She flushed as he ran his hands through the back of her hair,it sent a nice feeling down her moved in closer and pressed her lips aginst room was lit by the small amount of early light coming in through the crisp sheets were slowly pulling of the bed and on to the floor. The kiss stoped,the both looked into each others eyes. "Sasuke,is something wronge?" The room fell quit. "No.....It's just...How much longer do you think we can stay like this?" Sakura sat up. "What do you mean?" She asked. Sasuke turned his head around to look Sakura in the eyes. "We have been seeing each other for some time now and no body knows..." Sakura tilted her head,the movement reminded him a small puppy. "Sasuke do you want people to know that we are together?" His head leaned down as if he was thinking very hard. "I'm not sure...I wouldn't want people to think bad things about you just becuse your in love with a horrible person.." Sakura has a sudden change in her eyes. "Sasuke what are you saying?"
Sasuke turned his lower half around so he faced Sakura better. "Don't you remenber all the horrible things i did,how i made this village suffer?" Sakura cluched her hand. "Sasuke,your not a horrible person...And-and...." Sakura didn't know what else to say...She felt as if she wanted to cry,the thought of losing Sasuke agin scared her. Sasuke shook his head and stood up. He pulled his shirt back on,sliped his on his shose and made his way to the grabed the handle turned it,But before he made it all the way out of the door he stoped and sayed,"Sakura...I sorry but...I don't think we should see each other any more...I't would be for the better..."
Sakura jumped at the sound of the door shuting,she sat the for a second then floped down on her pillow crying. ~
Two months had pasted before the two of them had seen the other...
Sasuke was sitting under a tree talking with Naruto.
Then Sakura came around the from the other side of the street. The two of there eyes locked. Naruto yelled,"Heeeeyyyy SAKURA!!! Come on over!" Sakura stood there for a second but then made up her mind and made her way over to the tree the two boys were resting at. At that moment Sasuke felt like running away but he couldn't,as if his legs were frozen. Sakura looked at naruto and smiled. "Naruto,would you mind if i borrowed Sasuke for a second?" Naruto nodded but had no idea what was going on. Sakura gabed Sasukes hand and pulled him to privesy.
"Sakura,look i ment what i said and-" she cut him off.
"Sasuke look,i don't care what people think,I love you,and-and...Sasuke you can't leave me....even more so right now becuse im......I'm pregnet..."