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Courtney stared at the object she held in her hands, too awestruck for words. She'd been dreaming about this moment since the second grade, yet behind her strong exterior there always was a hint of doubt. A tear began to form in her eye as she believed this was the happiest day of her life. All her dreams were coming true, everything she believed any sensible girl could want. It was…









…an acceptance letter from Harvard Law School. The most prestigious schools in North America, and possibly the world, allowed her, a simple girl from Toronto, to attend their immaculate establishment, with a full scholarship no less. Law had always been a passion of hers, after politics of course, but after her realization that she could never be the first woman president due to her Canadian descent, she quickly turned her career path to law, and who knows? She could still make it to Washington as a Supreme Court Justice. Either way, going here would open endless career possibilities. Finally, her life was coming together. After the waste of time she spent on that stupid reality show, and the underachieving friends she made at her local public high school, she'd finally meet people who shared her same interest in success and intelligence. True, she did meet some amazing people on TDI such as her friend Bridgette, who actually lived in the States, but Courtney kept up with her by any way of communication possible. Then there was her boyfriend Geoff who ended up following her out to Florida after the show ended due to his so-called "love" for her. They apparently both planed to move out to Hawaii after they graduate so Bridgette can surf and study marine biology, and Courtney wasn't sure what Geoff planned to do with his life. In retrospect, Courtney didn't make too many friends from TDI, well from anywhere actually. But the best thing from TDI had to be her meeting Duncan. They'd been dating for almost two years and he'd been committed to her even though they lived about an hour away. He almost moved from his home in Toronto to the small suburb outside the city where she lived if it wasn't for the fact he was still on parole and required to stay with his parents until he was eighteen. He'd be eighteen in June and legally be able to move out. And that's when it occurred to her..

"What am I gonna tell Duncan?" Courtney frowned as her elation began to drain. Going to Harvard would require her moving to Massachusetts. That's quite a while away from Toronto. She knew this was going to be hard. As much as the two loved each other it never occurred to them to discuss their future. Maybe it was because Courtney secretly dreaded it because she knew a long distance relationship could never work. Going to the US for school would allow her a student VISA allowing her to stay as long as it took to get her degree. But unless Duncan could get US citizenship, which was highly unlikely due to his criminal record, he wouldn't be able to go with her. It was March so she figured it would be about six months before she needed to leave. Six months left with Duncan, then it would be goodbye.


Duncan was about to leave for Courtney's house for their usual weekend visit, when he received a text from her.

C: hey have u left yet???

D: just about babe, why?

C: oh…nothing I just can't wait to see you…and, there's something we need to talk about

D: what??

C: don't worry about it, just be here as fast as you can

D: you're not pregnant r u???

C: No!! god no, seriously don't dwell on it….luv u can't wait for u to get here :) XOXO

D: Okay, luv you too

Duncan sighed. God it would have sucked if she was pregnant. Not that he wouldn't want to start a family with her, he loved her to death, it was just she was so goal oriented and he certainly wasn't ready to have a kid. Ever since Geoff had called him a few month ago thinking he knocked up Bridgette, Duncan had been really paranoid about it, even if it was a false alarm. It really was like Geoff to overreact like that. Well if she wasn't pregnant, then he wondered what was going on with her. Duncan climbed in his car, and started it as he made his was to Courtney's. Duncan turned on the radio and began listening to his favorite hip hop station. But even if the music was blaring in his ear, he didn't seem to be listening. His mind was still dwelling on what Court was worrying about this time. As much as she was putting it off, he could tell by her message that something was wrong. Seriously wrong. Duncan mind had been so reoccupied, he almost missed the exit off the freeway, almost. He swerved left and barely made the turn. He drove off the freeway and made his way to her house. He pulled in her driveway and turned off the motor. When they first started dating, Courtney's parents didn't really approve the idea of him spending the weekend at her house, well mostly her dad didn't like it. But they came to an agreement that as long as he stayed in the guestroom then it would be fine. But of course Duncan or Courtney always found a way to "sleep" in the same bed, as long as they snuck back to the proper arrangement before her parents woke up. Duncan grabbed his duffle out of the trunk and walked up to the door and rang the doorbell.

"Hello Mrs. Allen, how are we this evening?" Duncan smiled and said to the warm lady who opened the door.

"Duncan, I've told you, call me Sharon. Come on in, Courtney's up in her room." She replied.

"so where is Bill tonight?" Duncan said looking around for Courtney's dad.

"oh he's gone on a business trip this weekend," Sharon replied and Duncan smiled. "but the regular rules still apply young man." She said raising an eyebrow at him.

"Of course Sharon, what type of young man do you think I am?" Duncan chuckled.

"You don't want me to answer that Duncan." She smiled and turned to close the door.

Duncan smiled at the woman and made his way up the stairs to Courtney's bedroom. He opened the door to find her on her laptop, typing away.

"knock knock?" he smiled and dropped his bag on her floor.

"Duncan!" she smiled and ran to hug him. He picked her up and kissed her. She smiled and he put her down.

"So what this big important thing you need to talk to me about?" Duncan said as he put her down.

"um well I have some big news…" Courtney started.

"yea.." Duncan raised his eyebrow.

"I got into Harvard in a full scholarship!" she smiled.

"that's great!" Duncan smiled. "So is this in Ontario or…" Duncan asked.

"Duncan, it's in Massachusetts.' Courtney stated. Duncan gave her a confused look. "like the US, it's in the states." Courtney clarified.

"the states?" Duncan repeated. "so you're really serious about leaving, I mean what about all those you applied for in Canada?" Duncan looked at her.

"yeah I'm serious," Courtney looked at him and scrunched his eyebrows, "Duncan, Harvard is the top school in North America, and I got in on a full scholarship. Do you know how many people would kill for an opportunity like that?!?"

"well I'm happy for you, and hey the US could be fun." He smiled. "I've never left Ontario before but I can handle new experiences." He hugged her. She pushed him away.

"Duncan…" she turned and looked out her window. "I don't know how to tell you this but…" she looked him in his worried blue eyes. "You can't come with me."

"wait, what do you mean I can't come?" Duncan began to laugh nervously.

"I mean I can get a student VISA, but it's highly unlikely you can get citizenship before I go." Courtney explained.

"So? I'll hop the border, do it Mexican style!" he smiled.

"Duncan! That illegal!" she frowned.

"and when has that ever stopped me before?" he chuckled.

"Duncan! This isn't a joke! I can't let you do that," she frowned. He frowned and sat on her bed.

"So long distance could work?" Duncan said and Courtney looked down.

"Duncan you and I both know that could never work." She mumbled and he scrunched his eyebrows.

"So what? That's it? You're just gonna leave me to go pursue your own dreams? What about US!!!!" Duncan retorted.

"well I don't have to leave until September.." Courtney said still looking at the floor.

"So you're saying that we can be all lovey dovey till you leave, then its bye bye Duncan! I'm gonna just leave to go be a big time college student and leave you here!" Duncan stood up and threw his hands in the air.

"Duncan it's not like that!" Courtney's eyes began to well up, "I love you! I really do!"

"yeah, but you're not willing to keep us together cause your future too important! What about me Court? I thought I was part of your future." His cheeks were flushed.

"so what?!" a tear fell down her face as she glared at him with sadness and anger, "you're just gonna leave cause I won't let you follow me to college?!?"

"if you're not willing to have a future with me, then its pointless to keep up this charade that we're together?!?" he replied angrily.

"Duncan, I love you and I wanted to be with you as much as I can before I leave! And I thought you would too!" another tear streamed down her hot pink cheeks.

"I may be a criminal, but I'm no ones lap dog. I either get all of you, or none. Six months just isn't good enough." He said sternly as he picked up his bag.

"Duncan…" she was sobbing.

"Good bye Courtney, hope you have a hell of a time at Harvard!" Duncan stormed out of her room and ran down the stairs.

"Duncan!" Courtney ran out her room trying to get him to stop. He looked back at her, then shook his head as he walked out the door. He climbed in his car, wiped a tear off his face, and pulled away from her house. He didn't know where to go, so he just drove he drove until he was at least two hours from Courtney's house. He finally stopped at an apartment complex that had become all too familiar lately. He walked up the stair case and knocked on the door of one of the apartments. The door opened

"Duncan? What are you doing all the way out here?"


Courtney collapsed in the hallway as she watched him walk out the door. She was sobbing when her mom ran up the stairs.

"Courtney! Baby what's wrong? Where's Duncan?" her mom rushed to her and kneeled next to her. Courtney wrapped her arms around her and began sobbing on her shoulder. "Courtney what happened?" Sharon asked again.

"he's gone mom," Courtney blubbered out still clutching to her mom for dear life. "Duncan's gone. And he's not coming back…."

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