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~ Jasper's POV ~

I was a walking zombie. Well, technically I was a vampire, but I had closed off my emotions in an attempt to escape the reality that was my life. I was like a robot; built to take orders and complete them as efficiently as possible. I have the ability to feel what others feel, but I rarely used that power anymore, only when it was required of me. I didn't want to feel their pain as I took their life or altered them into a being that's damned from the second their body started to burn. What a fucking miserable existence.

There I was, running through the streets and alleyways on another mission for Maria, looking for one human in particular. This one was supposed to be different from others before her. Apparently, she already had the ability to mentally block vampires from using their powers on her. Maria thought she would be the perfect addition to her army, and insisted that I be the one to change her. What's the fucking point?! I'd just be ordered to kill her as soon as Maria has had her fill of her.

I let the predator in me lead the way; following my senses and seeking out the one who smells of strawberries and freesia. There was no other smell like her, and I knew I would find her soon enough. Peter and Charlotte had been ordered to follow me from a distance, and could only step in to help if needed. Our movements were silent to human ears; we blurred from street to street stealthily, among those who were completely unaware of our existence. Suddenly, her scent slammed into me and I stopped dead in my tracks. That was too fucking easy.

While I might not have agreed with what I was about to do, I couldn't deny there was a part of me that was eager to taste her unique, floral, and sweet blood. The venom was already gathering in my mouth and I was forced to swallow hard. Peter and Charlotte kept their distance, but were close enough in case I couldn't stop draining her. My enhanced vision allowed me to pinpoint her direct location: she was sitting on a bench in the park across the street. Stupid human; she unknowingly chose the darkest bench to inhabit, and I intended to take full advantage of that.

I dashed across the street, moving in her direction at a pace unnoticeable by any human. I was forced to open up to my ability, as I would need it to make sure this particular task was done without mistakes. As soon as I opened myself up to her, a huge wave of sorrow slammed into me, causing me to falter in my steps. I ghosted behind a nearby tree, glancing at her from the side, and hoping she didn't notice my failed attempt to attack her.

She must have been too distracted by her intense emotions to know I was there. Her feelings were so powerful and seemed to draw out my own feelings of sorrow. I fell to my knees and began to visibly shake from the intensity of it all. I honed in on her emotions and attempted to find one to focus on that would help motivate my imminent attack; I found none. It's not just sorrow I had felt, but abandonment, longing, loss and desperation.

I knew those feelings all too well. I mourned for my human life and felt as if so much had been lost to me. It was like God himself had abandoned me and led me to this horrible damned existence. I felt compelled to comfort her, protect her. What the fuck! I'd never felt obliged to help anyone before. What was wrong with me? I shook my head, hoping to gain the focus I needed to stay on track.

It was now or never. I attempted to block her emotions as I made my way towards her, but her emotions were still too powerful. I became angry, and hated her for making me so weak. I could always block emotions; no one had ever been able to affect my control so easily. How dare this puny human cross my path and make me feel inadequate!

I used my anger to push forward and took hold of her head and neck before she even sensed my presence. I was face to face with her, staring into her deep brown eyes. I could see straight into her tortured soul and was momentarily lost. Her previous emotions were pushed down, as her new emotions surfaced, irritation and fury at my sudden presence.

I used her irritation to pull myself from her gaze, tilting her head to the side, and lowered my lips to her neck. I licked up the side of it, tasting her sweetness.

The demon inside was screaming at me to drink her dry, but he would have to make do with simply tasting her; I had to complete my mission. But that didn't mean I couldn't enjoy every bit of this gorgeous, sinfully tempting woman. No one had ever tasted so sweet, and I hadn't even begun to drink from her.

She conveyed shock and confusion, no doubt due to my unusual antics. Her body trembled beneath me, tempting the predator within to take what it wanted most: her blood. Before she could put up a fight I pulled her body flush against mine and sank my teeth into her jugular without hesitation. She whimpered, the fear now radiating from her. The demon inside me chuckled darkly, enjoying the panicking defenseless human. The venom pooled furiously, and I forcefully swallowed it down, allowing myself to enjoy as much of her sweet, intoxicating blood as I could. God, this was heaven! Nothing had ever tasted sweeter or more satisfying.

Her scent enveloped me completely and I found myself becoming painfully aroused. Her weak, fragile body was shaking with fright and growing weaker as I continued to feed off her life source. The demon wanted nothing more than to take this helpless, beautiful woman up against a tree and pound into her hot core as I fed off her. No. I couldn't, I wouldn't allow it! I needed to finish the fucking mission before this became anymore difficult.

I pushed my venom into her and licked the wound to seal it shut, and then moved to her wrists. The skin there was softer than I any had ever felt. Without thinking, I kissed the flesh of her wrist before sinking my teeth in, and then did the same to the other. She released a soft moan, and I could feel a bit of lust from her; I quickly realized my own sinful feelings were impacting hers, which also meant she wasn't resistant to all abilities after all. I focused on keeping the lust to myself, but filed away the information for later; Maria would need to know the potential risks this may cause.

I was becoming more and more aroused and felt my erection straining painfully against my trousers. I lay her body down across the bench to gain better access to her ankles, and then lifted the fabric from her legs to expose even more gloriously soft, succulent skin. My mouth watered; not for her blood, but for her body. I licked her skin and blew my cool breath across the dampened area, causing her to emit another soft moan. Damn my fucking ability! I must be responsible, because how could she possibly be getting off on this? I could smell her arousal, musky and sweet, causing me to let loose a low, possessive growl. God, I needed to make her mine! I bit into her ankle quickly, and then lowered it gently to do the same to the other side.

I had to get her out of there before the screaming and burning starts.

I scooped her up bridal style and took off in the direction of the secluded warehouse where we would bring those who were changing. It was far from prying eyes and ears, and allowed us the privacy we needed, yet was close to our camp. I could feel the familiar burning sensation take over her body and sent her such a huge wave of calm and lethargy that she fell asleep in my arms immediately. I continued running down the dark and narrow alleyways, making sure to avoid the public eye.

Peter and Charlotte met me at the entrance to the warehouse and followed me inside. I carried my victim to the mattress on the floor in the corner and lay her down in my lap, cradling her head against my chest. I was determined to help her through this. I couldn't understand why exactly, but I needed to protect her and ease her pain. Peter moved a step closer to us and I growled at him, letting him know to back off. She's mine! He put his hands up in surrender and slowly backed away.


I held onto her for three days while she burned and moaned, screamed and tore at the mattress viscously. I was beginning to feel drained from all the calm I was forcing on her; I would need to hunt soon. Peter and Charlotte continued to keep their distance, but offered to take my place so that I could hunt if I needed to, but I was not leaving her side. I did this to her. But why was she different? I had never felt this connection before and it angered me that she had such unintentional control that I behaved against my own wishes. I wanted to hate her for bringing out this side of me, but I couldn't. Instead, I stewed in my anger until I realized it was leaking out of me and into her. She growled furiously, clawing at me, tearing up pieces of my shirt. I was still angry, but I couldn't allow myself to focus on it if I wanted to help her through this. Fuck! Why was I so conflicted?!

Her body had already begun changing. Her skin was hardened and paler than before. Her limbs had lengthened a few inches and her soft, subtle curves were now toned with lean muscles, complimenting her frame perfectly. Her hips had widened a bit, and her chest and ass were fuller and suppler than before. Her mahogany hair lay in silky curls down the middle of her back. Her facial features were more defined; her lips fuller and redder than before. She was absolutely breathtaking; the most beautiful creature, no one would ever compare. Her heartbeat was frantic, and I knew it was only a matter of seconds before it stopped completely.

Only moments later, her heart became still as she lay motionless in my arms. I stared at her, willing her to open her eyes. She drew in an unnecessary deep breath and her eyelids began to flutter. I held my breath, waiting for her magnificent eyes to look up into mine. Finally, she opened them and scanned the room before her. I waited patiently, allowing her to fully absorb her environment.

Once she finished her observation, she looked up into my eyes with wonder. I felt a spark between us as I gazed into her captivating ruby-colored eyes. I could tell she was confused and concerned by the sight before her. It must be my scars, I thought to myself. Then her emotions changed; she felt awe at first, then lust and desire. I knew I was feeling the same, and wondered if I had once again inadvertently pushed my lustful feelings onto her. It didn't seem as if I had, and I found this fascinating. Could she feel the draw to me that I felt toward her? And if so, why did we feel this? What could it possibly mean?

I smiled down at her, and she began to smile back, and then stopped abruptly. Her emotions intensified and she glared at me furiously; I could feel the anger and hate radiate from her. I knew newborns couldn't control their moods and often feel several emotions at once, but this was ridiculous! I needed to know if she felt the same connection as I, but had no time to ponder or even ask.

She ripped herself out of my arms and crouched down in front of me, doing so more gracefully than any newborn should be able to. She was in full attack mode and it turned me on. I smirked at her because I could still feel her lust for me, just under the surface of her anger. So there was something; there had to be.

"YOU!" she screamed and then lunged at me.

I was ready for her attack, as were Peter and Charlotte. The second my back hit the wall I maneuvered out of her grasp, while they grabbed onto her arms and secured her. She was fighting them viciously trying to get to me. I laughed at her attempt, only angering her more.

"What did you do to me?! Why do I feel so fucking different?!" She directed her furious eyes at me and waited for my response.

"Now, now, darlin'. Calm down, and I'll tell you. There's no need to get so worked up." I folded my arms across my chest and grinned mischievously at her.

"Don't call me darlin', you asshole! Answer my fucking question!" Damn, she's a feisty little one. Maria would like that.

"I will, but you need to start learning how to control yourself, darlin'," I took a step toward her.

"I said don't call me darlin'!" She was desperately trying to break free and venom was starting to trickle down her chin as she yelled at me.

"Then what should I call you?"

"Bella, my name is Bella." Bella? Beautiful.

"Well, Bella…I'm Jasper, and that is Peter and Charlotte," I said in my most soothing voice. I needed her to gain enough control to listen to my explanation. "We need you to calm down, so that I can fill you in on your current situation. It's best if we get through this part quickly because your thirst is going to take over soon and you won't be able to understand me very well when that happens."

I could feel her emotions settle as she calmed herself, and I was impressed. Emotional control usually took more time and effort for newborns to manage; another point to bring up with Maria. I also noticed her thirst was barely registering; most newborns would be consumed by it by now. She was unique indeed.

It took me all of ten minutes to explain to her that she had been recruited into a vampire army, led by Maria, because of her unique ability to block powers. I elaborated, but told her we wouldn't know the full extent of her powers until she had a few days to adapt to her new mind and body. I also told her the same lie I was forced into telling all the newborns, that they would be let free if they followed a few simple orders and completed their tasks well enough to satisfy Maria.

I was waiting for the usual fight that most newborns gave. She seemed to accept this life altering information rather well, almost as if she felt she deserved this damned life, or should have known all along. I couldn't imagine what would cause her to feel like this. As I thought back to her initial feelings of sorrow, abandonment, longing, loss and desperation, I realized something tragic must have happened to her. Questioning her now would not be in the best of interests. I would have to wait until she would be more accepting of such inquiries of her personal life.

She finally had relaxed enough so that Peter and Charlotte were able to let go of her. I could tell she had questions, but for some reason she never voiced them all.

"So this burning I feel in the back of my throat…it means I'm thirsty?"


"And are you second in command to this…Maria?"

"Yes. Can I ask you something?" I said hesitantly, not sure if she was ready or even willing to comply with my requests.

She nodded.

"Why aren't you surprised that vampires exist? Your reactions are not normal."

She glared at me in defiance and clenched her fists at her sides. There it was; the anger was creeping back in. I smirked at her, and strode slowly toward her, hoping she would let me close enough to reach out and touch her. I knew I had to be cautious. I stopped when I was only a foot from her and reached out to stroke her cheek lightly. She shivered in delight and I could tell she was trying hard to fight the lust she was feeling.

"Why aren't you scared?" I whispered.

"B-because…I somehow knew…that there were supernatural forces around us," she said cautiously, "n-not vampires exactly…but…" she stuttered out, struggling against her feelings.

"Hmm. Interesting. And why aren't you trying to escape us? Most newborns make many attempts before I finally have to use my ability to make them see reason."

"I don't know. I guess…for some reason…I trust you," she said, doubting her own emotions.

She trusted me? What the fuck?! You don't just go around trusting and lusting after the person who killed you and turned you into a soulless monster!

"I know. I don't understand it either, but I've learned to trust my instincts," she said somehow knowing what was going through my head. Her thirst suddenly spiked and I realized I needed to take her hunting before it got any worse.

"Come, Bella. I need to teach you how to hunt," I said as I held my hand out to her. I didn't know why I did. What is happening to me? I needed to figure out why she held such control over my emotions. I wanted to be alone with her, to be able to decipher these odd, mixed feelings. I told Peter and Charlotte to go back to the camp and inform Maria that Bella was now a vampire and that I would bring her back to camp as soon as I finished taking her hunting. They left without argument as I led Bella further into the outskirts of town.

She followed so closely, it took me off guard. Her scent was even more appealing now, causing my arousal to spring forth. I found myself imagining her mid-hunt, blood dripping down her chin and neck, clothes torn from the struggle, and pure lust in her eyes. Oh, the things I would do to her amazing body.

I was snapped out of my daydream as I smelled a human approaching. I could tell he is alone; perfect. I was about to begin reviewing the most important part of my instructions of the proper way to hunt, but was cut off as she sped past me. Fuck! This was not going to be good. I had to get to her before she could begin tearing mercilessly into the flesh of her victim. I was livid.

I turned myself over to my ability and realized she was in complete control. What the fuck?! This woman was astounding. No newborn had ever been so controlled. I stopped myself and hid behind a tree, and then watched her stalk her prey. She approached him with such caution. When he finally glanced up at her, he didn't feel scared at all. She dazzled him.

He was frozen in place as she began to seduce him, tracing patterns on his chest with her fingers as she talked him into tilting his head to the side, exposing more of his neck to her. How the fuck? Not even an hour as a vampire and already she had the hunt down? How was this possible? Maria was going to have a fucking field day with all this fucking unexpected shit.

I was mesmerized by the temptress before me. Before I could even comprehend what was happening, she lowered her head and bit down into his jugular. I watched as the man's eyes clouded over while she drank from him rapidly. She sucked down his blood as if it were her last meal, and I couldn't help but think about what her lips would feel like if she were sucking me that hard. My cock twitched just imagining it. God, I wanted her.

His body slumped to the ground when she released him, and then she spun around to look at me.

Oh. My. Fucking. God. My daydream was now a reality. Her eyes were a piercing red and her breathing was staggered and uneven. She ogled every inch of my body and licked some of the blood away from her lips, the lust pouring off of her. I needed no more of an invitation than that. I lunged forward, slamming her body into a nearby tree, pressing the full length of my body against hers and looked deeply into her captivating eyes. The lust was increasing in both of us significantly and I wasted no time in crushing my lips down onto hers. Fucking delicious. I could taste her victim's blood all over her, mixed with her own intoxicating sweetness, and almost came undone.

I thrust my tongue into her mouth and explored it forcefully. She moaned into mine and then growled ferociously, quickly turning me around and slamming my back up against the tree. She was pissed that I had taken her with so much force, but I could feel that she liked being dominated because her lust turned into longing and need. She wasted no time tearing away my clothes, leaving them scattered on the ground around us. I did the same to her, and before I could do anymore she grabbed a hold of my face and pressed her lips onto mine painfully. This time, she thrust her tongue into my mouth, and we massaged each others' tongues forcefully.

I knew she was stronger than me, for now, but I needed to take the upper hand. I grabbed onto her breasts, squeezing them vigorously. She whimpered from the pleasurable pain and bucked her hips in response. I leaned down and took one of her nipples into my mouth, circling it with my tongue before biting down aggressively. She growled deep within her chest, and I knew she wanted more.

Her arousal was so strong; it engulfed the air around me. I growled in response and quickly turned her body so that she was facing the tree with her back to me; a possessive nature clearly overtaking my need to be one with her.

I grabbed on to her hips and pulled her against my body roughly. She reached up and tangled her hand in my hair, pulling it with just enough force to hurt in the most delightful way. I shuddered from the sensation and grinded my cock into her lower back, letting her feel how much I want and need her. She groaned in frustration, clearly impatient with me for not moving things along faster. I reached around and slid my fingers into her wet folds, causing her hips to buck forward.

"Fuck, Bella. So wet for me, Darlin'."

"Don't fucking call me Darlin'!" she yelled. "And fuck me already, Jasper!"

I didn't hesitate. I thrust forward, filling her pussy completely. Her body lunged forward from the force, but I kept a hard grip on her hips to prevent her from going anywhere until I was done with her. Her hands reached out to brace herself, and the tree cracked from the pressure and force. She spread her legs wider for me, allowing me to go even deeper. I was running off pure animal instinct and had never felt better or more euphoric. Her tight, wet pussy was gripping my cock in the most delicious way. I never wanted to stop. I continued to slam into her, grabbing her breasts roughly with one hand, while keeping my other hand on her hip.

She slammed back into me, and the force and friction we created was absolutely fucking sinful. Mine! I never wanted to fuck another woman again. No one could ever feel as incredible as she did. Her growls were even louder than mine, and I could tell she was close to cumming. I was too.

"Fuck, Jasper… Oh, God!"

I reached around and stroked her clit lightly; her body stiffened and her walls clamped down around me, milking my cock aggressively.

"God, Bella…Fuck!" I roared, my head involuntarily thrashing around as my orgasm approached.

"Jasper!" she screamed my name in ecstasy.

The deep guttural growls we released filled the silence around us. Her tight, contracting pussy milked my fluids out of me, and our bodies shook as we came down from our intense orgasms.

I had never experienced anything so blissful, ever. And based on the feelings I was getting from Bella, neither had she.

"Damn it, Jasper," she said breathlessly. "That was fucking amazing. I've never…"

"I know, I can feel it too, Sugar."

I didn't want to pull out of her. She wasn't moving either, so I held on to her tightly as I sat down and positioned us so that my back was leaning up against the tree, with her in my lap. We were still connected and she felt very content and comforted.

She leaned her head back on my shoulder and gazed up at me with lust and longing in her eyes. God, this woman is fucking beautiful.

I needed to know why we felt such an intense connection after only meeting a few days ago, especially under the horrific circumstances of which I took her life. But now was not the time, because my dick seemed to have a mind of its own.

I wanted to make her cum again and again, in as many different ways as I possibly could. My cock twitched inside her, already hard and ready for more. I could feel the walls of her pussy constrict around me, as her lust heightened.

"Ready for round two so soon, Jasper?" she smiled seductively.

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