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so anyways here in the next and many more to come of this story :) i will warn you, i've been obsessed with anything harry potter lately, and will confess to reading quite a few Romione fics, so if anything that resembles their relationship pops up, you will kno why :D. so without further ado, i present chapter seven of Fall to Pieces. Enjoy :)

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the TDI/A/WT Characters, but i do own the lovely Stephanie, Alice, Maddie, Dylan and of course Derrick


It was December, and Courtney had just a few more weeks of school before the end of her first semester of school. It had been quite a semester, her and Maddie were basically best friends, and with that meant they been hanging out with Stephanie, Alice, Dylan and Derrick basically all the time. Courtney was perfectly happy with her new life and her new friends, not to mention Maddie had called the sparks between her and Derrick. At first Courtney was quick to deny that she thought anything more than friendship for him, but eventually, one night while her and Derrick were studying for their test in Biology 101...

"So after Interphase, the DNA is duplicated and ready to go right into Prophase," Derrick repeated looking at a thick biology book, a look of confusion flashing across his face.

"Ugh, this is so confusing, I really hate bio, I have never been good at it," Courtney groaned and began rubbing her temples.

"That's a first," Derrick chuckled, placing the book back on the wooden table.

"Excuse me?" Courtney looked up.

"Well I thought you were perfect at everything," Derrick teased, "Certainly wouldn't believe that you're bad at something, or that you'd admit it either,"

"Shut up," Courtney smiled, "Not like you're any better at Bio than I am!"

"Touche," Derrick smiled back, "Where's Dylan when you need him," He sighed.

"Maggie's helping him with his term paper for Art History, you know how terrible he is at anything artistic, or having to do with writing for that matter," Courtney replied with a smirk.

"Lucky her." Derrick smiled.

"Actually I think she's pretty happy about it," Courtney replied with a knowing smirk as she looked down at her notes.

"What do you mean by that?" Derrick asked.

"Nothing," Courtney rolled her eyes and looked back at the notes. An awkward silence draped the pair as they sat in the corner of the dark library.

Derrick looked up at her, watching as she scanned the paper with a fury. He smiled as he thought about how he got to know her this year. Courtney may seem bossy or uptight on the outside, but he'd seen through that. She was motivated, confident, in charge, and Derrick would be lying if he said he didn't think it was sexy. But it was more than that, something about Courtney made his pulse race. Derrick didn't get nervous around girls, but she made him turn into a bubbling pile of goo. The way she would raise her eyebrow when she smirked at him, it questioned the bravado he had built up his nineteen years. And Derrick was pretty sure he wasn't the only one in the relationship that felt something. But for the life of him he couldn't figure out what was holding her back. He asked Dylan, and his only idea was that Courtney wouldn't go for him because he wasn't Canadian. Note to self, don't consult Dylan on relationship advice.

Courtney looked up to find Derrick staring at her with that stupid grin he so often fashioned. He looked down immediately and his face was graced with a blush as he started shuffling through his notes. Courtney smiled at how adorable he looked flustered. He really was quite a sight, Courtney couldn't deny that. But Derrick was more than that, he was literally the perfect guy. He was smart, and funny, hot, and he was the perfect guy to talk to. Every time she was even in the same room with him, she felt butterflies bubbling in her stomach. The way his messy blonde hair just fell across his crystal blue eyes, it made Courtney melt. She never thought she'd ever feel like this again, but when she was with him, it felt like all the things that happened prior to her coming to Harvard had just disappeared. Although she really liked him, she wasn't sure how to move from this point. She was hurt, more than she could ever feel hurt before, and it was all because of Duncan. Wow, she hadn't thought about him in weeks, she was so caught up in school and her new life, she just didn't have time to dwell on him anymore. And now that he was in her thoughts again, Courtney's stomach took a nosedive for the worse. This was neither the time or the place for her to think about him, but she couldn't help it. Her thoughts were interrupted by the boy sitting next to her.

"Courtney? Are you okay?" Derrick asked.

"Hmn?" She looked up at him, her eyes glassy and her face scattered in her thoughts.

"You look upset about something. I know I'm terrible at bio, but that's no reason to freak out. Biology is really not worth it," Derrick chuckled as he looked into her eyes with comfort.

"No!" Courtney shook her head quickly, shaking off the awful feeling that was lurking inside her, "No, Derrick it's not you, you're wonderful," She smiled.

"Nah, we'd be no where if it wasn't for you're study schedule, I mean I'd probably still be debating what would be the easiest to study first." Derrick replied. Courtney smiled back. It was quiet again.

Courtney looked up to say something when she felt his lips on hers. Courtney felt a bit of a shock, she couldn't believe someone like Derrick would be kissing her, in the back of a school library no less. She kissed back, with a smile and she closed her eyes, savoring the feel of his soft lips. He started slow and soft, not sure whether she'd return his affection or not. But she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer, he intensified his pace and wrapped his arms around her waist. She pulled away and smiled as she leaned her forehead on his. He smiled back as they sat there, enjoying the silence of this moment.

"Wow," Courtney finally whispered.

"Yeah," Derrick replied back with that stupid grin again.


"So, for the first two weeks of break, you'll be in Toronto with your family, then you come down to my place for New years and the rest of break," Maddie repeated as the two packed for the upcoming winter break. They had completed their last final this morning, and Courtney would be on a plane for Toronto in two days. Courtney couldn't wait to be home and see her parents. But not for long of course, she was finally happy with where she was in her life.

"Right, two weeks of being back home, then its back to my life of bliss and freedom," Courtney smiled as she packed her jeans into a suitcase.

"And by bliss, I guess you mean being to back in Derrick's arms, right?" Maddie smirked.

"I don't know what you mean, Madison," Courtney rolled her eyes and threw a pillow at her roommate.

"Oh ya, you and him making out at the hall Christmas party was totally platonic," Maddie teased and threw the pillow back,

"We were under the mistletoe." Courtney replied.

"That was not a mistletoe kiss, that was full on snogging," Maddie replied with a smirk.

"Snogging?" Courtney raised her eyebrow.

"What? My parents are taking us to London for Christmas, working on my British lingo," Maddie smiled.

"Well keep working," Courtney chuckled and began folding one of her shirts.

"So does this mean you two still haven't made it official?" Maddie asked picking up a pile of gray henleys.

"I told you, we're taking it slow," Courtney explained calmly.

"So you aren't freaking cause he hasn't used the G word yet?" Maddie asked sitting on her bed.

"G word?" Courtney asked sitting on her own bed.

"Girlfriend," Maddie replied.

"I guess a little, I mean its been like a month since what happened in the library," Courtney replied.

"You could always ask him," Maddie mused.

"But what if he doesn't want to be in a relationship, what if this is just friends with benefits, what if i'm over reading him and he doesn't actually feel the same way I do?" Courtney reasoned.

"Well unless you want to be in the dark for the next two weeks, I suggest you ask him and figure out what the hell is going on with you two." Maddie replied.

"Speaking of which, how are things going with you know who?" Courtney teased.

"We are not going to talk about that right now," Maddie glared at her.

"Come on! Maddie you need to talk to him sooner or later," Courtney replied.

"Yes and I choose later rather than sooner." Maddie replied, ending the conversation.

"Fine," Courtney rolled her eyes, "So what should I wear to this Harrison annual New Years bash?" Courtney giggled and the two began searching through dresses.


"Okay, so I'm all packed, I don't know about you, but I'm starving," Maddie replied with a smile.

"You're only bringing one bag home?" Courtney asked incredulously.

"You forget that most of my shit is at home anyways," Maddie replied with a smile.

"Lucky you," Courtney groaned working on her second bag of clothes.

"So, dinner?" Maddie smiled.

"Fine, but you're texting everyone else," Courtney sighed as she walked over to her mirror to fix her hair.

"Well Steph isn't coming, her and Alice are out shopping, again," Maggie replied, "So I guess it'll just be us and the guys,"

"Fantastic," Courtney sighed, "one last dinner filled with awkward sexual tension just floating about,"

"It could be worse," Maggie replied.

"How?" Courtney raised her eyebrow.

Maddie was silent, then replied "We could always be Charlotte,"

Charlotte was the girl living in their hall who was possibly the most boy crazy girl Courtney had ever met, yet only served as a comic relief at any party that she ever attended. She had made out with about half of the freshman population, girls included, but yet no one ever really kept any sort of relationship with her. It was quiet sad, but she was annoyingly crazy, so Courtney didn't pity her too much.

"That's true," Courtney mused as she grabbed her coat and a scarf.


Courtney and Maddie walked outside and saw the two boys tossing a frisbee around in the quad. They had all decided against the gross leftovers that were served in the caf over the weekends and had decided to go out for burgers. The girls walked up and waved at Dylan who waved back then proceeded to get hit in the head with the frisbee. Derrick laughed and the girls started giggling. Dylan looked flustered as a red blush creeped across his face.

"Are we eating sometime tonight or what?" Maddie smiled and the two boys started walking towards them.

"So who's driving?" Dylan joked, still a bit pink, whether from embarrassment or the cold, was unknown.

"I am, as usual," Maddie joked as they started for the parking lot across the field.

Courtney turned to Derrick and just as she started to say something he began

"Hey, um, I have something for you," Derrick's eyes flashed to the ground.

"Oh? You didn't have to get me-" Courtney started,

"No," He cut her off, looking into her eyes. "I wanted to get you this," He pulled a black velvet, rectangular box out of his backpack. He opened it, and inside was a gold necklace, with a C charm dangling at the center. "Courtney, I was wondering, if you'd be my girlfriend," he smiled. She looked right at him, "I know this seems really cheesy and all, but I'm just a bit old fashioned I guess," He chuckled.

She smiled, "Wow Derrick, this is beautiful,"

"May I?" he pulled the necklace out of the box, she nodded and pulled her hair to the side so he could put it on. She smiled as he moved her hair back into place, and looked up at him, stupid grin and all. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him like she had never kissed him before. He pulled her close and lifted her up off the ground. He pulled away and looked in her eyes,

"So is that a yes?" He smiled.

she rolled her eyes and responded "Of course," then kissed him one last time before he put her down. The snow had started falling while they were lost in each other, and the connected hands as they made their way to Maddie's car.


Duncan was leaning against his car, scowling as he watched that blonde douche with his Courtney. The necklace, the kiss, the snow, it was like some cheesy cliché out of one of those chick flicks she used to make him watch with her. Secretly he had always wanted a moment like that with her, but he had never manned up to make it happen. One of the many regrets he had come to discover since they broke up. The worst part of this whole thing, other than the fact he took the day off at the mechanics and that he drove all the way up to fucking Massachusetts to see her, was the face of pure happiness that she wore as she walked towards the same parking lot he was moping in. She wore that face, the one that only him used to give her. He never forgot how beautiful she looked, but that face, damn, she looked like a goddess.

"Fuck," Duncan mumbled as he climbed into his car, looking over at her one last time before starting the car and driving off.


Courtney felt absolutely elated as they came up to Maddie's car. She chuckled as she watched Maddie and Dylan argue about something. Derrick opened the door for her and kissed her again before letting go of her hand and closing the door before walking to the other side of the car. Maddie and Dylan stopped argueing and turned back to face them as Derrick entered the car and laced his fingers with her again.

"So you two lovebirds finally together?" Dylan teased and Maddie hit his arm in response.

"Are we eating anytime soon or not?" Derrick asked. Maddie laughed and started the car. Courtney smiled and looked out the window. She frowned as she looked over to a car across the lot. She shook her head and turned from the window.

"Something wrong, love?" Derrick whispered.

"no, everything's perfect," She smiled and kissed him again.

"Hey!" They looked up and saw Maddie's eyes in the rear view mirror, "No kissing in the car, got it?" she smirked and they all laughed in response. Courtney smiled as she looked back out the window. She had no idea why, but before she swore she had seen a green mohawk.

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