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CH 23

B pov

The last 2 weeks had been pretty quite compared to how chaotic life had been before with, what with Victoria coming after me, the change, and running into and having several people from my humane life pop up and become involved in my new life.

I had spent the last two weeks getting to know my new family better, and still adjusting somewhat to this new life, a large part of me still regretted leaving Charlie and Renee the way I had and currently Edward and Alice where helping to plan a way to say some sort of proper good bye to my parents.

"I know I got it, what if I write a letter to each of them and I can ask Ducky or Gibbs to deliver the letters to them saying that the letter had been found among my stuff at my apartment?"

I looked at Edward to see what he would think of this plan, he was slowly nodding his head, most likely going over all the possibilities in his head, next I looked over at Alice, she had a blank expression on her face seeing if this would work, the rest of the Cullen's had gone hunting so it was the three of at the house right now.

When Alice came back to the present she nodded at me, "As far as I can see that plan should work, but it is still a little fuzzy"

All of the sudden an improved idea to the current plan came to me, "What if I wrote the letters then left them in my apartment for my parents to find?, I know that they haven't been there yet"

The plus side of this plan would be that I would get the chance to see my apartment one last time and to gather a few personal items, hmm perhaps I could convince Edward to let me hang around outside the apartment to catch one last look at my parents?

Alice was checking the future again and Edward was reading her mind getting the first hand information of what would happen, Edward turned and looked down at me, because I had been snuggled up next me with my head laying on his shoulder.

"Are sure you can handle seeing them without talking to them love?"

"Yes, I just really need one last chance to see them so that I can have a clear memory of their faces to always have in my mind"

"ok well Alice does not see anything going wrong so lets give it a try"

I threw my arms around Edward first "Thank you Thank you" I said.

Next I hugged Alice "Your such a great sister, thank you Alice"

I was so happy at how things were going to work out so far, while I would be sad to see my parents for the last time, at least I would have the chance to see them.

I already knew that Gibbs had decided to wait a few weeks before declaring me dead and closing my case, Tony and McGee I knew would not have it any other way in the end, he was going to make the final decision and announcement tomorrow, so I knew I did not have long to write the letter, my parents would be here with in hours.

Even though they had both been down here in the beginning Gibbs had insisted that they both go home until they had further information to give them, and at the time they had not been allowed in my apartment as it was a part of the investigation at the time.

I was so excited for this that rushed upstairs to the room that Edward and I were sharing to start the letters to my parents, when I entered the room I was reminded of the fact that while I knew Edward and I would be together for the rest of eternity, we had not really talked about our future as of yet.

I pushed that thought to the back of my mind for the moment I had a slightly more important issue to take of right now, I rushed to the desk and began writing the letters I knew exactly what I wanted to say.

An hour or so later Edward wandered into the room to see how I was doing "How is it the letter writing going love?"

"great in fact I'm almost done"

Edward came up behind me, and I let him read the letter over my shoulder, I was just putting the final touches on the letter to Charlie, after quickly reading over them Edward looked at me. "Nice very touching" Edward said.

I was glad that Edward approved of them.

During this time the rest of the family had returned home and had been appraised of the situation, and they had all approved as long as I could in fact manage to keep myself hidden from my parents.

After I had finished the letters I was anxious to get them in place at my former apartment, but as luck would have it the sun was shinning in the morning therefore we were unable to leave the house for a while.

At 11:30am the phone rang it was Gibbs. He was calling to let me know that he had made the announcement that he was closing my case and declaring me dead. He had called my parents himself to break the news to them.

"how did they take it?" I asked Gibbs

"quite well considering I just told them that their only daughter was dead"

"when will they be arriving?"

"Your father said that he would get the first flight here that he could, your mother said the same thing."

"Ok thanks Gibbs, by the way I will be leaving them each a letter in my apartment for them to find, I figured I would let you know"

"thanks for the warning"

After that we hung up, I turned to find Edward just behind me, "When can we get these letters placed?"

"Alice says that the sun will be covered in the next hour or so, so as soon as it is covered we will leave ok"


A little over an hour later the sun was once again covered by clouds, of course Edward was going with me, and in the end Rosalie also volunteered to go with us, it was only going to be the three of us, the fewer of the went the better we could hide from my parents.

We took Edward new Volvo, now this brought back some memories for me, and while they were murky they were all good.

Faster then I thought was possible we were parked across the street from my apartment building, I was wearing a hat and dark glasses incase anybody were to look to close at me, Edward and Rosalie were ok, if anybody from the building recognized them they would just assume that they were there to say their final good byes to me.

We entered the building with Edward and Rosalie on either side of me in case I did for some odd reason lose control, you never knew what with how emotional I was at the moment.

We took the elevator up to my apartment, it was kind of sad that this would be the last time I would ever see this place again, but I did have a new home to look forward to, and a wonderful family to be apart of as well, that would help me through this tough time.

There was still crime tape across the door, but we got around that with ease, my apartment of course had been gone through by a lab team, and since it had not been cleaned up from when Victoria had ransacked the place, it was none to clean at the moment.

I had decided to leave the letter in the desk in my bedroom, but I wanted to take my time to walk through the apartment one last time, along the way I collected a few personal items that I wanted to keep and I was sure would not be missed if I took them.

Edward and Rosalie followed behind me letting me do this on my own but still close by for support, they were both just as quite as I was, I just did not feel the need for words at the moment, the silence seemed the most fitting to the moment.

We finally reached my room, which was the least damaged surprisingly, I walked over to the window where my desk rested under, I opened the top drawer and placed the letters in the back of the drawer, not to obvious but they could not miss them there.

I collected a few more books and little things in here as well, we walked slowly back to the front door and I looked around my old home one last time before turning to the door and slipping around the crime scene tape one last time.

We made our way back down to the lobby, and out the front door, we walked to an outdoor café across the street and sat down for a moment. "Edward do you know when my parents will be here?"

"Alice told me that they will be here later this evening"

"Ok so we have some time to wait then"

"Yes, how about we take this stuff back to the car, and wait there?"

"that sounds good"

Edward wrapped an arm around my waist as we walked back to the car, we got and waited for a while, Edward phone range a few hours later, it was Alice.

"Bella's parents were able to get earlier flights they are already in town, they will be arriving at her apartment in an hour"

"Ok thank you for letting us know"

Of course we had all heard the conversation so there was no need to repeat it, another plus for being a vampire.

We waited in the car for a few more minutes then decided to head back towards the building, we would be hiding in an alley across the street it gave us the best view of my parents coming and going.

True to what Alice said my parents pulled up in a cab an hour later, they both got out and stood on the sidewalk out front for a few minutes, they both looked totally heart broken, that was wall I saw before they walked into the building, but it was enough to make me want to cry, but I didn't know how to in this body yet.

Instead Edward sensing that I was upset pulled me into a tight hug, I also felt Rosalie's hand on my back both trying to comfort me.

My parents were only upstairs for two hours, when they came back down Charlie was carrying a box of my things, but I could see that they were both holding on to the letters I had written to them, they also looked just a little less sad at the moment, they hailed down another cab that was passing by, and quickly got in and then were gone, I had seen my parents for the last time, but at least I had seen some relief on their faces and that would have to do for me.

We waited in the alley for a few more minutes then left ourselves, I would not risk attending my own funeral and in the end I guess that was a good thing.

After we got back to the house I went upstairs to mine and Edward room and laid down on the bed there, it was at this moment that I wished that I could still sleep, to escape for a few hours would have been great, instead I just let my mind run over everything that had happened and ending on the last look I had of my parents, this did several times.

It was many hours later that Edward came into the room, he sat on the edge of the bed, "are you ok love?"

"Not yet but I will be"

I sat up next to Edward and he once again pulled me into his arms, we sat like this for another couple of hours, when Alice knocked on the door.

"Hey Bells how about going hunting with me?"

I was a little a confused, I normally went with Edward, I turned to look at him. "go ahead and go with Alice love I will be here when you get back"

There was gleam in his eyes but I didn't try to decipher it, because it was now that I realized how thirsty I was so I quickly got up and after a kiss from Edward left the room, to find Alice waiting at the bottom of the stairs.

We quickly ran out the back door and into the woods, I was still confused as to why Alice was the only one going to with me, Edward had not hunted is just as long as me and Alice, but at that moment a caught the scent of several deer in the area, and that was all I could concentrate on now.

A couple of hours and more than a few deer later, me and Alice were done hunting, I would have been ok to stay out for a little while longer, but Alice was pushing for us to head home, she was bouncing around, and all happy about something, but when I asked she would not give me a clear answer.

"Just wait and see Bella"

I knew that something was up but I knew I would not get any clear answers from Alice, so we began running home.

Just before we reached the edge of the woods, Alice came to a stop. "Uh why don't you go ahead of me Bella, Rosalie is in the garage and I wanted to talk to here."

Ok now I knew something was up, but before I could try and question Alice any further she was gone, I continued to the edge of the woods, when the house came in to sight I noticed that the house was unusually dark, I became a little cautious at this but entered the house anyways.

When I walked in I clearly heard Edward playing the piano, he was playing my lullaby for me, I walked up behind him, of course he heard me come up behind him. " Hello my love, how was hunting?"

"It was good, where is everybody else?"

"they left to give us some privacy"


That was all I could think to say, Edward patted to bench next him and I sat down, he finished playing the song, he then turned to face me, he had serious expression on his face, this caused butterflies in my stomach for some reason.

"Bella do you love me?"

"Yes, and I will for all of eternity"

"as I will love you for all of eternity my love"

At this point Edward paused to take in an un-needed breath, now I was really nervous, he took hold of my hand and looked me deep in the eyes and then spoke again.

"Bella would you do me the honor of marrying me?"

I was taken aback for a moment, I continued to look him in the eye and as soon as I had control over my vocal cords once again I answered him.


A simple answer for a simple question, with my answer Edward smiled the biggest smile I had ever seen, he at some point had pulled a ring box from his pocket, he opened the box and showed me the ring, he put it on my finger where it would stay for all of eternity.

I could no longer control myself and threw my arms around him, we kissed for a what felt like forever, but not long enough at the same time. We were broken apart my the squeal of a certain short vampire, before I knew it we were surround by our family.

They were all full of congratulations for us, Alice was ready to start planning the wedding, I was just happy to know that I would defiantly have the future and life I had always wanted, I would have Edward for eternity and the best family with it.

I was now looking forward to forever more than ever, I knew that everything would be good from now on, because no matter what happened now, I would not be alone, I would be with those that I loved, and that was the all I could ever ask for, you could say I am the happiest girl alive.

The End

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