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Ron started to cry. Of course he would cry, he had breasts and long hair! He looked like Ginny!

"Don't cry, Ron," Hermione said, now ceasing her laughing and going over to where Ron stood. She glared at Fred and George. "You two.. change him back."

Fred and George made sad faces, then turned Ron back into himself.

"You two are the worst...ugh.." Ron rolled his eyes and went up to the boys' dormitories.

"Hold still!" Fred said, holding his wand to his twin's head.

"I am holding still!" George slightly yelled.

Fred was trying to make George's hair grow back, but nothing was happening, and George was getting fussy.

"Look, I'll just ask someone with more magical talent than you." George stood up and walked over to Hermione, who was sitting near the crackling fire reading a book. "Hermione, can you think of any way possible to get my hair to grow back?"

"I'm really sorry, George.. but no.." Hermione closed her book and looked up at George. "You actually deserve that."

"Geez, you sound like Dumbledore. Fine then." George walked away, looking half angry, half sad.

"Professor, please?" George was begging.

Dumbledore sighed, pointed his wand at George's bald head, and his hair grew back. "Don't tell Severus that it was I who returned your hair. You'll just have to tell him it grew back on its own."

George was thankful as he left Dumbledore's office. He felt his hair and sighed with relief.

George returned to the common room, only to find that there was a ton of laughing going on. He looked around the room, bewildered as to what was going on. That was until he saw Ron and Hermione pressed up against a wall, being laughed at by Harry and Fred.

"What's going on?" George said cautiously, walking towards them all.

"Ron was trying to use your trick and make Hermione's breasts bigger," Harry said through his howls of laughter. "...It turned out he used the opposite spell. Now Hermione has got no boobs."

And with that, George started laughing, but his eyes traveled to Ron.

"Why's he look all sad and scared?" George asked, still laughing.

"Hermione – shrunk – his – penis." Fred said, howling with laughter, just like Harry.

"This day just got better," said George, laughing along with them all.

All of them looked at George, then burst into fits of laughter, even Ron and Hermione. They were all pointing at George's hair.

"What?" George said as he stopped laughing.

"Your hair is pink!!!!" Hermione squealed, laughing her head off.

"With blue highlights!" Fred said, laughing and holding his sides.

Ron and Harry couldn't speak, they were laughing too hard.

"WHAT?!" Bellowed George, running to look in a mirror. He screamed and put his hands on his hair. They were right!

"It looks good on you, George," said Fred, smirking.

"...Is this why Snape looked at me like I was gorgeous?" muttered George, more to himself than to the others.

"Well.. he does like pink and blue.." said Harry.

"DAMNIT DUMBLEDORE!!!" George yelled, frowning at the mirror.

"I told you, Severus," said Dumbledore, grinning. "He'd come to me and ask for his hair back."

"He looked like a Flamingo with blue bruises," said Snape. He was laughing. "Thanks for using the colors I adore."

"I know you like a laugh every now and then, Severus," Dumbledore said, chuckling. "And it's permanent hair color until the end of term."

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