Gaara Part two

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29 Weeks Pregnant-

And my mood swings are out of control! Woot! Even though Gaara is cool with having a baby now, he seems to spend more and more time at his office then he does at home (I can't imagine why. Mu hahah!) So I'm left with a body guard, not because I need more protection but because apparently I'm a danger to myself and everyone around me…… Tehe. I don't know why. I mean I'm a good person! Anyway my body guard's name is Bob and he said after meeting me he may never have children! I was so happy when I heard it… Until I found out it wasn't a compliment. My bad!

"This is your fault!" I scream at the already scared Bob even today he can't look at me without cowering first.

"I didn't do anything for Pete's sake!" Bob yelled back, scared out of his mind since I'm holding his weapons. Muhaha!

"Oh, now your talking about this Pete's sake! Are you an alcoholic now? I do not want this type of behavior in front of my baby!" I screech, ignoring Bob's pleads for me to stop.

"Okay, I'm sorry!" Bob says trying to hide under the table.

"That's better," I say calming down.

"But being around someone like you makes a person want to drink," Bib, grumbled getting out from under the table.

"What's that?" I ask, holding a sharp weapon up high, even though I'm a ninja I don't know what the names of them are I just call them sharp pointing thing 1,2 and 3.

"Nothing!" Bob says quickly.

I don't understand why Gaara doesn't want to be around me at this time!

38 Weeks Pregnant-

Well so far so good, I'm having a baby boy. We haven't figured out a name yet though…. Since its close to the due date I've gotten really annoying.

"Why isn't Gaara here yet?" I whine and then turn to see Gaara and say. "Oh, never mind. Why isn't our baby here yet?"

"Maybe he's scared," Gaara suggested.

"I know I would be," Kankuro said, walking in.

I look at Gaara with a crazy, mean look and then look at Kankuro with the same look only I relize something.

"How did you get in here?" I ask, confused. "Why would he be scared?" I ask innocently waiting for one of them to speak, ready to kill any of them.

"Uhhh, not you," Kankuro lied.

"Your mom, she's crazy," Gaara said, agreeing with Kankuro even though I know they are both lying. "Sorry but it's the truth." She's not the only one.

"What happened to Bob?" Kankuro asked, looking around.

"Mental break-down I don't know why either," I say, sadly.

"Yeah, can't imagine why," Kankuro said, sarcastically.

Even I know they are both scared of me at this time. Kita is a good girl! Where'd I hear that?

Soon- The documentary crew is too scared to go near Kita so they wait in the waiting room.



7 pounds exact

3 weeks old-

The documentary crew is too scared to go near Kita, so they ask on the street and they heard he is just fine!

Hope you like it! : )