Collection Denied

Ulquiorra gazed around the night-time landscape. Aizen had him on yet another mission. Tilting his head up, he felt a shock of reiatsu. It was just a small burst, barely noticeable if he hadn't paid attention, but it was what he was looking for.

Ichigo and his team were still trapped in Las Noches. This made it a perfect time to invade. Ulquiorra began to track down his targets. There was one Aizen was particularly interested in. He was told she would be in a clinic of sorts. Another in that clinic was also to be taken. Any others that Ulquiorra could find with even a speck of reiatsu would be wanted as well. They would be brainwashed and used to help in the upcoming war…as humans with Hogyoku-induced Hollow powers.

Ulquiorra found the clinic with ease. Trying to be stealthy, he used a small cero to blast away the door lock, causing the door to swing loosely on its hinges. Up the stairs he went, tracking the reiatsu. At the end of his quest, he was greeted with the sight of two sleeping girls. He stood over them, ready to capture, when a cool blade was pressed against his neck.

"Step away from them," a man's voice ordered. Ulquiorra turned to see a Shinigami standing directly behind him. The man had a captain's level reiatsu.

"You could not defeat me," Ulquiorra informed. "I am an Arrancar---an Espada, no less---and you are nothing but a Shinigami."

"Are you sure about that?" Isshin Kurosaki asked, spiking his reiatsu. He made sure to keep it directed at Ulquiorra so as not to wake his daughters. What fascinated Ulquiorra was the feel of it. It felt so much like another reiatsu he had come into contact with before. Both had an unpredictable and uncontrolled edge to them. Sharp as a sword. Yet, something about it seemed twisted and wrong. Dsitorted.

"Ignore Aizen's orders, Ulquiorra," Isshin demanded, surprising the Espada since this man was never told his name. "Leave. Or, if you feel inclined to stay, you could always fight against Aizen. Doesn't it bother you the way he uses you? Uses all of the Arrancar? Wouldn't it be more fulfilling to fight back and be liberated?"

Ulquiorra scoffed. "Trash, do you believe I would do such a thing? You are a fool if you do." He turned to where he'd seen the girls, only to find them gone. Their reiatsu lingered, but the source of it had disappeared. Forcing back a glare, he looked to the Shinigami. He was not there either.

Inwardly frustrated, Ulquiorra left the house. No matter. They could not hide forever. In the meantime, there were two others who he sensed.

Tatsuki Arisawa and Keigo Asano had no idea what was coming for them.

And Ulquiorra had no idea that this encounter was not the last he would see of Isshin Kurosaki.


Disclaimer: My name isn't Kubo Tite.

Written because there are currently no fic starring Ulquiorra and Isshin. Although, the pair amuse me, so I might eventually write another one. It'll be funnier, though. I think this one was more so just for there to be one.