"You know, I've never been on a blind date before." The man's hypnotic voice rang in nonchalance.

"Hey, don't go getting any ideas, buddy," Anko Mitarashi said. "I'm just here for the dango."

"It is quite a perk."

He softly bit into his dango stick as Anko went for her second.

"You're paying, right?"

"I suppose."

Anko scanned the man up and down and felt an alarming sense of familiarity.

She swallowed her mouthful. "Hey, have I seen you before?"

"Hm." Pale skin, black eyes, bags under his eyes. Uchiha Itachi stared but revealed nothing. "I doubt it."

"Whatever," Anko shrugged.

Dangoshipping, naturally.

Hm. I might continue it, if just to spite my mother yelling at me to do my homework.