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Hour Three: For the love of photo albums...

I sighed. There was no way that... I could love, let alone like the girl that insults, punches, slaps... practically ruins my life. It... it's just mathematically and virtually impossible.

I looked over to see Sam still tugging at the wires. She seemed so determined to start a fire or something, anything to keep her mind off sitting here with me in a closet.

This was getting boring. Sure the whole insult battle was fun, but- wait. Did I just say an insult battle, none the less aimed at me, was fun? Oy, I'm definitely losing my mind.

"Sam, this is boring."

"Your face is boring," she replied, not once looking up from the wires.

"Shut up," I retorted. Just then I spotted an old book, alone on a shelf. I was surprised I hadn't noticed it before, but whatever, at least it had the possibility of keeping me entertained.

"Hey, Sam, I found a-"

"I don't care."

Woah. Deja Vu much? I decided not to start another Sam & Freddie war, mainly because I wanted to check out what this book actually was. Maybe it was Carly's diary that had her secret love for me plastered on every page.

I began to laugh out loud so hard that my stomach began to ache. Sam gave me a "What the Hell are you laughing at, Benson?" look.

"N-nothing. It's over now."

"I didn't say anything, you Nub."

"I know, but you were thinking it."

Sam gave an exhausted sigh.

I smirked and turned my attention to the dusty old book in my hands.

As soon as I flipped to the first page, I swear, I almost died. This was a photo album that I guess Spencer or Carly had made. It had pictures of little versions of the three of us.

The first picture of Sam laughing at me when I was forced to wear three layers of clothing on our day at the beach. Carly was just fooling around in the sand, and I looked like I wanted to die. Suddenly I felt lucky. My mom only makes me wear one layer of clothing to the beach now, and I could go alone. Then again, I'm forced to pack water proof everything, sun and cloud block, not to mention, I have like ten pairs of underwear and a sewing kit. That's my mother for you, I guess.

The second picture was of Sam... giving me my first wedgie. I remember that day.

Carly had bought a new camera and Sam wanted to get "A picture she'd never forget." Well, I hadn't forgotten that day, so I guess she made that work out in her favour.

I flipped through pages of Carly, Sam, and myself. Until that one... that annoying picture that pushed forward some emotions that I wished I never had.

Sam. It was just Sam, fourteen years old, just one year younger than she is today. Sam was forced to wear a dress for the first time ever. She looked so pissed off in the picture.

The dress kind of flowed around her body... I hated to think about her like she was some kind of girl, but then I realized something. As I took in a different Sam, I realized the whole heart racing, sweating like a pig thing was no fluke. I was seriously starting to crush on the girl who enjoyed pummelling me into the ground.

Well, great. I now realize something that could kill me if I ever let it slip. I mean, it's weird though, Sam was my first kiss. She let me kiss her, so what does that say about her feelings towards me?

"Hey, Sam, check out this picture..." I decided to test my theory, if you could even call it a theory.

Sam cautiously looked up to find me holding a book in my hands.

"Whatcha got there, Benson?" Sam stood up, smoothed out her signature layered look, and sauntered over to me.

"A photo album..."

Sam snatched the album from me and briefly glanced down at the picture.


"I...it's a nice picture of you... that's all."

Sam's face softned a little bit.

"W-well stop looking at this thing." Holy crap, Sam was flustered.

"Sam... why can't I look at this?"

"Why would you want to, you creep?"

"No reason..." I turned away. Maybe I was wrong about this whole thing.

"Freddie... what's going on..."

I sighed. Maybe I should just let her know. I mean what's the worst she could do, kill me? Oh... wait... she could kill me.

Well, my mind was made up, I didn't care what she thought, I didn't.

I stood up to face Sam directly. Here goes nothing.

"What are you doing, Ben-"

Sam was cut off my lips pressed against hers. My stomach fluttered, I felt woosy, I wanted to barf. It was the best feeling in the world.

It kind of felt like Sam was kissing back, and not to mention she wasn't pulling away either. Suddenly the door opened.

Carly stood in front of us, pretty much gobsmacked. An embarrased and flushed Sam switched her view to Carly, then me, back to Carly.

She bolted out the door and ran to God knows where.

"Uh... Freddie?"


"You are such an idiot."

"What? Why?!"

"Well for one, you just let her go, stupid! And two... the door was unlocked the entire time."


"I wouldn't lock you in a closet with Sam... but I'm glad I unlocked you in a closet with her." Carly was smiling a little too big.

"Spencer said-"

"Spencer didn't lock you in the closet... he just shut the door. Did you even try to unlock it?"

'N-no. Damn. I could have avoided this whole thing."

"I knew you liked her, it was you who had to realize it. Of course, I wasn't expecting Sam to like you back, but since your were both pretty much into that kiss, I guess she does."

I suddenly grew aware of the fact that Sam had just run away, and I'd let her leave.

"Hey, I have to go, I'll catch you later."

I ran down the stairs, about to open the door to leave, when I realized I just flew past Sam, eating cereal mixed with root beer on the couch.


"Mmm? Oh, hey, check this out, it's a twelve day girly cow marathon!"

"Uh... why are you here?"

"Where else would I be?"

"I was thinking the fire escape... to think or something."

"Think about what? Why there should be food on the fire escape, I don't think so. Though there should be."

I was baffled.

"Why are you here though?"

"For the free food and television... duh."

I took a step away from the door and looked around. Okay... was I just imagining things? Was this entire day like a dream or something?


"Yes, Fredward, you kissed me, it isn't a dream, and shut up, please, I'm watching T.V."

Okay, weird how she enters my brain like that...

I took a seat next to Sam.

"So... you aren't going to kill me?"

"No... and there is no way you can kill me, so we're safe... of course I was always safe..."

"So... what now?"

"Want to watch girly cow?"

"Not really..."

"Then I have no use for you, be gone." Sam pushed me out the door and slammed it shut.

I stood outside the door, confused. I had no idea what to do next, so I walked to the front of my door. As soon as I was about to open it, Sam opened the door and pinned me against the wall.

She pressed her lips to mine, roughly and agressively. When she stopped, she looked at me, smiled, and punched me in the stomach.

"We're going on a date tomorrow. Groovie smoothies, seven o'clock. Be late, and you'll never live to see the light of day again. Oh, and not to mention, you're paying."

Sam walked back into the Shay's apartment and I stood, still frozen against the wall, grinning like an idiot.

This relationship was going to be... interesting... to say the least.