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He saw a fist slam into her face before hearing her grunt of pain and then the dull thud as she hit the floor. He and the assailant both froze, staring at her form on the ground, but after a few seconds, she still hadn't moved. Wilson felt panic rising… How hard had she hit her head? Is her airway clear? Would I be able to…?

He wasn't able to do anything. The assailant had stopped looking at Cameron and had lunged toward Wilson. Wilson quickly leapt out of the way, and the man's fist came in contact with the wall instead. The man yelped in pain, then sucked on his bleeding knuckles, and Wilson took the opportunity to dash over to Cameron. He dropped to his knees beside her and quickly rolled her onto her back. He put his ear to her mouth. Good. Airway clear.

His relief was short-lived. He gave out a yell of pain as he felt himself being pulled to his feet by his hair. The assailant slammed him against the wall and pinned him there. Wilson shook his head slightly to clear it and then blinked several times to make sure he was seeing who he thought he saw standing in front of him.

"Terrence?" he asked in disbelief. "Terrence, how did you – what are you doing?"

"I followed you here from the hospital."

"But…why?" he asked weakly.

"You live here."

What the hell? Wilson felt trepidation rising slowly. His eyes moved from Terrence to Cameron, who still hadn't moved. "No, Terrence," he said carefully. "This isn't my apartment. It's hers." He gestured to Cameron.

"No, no, no, I don't believe you," he said. "You were driving." His eyes were wide with certainty as he nodded.

"Right," replied Wilson. "I drove her home. But she lives here, not me." He felt Terrence's grip on his shoulders relax slightly. He swallowed hard and took a deep breath. It worried him to see Terrence so unbalanced, especially when they were somewhere as private as Cameron's apartment. He then voiced the question that had been on his mind since he'd heard the pounding on the door. "What are you doing?"

"I want to know why," Terrence answered. "Why Maggie died. Why you let my wife die." Wilson opened his mouth to respond, but Terrence cut him off. "You said you were going to save her. You said the chemo would work. You said everything would be okay. So tell me, why is she now lying in the morgue? Does that seem okay to you, Dr. Wilson?" he yelled. "Is that what okay means to you?"

"No," Wilson said softly, trying to placate Terrence, whose grasp on his shoulders had tightened again. "No, it's not okay, and I'm sorry there was nothing more I could do. There wasn't anything else I could do. She was too--"

"Then you gave me false hope!" Terrence said angrily. "You made me believe she was going to be okay and now she's -- now she's--" Terrence's voice became choked and his grip loosened. Wilson took the opportunity to reach up and grasp Terrence's hands.

"I'm sorry," he said sincerely. "If there were more I could have done, I would have."

But Terrence was looking at him strangely. He was nodding at Wilson's words, yet his eyes were distant, as though he hadn't really heard him. Wilson felt the familiar feeling of dread coming back. What if Terrence were so unstable he'd forgotten what had happened? Wilson's fears were confirmed when he heard Terrence's reply.

"What do you mean?" he asked. "Maggie's fine."

Wilson sighed and closed his eyes. How much of a mess was he in? He opened them again slowly and said gently, "Maggie passed away earlier today."

Terrence was shaking his head. "No," he said. "She's right over there." He turned and pointed to a spot on the ground.

He was pointing at Cameron.

Wilson's eyes widened and he tightened his hold on Terrence's hand. "No," he said softly, but firmly. "That's not Maggie. That's Dr. Cameron. She works in the E.R."

Terrence only shook his head harder. "No," he said, pushing away from Wilson. "No, it's Maggie!" And to Wilson's horror, Terrence rushed over to Cameron and lay down next to her on the floor. He wrapped his arms around and hugged her limp form close to his chest. Wilson couldn't decide if he'd ever seen anything more pitiable or sick.

He began to approach Terrence cautiously, not wanting to set him off again, but as he began walking toward him, he slowly pulled out his cell phone from his pocket. "Terrence?" he asked tentatively. Terrence gave no indication of even having heard him, unless Wilson counted him pulling Cameron closer still to his chest. "Terrence?" he repeated, louder this time. There was still no response. He knew it was risky to make the call with Terrence so close to him – after all, Terrence was bound to know what he was doing – but Wilson felt leaving Terrence alone with Cameron was even riskier. He took a few steps back, but remained close enough to see everything Terrence was doing. Terrence was leaning over Cameron's ear, murmuring incoherent words to her.

Wilson flipped open his phone and quickly dialed the three numbers.

"911, what is your emergency?"

Wilson angled his body slightly away from Terrence so his words were slightly muffled, and quickly relayed the necessary information. The dispatcher said an ambulance would be there shortly. Letting out a sigh of relief that Cameron was finally going to get some help, Wilson turned back to Terrence.

Terrence was no longer next to Cameron.

Wilson frowned. He had only turned his body away from them for a moment. Cameron still hadn't moved and Wilson couldn't see Terrence anywhere. He took a few tentative steps towards her, but he hadn't managed to get more than halfway there when he suddenly felt a blinding pain at the back of his head.

He cried out as he fell to the floor. Dazed, he vaguely saw the kitchen stool Terrence was swinging before it hit his head for a second time, this time in the face. He felt the wood collide with his nose and break it. Blood poured down his face. He tried to stand up, but the room began spinning.

"Terrence," he rasped, spitting out blood. "What are you doing?"

"Why did you call the police?" Terrence yelled and Wilson detected the fear in his voice. "Why would you do that?"

"I didn't!" Wilson told him, holding his hand to his face to put pressure on the bleeding. "I didn't! I called an ambulance. Dr. Cameron needs an ambulance."

"My wife is sleeping," Terrence responded. "Why are you trying to take her away from me?"

"No, Terrence!" Wilson insisted loudly. "Your wife is dead. I'm sorry, but she's dead. But Dr. Cameron needs medical assistance." Terrence didn't reply, but instead swung the stool at Wilson's head again. Wilson ducked, but the swift motion made his head spin. "Please, Terrence," he said, nearly blinded by pain. "Is this what Maggie would want?"

"I'll never know what she wanted!" Terrence roared. "You took her away from me! You're taking her away from me again! I won't let you do that!"

Wilson barely had time to defend himself before Terrence grasped his shoulders roughly and threw him against the wall. He couldn't think any more. He tried to raise his arms to fend off the blows, but his arms felt like they were full of lead. Terrence began beating him over and over with the stool, and then suddenly the stool had broken, and he began using his fists. Terrence's fists were hitting his chest over and over, and then his face, and then his head, and everything hurt so much he couldn't comprehend the pain anymore, and all he could think about was Maggie and Cameron and House and where was that ambulance and why wasn't it coming and would it ever get here in time or would this pain be the last thing he felt…that and guilt for killing Maggie or maybe he hadn't killed her because Cameron said he hadn't and oh God, how pissed was House going to be when he found out what happened…

Her eyes snapped open to an unfamiliar scene. She could have sworn she had known where she was, but she didn't recognize anything.

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Wow…I just can't believe it's over! I never imagined that when I followed someone's recommendation to watch Memento (which was the movie that inspired this story, as many of you mentioned in reviews. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it – and you can watch for free on Youtube!) it would lead to something like this. This story has been a real adventure to write. Planning a story that is simultaneously told forwards and backwards was no easy feat, but it was so exciting to plant the clues along the way and see it all come together in the end

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Regarding anterograde amnesia and my interpretation of it…If you've seen the movie 50 First Dates, Lucy has anterograde amnesia and is unaware she has it, which is why she relives the same day over and over. In Memento, the protagonist was aware of his condition. In other words, the media has portrayed anterograde amnesia differently, probably because not much about this condition is known/agreed upon. It's very rare in real life, but very popular in media (which is true of any rare medical condition, really). I decided to follow Memento and have Cameron aware of her condition, mostly for literary reasons, as it would get tedious for someone to have to continuously explain to Cameron why she couldn't remember anything.

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A Priori: Before Knowledge

Diem Perdidi: Lost Day

Multa Paucis: Say Much in Few Words

Obiter Dictum: A Thing Said in Passing

A Posteriori: After Knowledge

Cetera Desunt: Doubt Everything

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