Liar, Liar

Hey, here's my first Ouran fic. It's Hikaru x Kaoru, so if you don't like guy love or twincest, this fic isn't for you. I really hope you enjoy it! I'll update quick. ;)


They had always been together—ever since they were born.

They shared everything, too. They slept together in the same bed, ate the same food, and told each other everything that ever crossed their minds.

The Hitachiin brothers never kept secrets from each other.

It was impossible—even if Kaoru tried, he couldn't lie to Hikaru. He couldn't pretend everything was okay when it wasn't, because Hikaru always knew just how to read him. He knew he couldn't lie to Hikaru, but something had been bothering him for so long…which was why, when Hikaru caught him spacing out and said, "Hey, Kaoru, you okay?", Kaoru jumped as if he had been electrocuted.

"Huh? Whaddaya mean?" Kaoru asked a bit nervously, turning his gaze away from the window.

"I mean you've been staring out the window for the last five minutes," Hikaru said. Remembering they were in the host club and conscious of their female audience, Hikaru seized his brother's wrist, pulling Kaoru close and whispering, "Kaoru…all your attention should be on me."

The girls squealed and nearly fell out of their chairs, but Hikaru's eyes said silently, Tell me later.

Kaoru understood.


The girls had all left, and most of the other host club members had already gone too. Tamaki was sulking in a corner of the room for reasons unknown, so Kaoru decided to take charge of cleaning up, collecting the teacups and saucers from the tables. A glance at the huge clock tower outside told Kaoru it was getting late.

As he swept another table clean of its cups and plates, he was vaguely aware of Hikaru and Haruhi talking by the music room door. This wasn't unusual—the twins talked to Haruhi all the time.


When they teased Haruhi together, it was Hikaru, Kaoru, and Haruhi.

Right now, it was just Hikaru and Haruhi.

Hikaru and Haruhi…

This was what had been plaguing Kaoru for weeks now, twisting his gut and making him feel weak and sick whenever Hikaru talked with Haruhi alone. The fact that he was jealous made him feel terrible and guilty—jealous of his own brother—how sick is that? Kaoru told himself, delicately stacking teacups as he finished cleaning another table.

He wanted Hikaru to be happy, so why was he so jealous?

He heard Hikaru's familiar laugh. Back in middle school, the only time Hikaru ever laughed was when he was with Kaoru.

Crash—the stack of plates he had been holding clattered to the floor, shattering into pieces. Kaoru looked mortified—never had he been so clumsy. Never had he been so troubled by his own thoughts. Whenever he was upset, Kaoru would always tell Hikaru. Telling Hikaru made everything better.

"Here, let me help."

Haruhi had begun to pick up the broken pieces of the plates. Hikaru was helping too, shooting a curious glance at his twin before stooping to help gather the ceramic shards.

Kaoru didn't move. He could only stand motionless as he watched them picking up the pieces, watched as more than once, Haruhi's hand brushed Hikaru's before she pulled it away with a quick mumbled, "Sorry."

Haruhi—she was something he didn't understand. He liked Haruhi, sure—liked her a lot, but it wouldn't break his heart if anybody asked her out. The truth was, his own brother was more important to him than Haruhi was. This was what confused Kaoru so much—why was he so bothered that Haruhi and Hikaru seemed to be getting so close?

Was he trying to be protective of his brother?

Was he afraid Hikaru might start ignoring him and focus all his attention on Haruhi?

Or maybe…


No way.

Kaoru's legs finally moved, allowing him to bend down and help finish retrieving the broken pieces of the tableware. They tossed them into the trash, Haruhi muttering about how she would probably end up owing Kyouya money and Hikaru telling her, "No way! It wasn't your fault. Me and Kaoru will pay for all of it. Right, Kaoru? …Kaoru?"

Kaoru gave a halfhearted smile, his mind still far away.


It wasn't just when Hikaru was around Haruhi, though. He was upset even when he and his brother were alone, which was the oddest part. Usually whenever he was with Hikaru, he felt safe, felt protected, felt happy. His brother was the world to him. The happiest times were when they were together, smiling, playing, laughing.

So when Hikaru placed a gentle hand on Kaoru's shoulder, why did Kaoru feel like crying?