smile.

"It's great, no complaints." I felt like kicking myself when I said that, even if I did have complaints, I was lucky enough to even get my own room and for them to take me in.

"Good, dinner is in ten minutes so I'll leave you to get ready. Rosalie and Alice will be home soon, I know they can't wait to see you." She left the room and I was left confused, they couldn't wait to see me? Maybe they had changed after all?

I couldn't be bothered to unpack my stuff yet, I was still tired from the sedative I took. I went and sat at my window to look at the new town I was now going to live in.

All I saw was trees, trees and more trees. This place was nothing like where I used to live, it looked like there was hardly anything to do at all.

It was now dark outside and the full moon was out above, the sky looked so pretty. As I went to move from the window, something caught my eye. In the distance, there was what looked like a very old mansion on top of a hill. It was like something out of a horror movie and just looking at it from my window was enough to give me the creeps but I couldn't bring myself to look away, I was fascinated.

Esme shouted up to me for dinner and I broke off my stare at the house. I washed my hands in the bathroom and made my way downstairs. As I went to turn the corner into the dinning room, I could hear Rosalie and Alice whispering to each other.

"I'm dying to know what she looks like now, last time she looked like a librarian on crystal meth." Rosalie said and Alice burst out laughing.

I was wrong, they hadn't changed at all. They were still their old bitchy selves and I was becoming even more nervous. I was scared to walk round that corner into the dinning room, I didn't even feel like eating anymore.

"Bella? Dinner's ready hurry!" Esme shouted again and I knew I had to turn that corner sooner or later.

I sucked up some air, held my head up high and took my seat at the dinning table. Alice and Rosalie were sat opposite me with Carlise on the left end table and Esme on the right. I didn't bring myself to look at them, I could see at the corner of my eye that they were already eying me up and judging me before they even spoke to me.

I couldn't wait to get dinner out of the way, I was going to spend the rest of the night alone in my room so I didn't have to be near them.

Esme came out of the kitchen and placed our food onto the table but there was just one problem, she had served steak. Everyone started digging in but me and I was too shy to say something. I picked up my fork and began cutting the steak into little pieces so that it looked like I was attempting to eat it.

"Are you OK Bella?" Carlise asked me. "You haven't touched your food."

"Um... I'm a vegetarian..."

Rosalie and Alice dropped their forks onto the table and smirked at me. Esme looked at me stunned, I was pretty sure I told my mom to let them know this, obviously not.

"Oh... I'm sorry I didn't know that." Esme said.

I felt my cheeks burning, awkwardness filled the room and I felt like running away from them in a flash. All there eyes were on me and I just didn't know what to say or do.

"I'll make you a salad then, if that's alright?" Esme said, I sensed that she didn't really want to do this and I didn't want her to go out of her way for me considering she had already started eating.

"No, it's OK I'm not really hungry anyway. May I be excused?" And before any of them could answer, I ran up stairs up to my room and shut the door behind me.

I sat myself back to my window, why did I have to be so fucking awkward? Why couldn't everything just go smoothly? I had an instinct at the back of my mind from the moment before I rang the door bell that living here was going to get some used to.

I grabbed my ipod out of my back pack and put it to shuffle, the first song that came on was "Why does it always rain on me?" By Travis, it seemed very appropriate at the time.

Just when I thought I had the peace that I needed, I heard someone come in without knocking, it was Esme. I pulled my ipod out of my ears and looked at her apologetically, god knows what she must think of me now.

"I've brought you a veggie burger up, I'm not going to let you starve no matter how much you protest." She said placing the plate in my hands. "I know living here is going to be hard for you to get used to but I need you to feel like you can tell me things. Don't worry about the steak, I guess I should have known."

"No it's OK, I'm sorry for storming off like that, it was rude."

Esme smiled at me and went to walk out of the room but she turned around and said. "Looking forward to school tomorrow?"

"Yeah can't wait." I said trying my best to act enthusiastic.

"Don't worry, I'll tell Alice and Rosalie to look out for you." She then went out and shut the door behind her.

She really had no idea how much her daughters disliked me, I guess I wasn't cool enough for them. I wanted nothing more to be able to fit right in at school but I knew that was easier said than done.

I turned around and continued to stare out the window, particularly that old house on the hill.