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Italic = Takagi's thoughts

Bolded Italic = Satou's thoughts

Underlined Italic= Narrator


It was just another day at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Headquarters, the last few weeks had been strangely calm murder wise, which could only mean one thing, something much grander was on the way…

As the day started the officers easily fell into their routines, Takagi being awkward around Satou, Satou trying focus on her work, Shiratori focusing on Satou and so forth… then a familiar call came in, setting forth a chain of events that would change everything…

Takagi looked up from his desk and let out a sigh of relief, he looked down at the stack of paperwork which he had just conquered with satisfaction.

Ha! It's finally done, now I've got time to talk to Satou…

He straighten the pile and moved his glance to Shiratori's desk where a mountain of paperwork lay menacingly, Shiratori's eyes locked with Takagi's for a second, just long enough for him to read his 's a little jealous, that's what he gets for taking the time this morning to make a move on Satou…

Takagi was beaming at his triumph, today he was the victor of their not-so-secret war, Takagi returned his attention to the pile of papers he held in his hands. He got up and moved quickly to file the papers and claim his "prize", but just a little too quickly. Unfortunately for Takagi he overlooked one detail that foiled his plans, one detail that had too often in the past had come between him and his dignity, to make it to the filing room, he had to pass by Shiratori's desk. And as fast as Takagi was off, he was face down on the floor, leaving the papers scattered across the floor and Shiratori snickering like a victorious school yard bully.

Damn it! Why do I always fall for that stupid prank!

As the other officers started laughing, Satou turned her attention to the scene, one she had seen too often. And just like always she got up to help her poor friend out of this ever occurring jam. She kneeled down and started to pick up the papers, her eyes found Takagi's as a smile graced her face.

"You know you should be more careful you silly klutz…" she said with a pinch of humor

Takagi started to blush

"Yeah, well…"

"She's right, it's wise to be aware of one's own… limits…" interrupted Shiratori.

The statement served to confound Satou…Limits?

Takagi shot Shiratori a glare but soon found his sights set back on the papers showered across the floor.

Great, it'll take me forever to resort all this, and I made a fool of myself, well… a fool was made out of me, in front of Satou! What else can happen…

Just then Inspector Meguire quickly made his way toward the small group, grimacing at the site of Takagi's "accident". His face quickly stiffen as he moved his gaze towards the other two detectives.

"Ok boys a stiff just made an apperance at a local restarant and we've been invitvd. I want Satou-san and Shiratori-kun with me, Takagi-kun... stay here and clean up your mess... lets move!"

Satou and Shiratori rose up into salutes, then swiftly followed Meguire, leaving Takagi slumped over his papers still littering the floor and Satou's stack left by his hand.

Of course, THAT could happen...

Soon after the officers found themselves at yet another all to familiar scene, one of cold blooded murder. But oddly enough, this scene seemed... different.

Strange, it feels as if something's missing or out of place... but what?

The scene itself was centered in a new aged restaurant named "Kamikaze" and it seemed streight forward as well, a middle aged woman of foreign ancestry was lying face first on her table, the blood leaking from her shattered skull dying the beige tablecloth.

Shot to death, at least it was a fast death...

Satou started to make her way in closer to the scene when she heard something that put her mind into high gear.

"Oh no! Not you again!"

Her head quickly turned towards the direction of the statement, and found just what she had been hoping for.

"Ah, Mouri-san, Ran-chan, find yourselves at yet another murder I see, but where's little Conan-kun?" Satou said as plainly as she could, looking around for the boy.

"He's off with friends for the day, so me and dad decided to go out for lunch without him..." Ran responded.


"What does that little freeloader have to do with this anyway, ley him play with his little friends as I, the great Mouri Kogoro, solve this case in no time!"

Korogo started his signature laugh, as full of pride as ever, the action lead Ran to fluster in embarrassment.

And that Kogoro is where you are wrong, that boy, that boy can find clues and piece together scenes with knowledge far beyond his years, and if you were such a great detective you would have seem that by now, so what is it, what is it that makes you so great, because it's NOT your brain... whatever it is, I'll find out...

Kogoro finally stopped his fit of laughter and made his way towards the scene of the crime, he quicklyglanced over the corpse as Meguire read off the details.

"The victim's name was Smith Kylie, a 36 yea..."

"Smith Kylie, that's a strange name."

"Well, in keeping with her nationality as an American, her name would read Kylie Smith."

"Oh, she's an American..."

"Yes, now as I was saying, Kylie Smith a 36 year old business woman here on behalf of her company, according to witnesses she was just sitting here waiting for her food when BANG! She goes down."

"Any of the dinners know her?"

"Yeah, those three over their are from the same company."

"They ate at seperate tables?"

"Apparently she was the loner type, didn't really socialize much."

"Still, very strange."

"All three were sitting at the same table, and the table, and the table lines up perfectly with the shot, it has to be one of them."

Meguire motioned his hand toward three waiting gentalmen at the edge of the scene, each screamed of being everyday business men. The first was an average sized fellow with casual brown hair and a well tailored grey suit, the second was a tall lean man in a simple navy suit and shaggy blond hair and the last man was smaller, dressed in an overly expensive black suit and his jet black hair slicked back.

Someone tries to hard...

Satou joined in as the others made they're way towards there three best suspects. As they were questioned one thing seemed to be made clear, that none of them knew a thing about the crime.

She looked at the gent's table where the placements of each of the suspects was clearly marked, trying to make some sence of it in her mind.

Let's see, no that's not right, lets see, each was in a good postion to have fired the shot, but how'd they do it without alerting the others... unless they're all in on it... no, only as a last option... there has to be something missing...maybe...

Satou bent down to examine the legs of the table and chairs, while focusing on the task at hand, Shiratori came up behind her, enjoying his new view of Satou.

"Well, find anything intrusting down there?"

"Shiratori!" exclaimed Satou, slamming her head into the underside of the table from shock.

Was he just!

"Satou-san! Be carfeful over their!" yelled Meguire from across the scene.

"Yes sir..." she called back, her heart still racing.

"So..." continued Shiratori, "I've still got those reservations for tonight, my offer still stands..."

"And for the last time, no."

"Come on, just this once, I guarantee you'll want more..."

Shiratori started moving closer and closer to satou, and the closer he gotthe faster her heart raced, not from desire, but from repulsion.

Is he for real!

"Look Shiratori, " replied Satou, pushing away Shiratori away, "I said NO! Now I've got work to do and so do you!"

Shiratori's face slowly shifted from that of lust to spite, his eyes glowed with determination and greed for the woman in front of him, but at once it disappeared, she watched as his poker face snapped into place as he turned and walked the other way.

satou raised her head high in victory against her suitor.

He's got some gull... ack!

The sudden movement boldly reminded her of the knock on her head. As she raised her hand to cradle the pain she feltsomethink stuck in her hair, she brought her hand in front of her face to identify the substance. Her smile instantly grew wide.

Yes, a clue!

She took a clean white handkerchief from her supplies and cleaned off the gunk before she took a sample for the official evidence. She finished and looked up to see Kogoro walking towards her, most likely to take a look of the table himself.

That's right, lets see how good you really are, this scene is so clean cut someone with HALF a brain could solve it in no time, I've almost done so at least…

She picked herself up to allow Kogoro full access to the table, she started to repack her supplies as she keep one eye on him at all times. Kogoro examined the top of the table extensively, as if all the answers would be written somewhere on it's surface. He then moved his sights to the sides of the tablecloth for a second, then started making his way back to where the suspects were standing.

Wait… what?

"Kogoro-kun, aren't you forgetting something, like the underside of the table maybe?" said Satou sarcastically

"There's no point, if the gun had been fired from under the table there would be a tear where the bullet had gone through, and it would be to obvious to lift the tablecloth to fire, or to be under the table when the shot went off… no, we just have to wait to see which of our guys has a positive residue test."


"But nothing…"

Kogoro continued his waltz back over to the suspects, his head held high and his smile too cocky.

Are you kidding me! If Conan where here I know he would have taken a sneak peak at the und… why am I thinking of what Conan would do…

Satou's thoughts were interrupted by the forensics department reporting back the results of the residue tests, and of course by the disbelief of Kogoro.

"WHAT! They all came back negative!"

"Yes sir, all three suspects came back negative."

"And there's still no sign of the bullet?"

"No sir, the corner's officer believes the bullets still in her head, but we'll have to wait for an autopsy to confirm."

"Must have been one small bullet, damn it!"

Satou couldn't help but smile, this only helped to strengthen her reasoning, but there was still pieces missing, the bits of evidence that would cement her deduction in place. She let her eye wander from place to place trying to find clues with no luck.

Come on, there can't be to many places to hide evidence in here, and yet…


Everyone at the crime scene quickly turn there head's toward the source of the scream, a young lady who was watching the investigation from behind the crime scene tape, a small snub-nosed gun laid in her hands.

"I, I don't know how this got in my bag, it's, it's not mine, I didn't do this, oh god I DIDDN'T DO THIS!" She stood rambling before collapsing onto the ground crying hysterically.

A young officer made his way over to the young lady, "Maim, would you please come this way with me."

"But, but I didn't…" she said between her sobs.

"It's just to ask a few questions that's all."

"O-Ok then…"

The officer helped her to her feet and guided her toward Meguire and the others. Slowly, Satou moved to join them, her smile almost as wide as Kogoro's.

Just as I thought, now all I need is one more thing and all the pieces will be in place, lets see what our detective will make of all this…

Satou moved to talked to another officer as the woman started to give her testimony, after claming down enough to think clearly that is.

"I was just here for lunch, well actually…"

"Yes" questioned Meguire.

"I was here to test this place out for a friend, he wants propose to his girlfriend here and asked me to check it out for him, not really important to this case now is it…"

"No, guess it isn't"

"Anyway, I was waiting for my food when all of the sudden I herd a gunshot and screaming, and when I turned… I s-saw…"

The woman again started to break down in front of Meguire, she was then taken back to the edge of the crime scene to calm down again, when Korogo in his normal fashion, called forth for the start of his deduction show.

"Just hold on for a second, miss…"


"Sazu-san, wouldn't you like to see the face of the one who did this?"

"Wait! D-Do you know who's done this?" Asked Meguire

"Yes, yes I do"

We'll just see about that…

"Or should I let you explain" He lifted his arm to point out the culprit, letting fall towards his target, "Sazu-san!"

You've got to be kidding me, has he…!

The accusation was enough to break Sazu of her breakdown, she quickly recovered her composer and was set to lay into Kogoro.

"You can't be serious, how on earth could I be the killer, would I have been so stupid as to keep the gun that was used and to alert the police that I had it if I was the killer, who are you anyway, no way you're a policeman?"

"She's got a point Mouri-kun." retorted Meguire.

"Mouri? But that's, then your!"

"Yes, I am the world- famous detective, Mouri Kogoro!" finishing again with his trademarked laugh.

How does Ran put up with him…

"But Mouri-kun, the bullet came from that direction, that table… how could she have fired it from over there," pointing towards that table she had been sitting at, "isn't more likely that the culprit disposed of the gun in her bag?"

"Well… um, I guess that's true…"

"You guess! What kind of detective are you, accusing innocent people like that, you should be ashamed of yourself, how many other innocent people have been sent away by you I wonder?" yelled Sazu, slowly backing Mouri to the wall.

"Well… um, you see…"

Mouri being chewed out, him stuttering after a horrible first deduction, me wanting to laugh my head off… ok according to Takagi's reports it should be happening right about… now… ok… anytime now… wait a minute…

Satou watched on, waiting for the start of his deduction show, but as Sazu backed off of Kogoro, Satou realized the truth,

He's not falling asleep… but why, what's missing this time?

Meguire continued his questioning of Sazu-san, but Satou didn't hear a word, she was too busy studying Kogoro.

What is it, what is it, nothing appears to be different about him, heck HE doesn't either judging from that last show… what is it… wait… no… it couldn't be, could it?

Satou was deep in thought, trying to remember the reports she had read and the one case she had seen with the Sleeping Kogoro, trying to remember one detail that she feared she had overlooked time and time again.

Where was he during all these shows, why I'm I thinking of that! No way, but it's the only thing that makes since… but it doesn't make since! I mean, yeah he's smart but…

"Can we go now!"

Satou was broken out of her train of thought by one of the businessmen, who was eager to leave the crime scene.

"Some of us have more important things to do than stare at a corpse you know."

Crap, can't let that happen… looks like it's all on me, but I'm still missing that detail, oh well… I hope I'm right…

Meguire keep quite, trying with all his might to come up with some way to keep his suspects from leaving, he was about to give in when Satou spoke up.

"Well, if you don't want to stare down a corpse, how about we stare down a murderer instead…"

"Satou, have you figured something out?"

"Yes inspector, I think I have this case figured out."

The businessmen were again restless.

"Well!" One of them shouted, "Who did it!"

Satou took a moment to breath, she had been so used being a supportive role in most deductions like this, she never expected this much pressure from leading the show.

"It was…" Satou gather herself, raising her hand, "You!"

The group stood stunned, she was pointing towards Sazu.

"What! How many of you are going to accuse me, I didn't kill her!"

Meguire frowned at Satou, "Satou-san, you feeling alright, didn't we just say she couldn't have fired it from her table."

"Ah, but inspector, was she at the table at the time?"


"Sazu-san, were you at your table at the time of the crime?"

Sazu's breathing became heavy' "Yes I was."

"Sazu-san, did you know this restaurant has a security system?"

"What does that have to do with this case."

Satou's gaze intensified, "Because that system includes a single camera meant to cover the cash register, it didn't cover the suspect table, but it dose cover your front table…"

The color drained from Sazu's face, as she searched for words to reply to the officer, a second one came form behind.

"Satou-san!" the young officer stopped and saluted in front of Satou, "We reviewed the tape as you requested, the suspect in question was not in her seat at the time of the crime."

"Well Sazu-san, care to explain where you were?"

But Sazu didn't answer, she just stood there, pale as a ghost, staring at the camera, her expression broke from fear, to defeat.

"Damn camera. If it wasn't for you, it would have all worked out so well," she turned her gaze towards one of the businessmen, the one entirely in black, "and you would have finally paid your dues." Her speech and gaze filled with venom towards the man.

Meguire and the rest stood stunned, "Wait, then that means."

"Yeah that's right," picked up Sazu, "I killed her, all in hopes to see that man take the fall." Her gaze never left the man, "But once again, you've dodged the bullet."

Satou was keeping her distance, she'd learned the hard way that suspects can get violent once they had been uncovered, "What are you talking about Sazu-san?"

"That man made my best friend take her life!"

Satou felt her eyes widen.

"He and the people he works for were blackmailing her, forcing her to give them computer programs from the software company she worked for. I don't know how they threatened her, but she refused to call the police about it. One day she called me hysterical, they apparently asked for too much. I went to try and calm her down, and found her hanging in her apartment!"

By this time the room had gone into a state of shock.

"I went in to call 911, after talking to the operator I just stood there, trying to process what happened, then I half turned the corner to see him, standing their, just staring at her, so I hid from his sight and watched as he pulled out a phone, he let it ring and the only thing I heard was "We have a problem" as he walked away! I told the police, but they found nothing, and that man walked!"

And with her last statement she fell to the ground, her eyes welling up with tears, "I'm sorry Kendra, I failed to stop him." She let the full emotional shock take hold, and wept.

The man under accusation however only stood and watched, he's face never flinching, emotion never making it's way through, "Well, she's confessed, now may we leave."

Satou did her best to not let her disbelief show on her face.

He's far to calm about all this, could it be her story is true…

"Hold on," replied Meguire, "You've just been accused of a major crime."

"One I was already cleared of in America."

"Fine, but we still need to make sure and get a statement from you, so you'll need to come downtown with us."

"Just make it fast, I have a plane to catch tonight."

Two officers came to take Sazu away, the woman looked up at Satou through her tear stained eyes, "It's not only him, there's a entire group just as sick as he is, please… don't let them win…"

Satou couldn't force herself to speak as the two officers took her away. Satou merely watched, unsure of what to think.

That's when the feeling took hold.

She couldn't describe it as anything short of evil, the weight of it alone was enough to scare her, it was as if every cell in her body was screaming for her to run.

The trance the feeling had put her in was broken with a hard pat on the back from Meguire, "Great job Satou-san! We just got back the residue tests from Sazu-san and they cemented her confession. Hey you alright, you don't look so good?"

Satou mentally flinched at the question, "Uh, yeah I'm fine, just tired I guess… she just, she just didn't feel like a killer."

Meguire dropped his inspector's gaze for a moment, "Yeah, she gave in far to fast, seems she's been broken for a while now. But nothing can be done now."

"I guess your right."

"So, how'd it feel to catch her your self?"

"Well, it was an experience, and it felt good to lead the show for once."

Meguire smiled, "And you beat Mouri-san as well, 'bout time we beat him to a deduction." his look mimicked one a proud father would give his daughter.

This made Satou's face perk up, she had forgotten to watch Kogoro during her deduction, she looked over to see him brooding in a corner, mumbling something about Satou-san stealing his show.

Can't steal what you never had… but does that mean…

She found her mind doing laps, nothing else seemed to make since, but then again what she was thinking went against common since itself. The more she thought about it, the more confused she got. So she decided to push the issue to the back of her mind, to worry about it later and to focus on the case at hand now. At least later she could have some help.

Maybe Takagi will have an idea about this.

She turned to follow Meguire out to the squad cars when she felt herself turn again for one final look at Kogoro.

But could it really be, could Conan really be the force behind Kogoro?

Beyond the crowd of onlookers, hidden in the shadows of two buildings stood two men, cloaked in black like the ravens that flew overhead. The first one lowered his black fedora to better hide his face.

"It truly amazes me how calm Rum acted in there eh, aniki?"

"He had been watched, and almost exposed by this woman, incompetence like that can not be tolerated." the second figure raised his head to reveal the cold murderous eyes behind his long blond hair.

"Right, so you want him taken out tonight?"

"No, after that case, his death in Japan would bring about to much attention from the police, wait till he arrives back in the US."

"Alright I'll take care of both him and the woman." The first man turned to walk away when the second man spoke up again.

"And Vodka."

"Yes aniki?"

"I want someone to watch that one officer that gave the deduction for a while."

"As you say aniki."

Vodka again turned and walked away to fulfill his orders, leaving the man he referred to as aniki watching as Rum was taken away via cop car and the officer he had referred to earlier took off in the same direction in her strange sporty version of a cop car.

"She might cause us trouble, might." his sinister smile widened as he followed the example of Vodka before him and disappeared into the shadows.