Disclaimer; I do NOT own yu-gi-oh, If I did; there would be yaoi pairings, Mokuba would be older and Rebbecca wouldn't exist.

Rated; M due to a........lemon scene

Pairings; Puppyshipping! And some, sibling, puzzle and Tendershipping

Sum; Seto the BEWD (blue-eyes-white-dragon) is searching for a mate, but finds a rather.........Aggressive candidate, in form of the bold REBD (red-eyes-black-dragon) named Katsuya. Will he be able to win his love?


Seto sighed and watched the sun set pass the mountains, he again searched for a mate, but was still unsuccesful. Not just a mate for eggs or mating, but a soul mate who would understand him and love him for him, but there weren't many dragons like that, and most in the land already had mates.

Seto was a rather large dragon with white scales that strangly glowed pale blue, his eyes were a mysic shade of slightly dark blue, his large glaws on his massive talons were also white, and his wings were spiky-tipped.

"What ails you, Seto?" asked a shill, gentle voice, Seto turned and smiled; it was his younger brother, Mokuba.

Mokuba was a blue-gray dragon with white stripes on his flank, and silver eyes, along with the same build as Seto, only he was very young and small for his age.

"It's none of you're concern, Mokie" Mokuba pouted, "Wait, this is about finding a mate, isn't it?", Seto sighed again and wrapped his tail aroung the other. "You know me so well, little brother, I wish I could have found a mate like you and our cousins" he complianed, Mokuba playfully smacked him on the hide. "Shizuka and I are still too young for eggs though" Mokuba sighed dreamily, thinking of his beautiful mate.

Shizuka was his mate, she was a ruby-red dragon who was a tad bit older than Mokuba, she had long, slender wings, emerald green eyes, black stripes on her flank, long tail, and 3 black spots under her left eye.

"No need to be jealous of us, Seto" a voice said before landing next to Mokuba, while another landed next to Seto. The owner of the voice was Seto's coisin Yami a large tr-colored dragon. He was almost as large as Seto but not quite, his hide was magenta, his head was gold while the rest of him was dazzling dark green, but on his wings were golden lightinig bolt shaped markings and his eyes were crimson.

The one who was next to Mokuba was their other cousin Bakura, he was a dark green dragon with black eyes and short broad wings. He always has mischief in his eyes and smirk on his face.

Seto scowled "I am NOT jealous, Yami, I just can't believe you 3 got a mate before me" it was true, Yami and Bakura both had mates as well. Yami's mate was Yugi a small dragon that was the same age but was the runt of his litter so he was half his size, he was a smaller version of Yami only with larger, innocent amethyst eyes that glittered with kindness. Bakura's mate was Ryou, a slightly petite pale green dragon with white eyes.

"Seto, I hear a new dragon just made resident in this valley, why not check it out?" Bakura suggested, Seto raised a scaley brow "Male or female?" Bakura shrugged "I heard that it attacked anything that challenged it, so anyone who had seen him or her forgot because their injuries caused memory loss. One did, say, however that it was a good-looking one, and must've been exotic due to how different it looked"

Now Seto was interested "Where in the valley" Bakura pointed South and before any could say antything Seto was off.


Seto landed next to the star-pool, the pool of water that reflected only the night sky and was sacred to the valley. He sighed, he couldn't find any new dragon, and he knew every dragon in the valley "Damn" he said aloud "I guess I'll be mate-less the rest of my life" "I wouldn't say that" said a new voice that reminded Seto of his mother.

"Who's there!?" he growled, but heard a giggle in response, hearing a rustle of bushes, he turned to the bushes and saw a older, female dragon come out. She wasn't near as large as him, she was dark blue almost black, with white specks all over her and moon-gray eyes. She said "I am Isis, a dragon who can see into the future, and tonight you will find you're mate" and walked away.

Seto chased after her "Wait! What do you mean!? Who is my mate?!" he yelled but she seemed to disappear, but he bumped into something, blue locked with crimson red.

He had bumped into a dragon, but Seto was shocked at it. It was a male dragon the same size of him, with pure black scales, large slender, slightly broad wings, crimson red eyes that reminded Seto of blood, large back claws on massive paw-like talons, tall tail, rectangle head and scowl on face.

Seto's heart raced, he felt warmer and his aadrenilen was higher, this should sound uncomfortable but Seto never felt more at bliss. He knew what this was; he had fallen in love?!


K-G-D: What do ya guys think?! IS IT GOOD?!

Seto; I think it's total crap! You make me sound like a mushy pansy! And anyone could guess that, the REBD is Joey!!!!!!

K-G-D: Calm down! Geez, anyhow, you are right it is Katsuya, in this one I am useing japanese names.


K-G-D: *Inocent look* What if I say, you get action, with Katsuya later on, and you're the seme?

Seto: *Smirk* I like this story then.

Katsuya: I.......don't like the way Kaiba is looking at me *edges away*

Seto: *grabs him by the waist* Why puppy, call me 'Seto'


K-G-D: *Smirk* Sure, *points to a soundproof room*

Seto: *Holds Katsuya bridal style* C'mon Mutt, I wanna have some fun with you *carries the blushing blond to the room*


K-G-D: Ahh, young love, now Ima go work on the next chapter now-

Katsuya: KAIBA! STOP!!!!!! STOP!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! *Strangled moan afterwords*

K-G-D: You forgot to close the door!