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Song: Kiss Me, Kill Me

Artist: MEST

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One, two, three
A tragedy that's built on destiny
It left you with everything but
Blood from the knife that I cut your heart out with
Now relax, close your eyes, what comes next is the surprise


"I'm gay."

"WHAT?" Mom exploded.

I sighed, this was Kaoru's idea, if I said I was gay, I wouldn't be forced into marriage with this heiress. Right?

Good thing I was the oldest, if Kaoru was doing this, he'd be busted for sure.

I repeated the lie, "I'm gay."

Mother looked like she was going to faint, she clenched together her teeth and spat at me, "Listen Hikaru, this is serious. You are now 21. Old enough to marry. You're lucky I never arranged marriage for you when you were young. I'm letting you get a chance to know her. This Haruhi girl will never do. Ayumi is pretty, smart, rich, and most importantly, she's the daughter of the a fashion magazine publisher."

"Mother, will it help if I explain what gay is?" I didn't let her answer, "it mean's I'm not particularly interested in girls, therefore NOT interested in Ayumi!" I sighed, I was going to punch Kaoru after this. he gets to fool around with Haruhi outside while I'm in here saying these embarrassing things.

Mother fumed, "Hikaru you will go on the date!"

"No I won't."

"Shall I force Haruhi out of school? I don't want you interacting with her. You will obey my orders," she ordered my firmly.

But I was never one who played by the rules, "Really do you still not understand what gay is? A homo sexual? Homo... single gender? Not Haruhi? not Ayumi." Mentally I laughed, this was getting ridiculous.

"It's all the Hosts Club's fault, I will have a word with Yuzuru Suoh, it's his son's fault for putting all this nonsense in your head!" She slammed her hand on the desk, "Foreigners shouldn't be allowed in Ouran."

Okay she was going too far, it wasn't her place to insult the idiot king. It was Kaoru and I who was responsible for that, "Mother this has nothing to do with Tamaki Suoh. I am not interested, that is all." I sneak my hand towards the door handle.

The next words she said made my blood run cold.

"I forbid you to ever take part in Host Club activities again. Your brother also. Haruhi is never to enter a foot in our grounds until you agree to the marriage," she smiled, she knew she had hit something.

Well I inherited her attitude, I still had a few tricked up my sleeves too, "No host Club? Fine I'll just meet up with my friends not in the 3rd music room," I smirked, I had the advantage, "Not letting Haruhi come here? Well I just go to her house. Good day to you mother."

I had won.

"You regret this," with that, she jerked opened the door and slammed it closed upon her exit.

Dang, what does she have planned?

I groaned and also left after her. Let's just see what Kaoru has to say. I'll make sure to give him a extra hard punch.


My brother stomped into our room, I guess my idea didn't turn out so good.

I was presently sitting on our bed, wondering why Haruhi was so suddenly rushed away by maids and butlers.

"KAORU!!!" My brother shrieked before pouncing on top of me.

I laughed and hugged him, maybe he'd forget about this if I cheer him up.... right? He let his arms give out and he landed forcefully on my chest, making me lose breath. Then I landed his lips on mine. I was seeing stars. I NEEDED AIR!

I rolled myself so that our positions were switched, and I let myself pause and take in oxygen, "Hikarrrrru You. Are. Dead." I stared at him darkly... on second thought, let's talk about it, "It worked right?"

Hikaru gasped for air slightly so I rolled off him.

"Partially," he hesitated, "Well, the part of canceling the date with Ayumi, yes..." He sighed, "Mother forbade Haruhi coming over. Even worse, we cannot attend host club events."

I wanted to pound him. But everything was my idea. Forbidding Haruhi from coming over answered my old question.

"Hey... Hika... what if mother makes me marry Ayumi?" I had to ask the question nagging me.

I could see fear in my dear brother's eyes, "Well, let's just say you are asexual. Us being both gay... will cause problems. especially when we're not."

I knew I wasn't gay, that was true. But I wasn't sure I was 100% straight either. My brother and I...

Harbour feelings for each other. No, we didn't do anymore than kiss, but our souls were connected. How could anyone be closer than that? No one could break that bond. Or so I thought.

I really thought...

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