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Chapter 1

"Kari what's the plan for today?" Kari looked down to see her cat-like digimon looking up at her with hopeful eyes. She smiled.

"Were going to see Tk and Patamon today remember? It's the first Friday of the month." Every first Friday of the month Kari and Gatomon would go to Tk's to hang out for the evening. It was a ritual of theirs so they could make sure their friendship would always stay in tact.

"Well then we better get you into something cute Kari." Kari looked insulted.

"What's wrong with what I'm wearing?" She asked.

Gatomon sighed. "Tk has seen you in it before. If you were something adorable that he hasn't seen on you before he won't be able to take his eyes off of you like a cat when she sees catnip."

Kari bent down to her friend. "I told you Gatomon I don't like Tk like that. Were friends and it would ruin our friendship if we went out and then broke up."

Gatomon looked up at her. "Is that it? You're scared about your friendship being ruined? Listen Kari, I've seen you around boys at school and Patamon's seen Tk with girls, neither of you are ever as happy and complete than when you are with each other. It's like the world is in harmony."

Kari looked down to hide the slight blush forming on her cheeks. She knew how she felt about Tk. She just didn't know Gatomon and Patamon had figured it out too. "What if he doesn't feel the same way Gatomon? What if it ruins everything we have together?"

"What if it strengthens it?" She added. Kari sighed knowing she couldn't win this battle with her digimon. She was the one in denial after all.

"We should get going Gatomon." Kari said.

"Not until you change that outfit of yours."

Kari looked at Gatomon annoyed as she was handed another outfit. "Gatomon this is the 5th one!"

"Yes the other four just didn't go" Gatomon explained.

Kari put on the pink skirt and the pretty white top to go with it. Gatomon clapped her hands together. "Oh this is perfect!" she said. "Now we can head to Tk's."

"Finally" Kari said and the two headed off.

Kari and Gatomon were greeted happily at the door by Tk. "Hey Kari" he said smiling "hey Gatomon."

Patamon raced over "Gatomon let's go watch TV!" Patamon begged. "Ok" Gatomon answered and the two friends raced inside.

Tk looked over at Kari. "You look really nice, but I thought you weren't going to show up." He laughed.

Kari sighed. "Gatomon felt the need to play dress up." Kari answered. "I told her we'd be late. Sorry."

Tk brushed it off. "Nah, its fine. Let's go in it's kind of chilly out." The two walked inside and over to the kitchen and sat down at the table. "So Kari" Tk began "Did Gatomon make you get all dressed up for me?" Tk smirked at her.

Kari felt herself blushing and thinking fast "No..of course not. She just wanted to try out her fashion skills and have an audience for it."

"Ok…" Tk said not believing it.

Kari looked over at the counter. "Want to make some cookies? I'm sure Patamon and Gatomon would like them."

Tk still smirking looked over at her. "Sure but I'm not a good cook."

The two went over to the counter and Kari read off the materials she needed for Tk to get. Kari being the better cook put the ingredients together. "Flour" Tk flicked some at her.

"Tk! Now its all over me." Kari sighed looking at herself but also looking at her friend laughing at her.

"Oh Kar you worry too much it's just a little bit of flower." He said pouting at her after he had brushed the flower out of her hair. She couldn't help but smile at him and give in whenever he pouted at her. She smiled. "Fine you win this time."

The two continued to cook joking with each other and laughing by the time they were done Kari was a mess from the ingredients. "Tk I think I need a shower" she said laughing from their last encounter with the sink spraying them. Tk looked at her and laughed. "Ok I'll put your clothes in the wash and you can wear some of mine."

Tk left to go wash Kari's clothes and Kari headed off to the shower. She made sure she washed as the brown sugar, flower, and whatever else Tk had thrown at her off. She wanted to at least smell good when she was around him. 'Great she thought. 'Now I care about what I smell like around him, man I'm falling for him.'

Kari finished rinsing and put on Tk's clothing. She did not look as cute as she had in the ensemble Gatomon had picked out for her, but this would have to do. After all it was his fault she had to take a shower in the first place.

She walked into the living room to see Tk sitting on the couch and laughing at some comedy he was watching with Gatomon and Patamon. The two digimon seemed to be enjoying the cookies she had made which of course made her feel good.

Kari walked over and sat next to her friend. Tk looked at her and smiled. "Hey my clothes look good on you." He said.

Kari smiled back at him. "Thanks, I guess." The two sat on the couch in silence watching the show together. Kari soon nodded off her head falling on Tk's shoulder.

She awoke to find he too had fallen asleep as well as Gatomon and Patamon. Kari looked up at the time. "Oh my god!" she shrieked jumping up and waking up everybody in the room.

Tk jumped up. "Kars what's wrong?" He looked at the clock and then at her. "Listen Kari, I'll take you home I'll explain to Tai that we just fell asleep he'll understand."

Kari started to worry. "And with what evidence Tk. Your mom's not home to back us up. Crap I'm in so much trouble. Gatomon come on we have to go."

"Kari please relax let me help you."

"No Tk not right now I have to go. I'll talk to you tomorrow ok?"

Tk looked at her sadly. "Ok Kars."

He watched as she ran out the door.

Kari went running down the stairwell of Tk's apartment building. She knew if she ran she could make it home in record time. She went as fast as she could and when she finally made it home there was someone waiting for her. Tai.

"Well Kari isn't this a nice surprise it's after midnight and where have you been let me guess Tk's." Tai looked at his little sister with his eyebrows raised.

"Tai save me the lecture I'm going to bed." Kari headed off into her room.

"Ok I'm heading out then, but expect a long lecture tomorrow." Tai said.

Leave it to Tai to go out and hang out with his friends at 12:30 in the morning Kari thought as she laid in her bed. She let the thought go though and changed her mind over to Tk. She thought about how comfortable his shoulder had been to fall asleep on. She imagined her pillow it as she closed her eyes.

Just as she did so the ground started shaking. Correction not just the ground everything started shaking. Kari's eyes shot open. 'Oh my god earthquake' she thought. The shaking became stronger and the shelves of her room started collapsing down beside her. She screamed as she ran out of the room to find her parents. Then a memory hit her. Her parent's were out for the night just like Tk's mom was. They were all at some fancy work party and since Kari and Tk's mom now worked together they were both there. Tai wasn't home either he had gone out to see his friends.

"Somebody help me!" She screamed and Gatomon came racing over. "Kari! What's going on?"

"Gatomon it's and earthquake. I'm so scared. I want Tk here now he'd know what to do."

Gatomon looked helplessly at her friend and her eyes widened as things came crashing down in the room beside her. "Kari it's not safe here!" she exclaimed. She pointed towards the door but just as she lunged to the door she noticed it was blocked. They couldn't escape. Kari bent down and covered her head and motioned to Gatomon to do the same. The too sat there in silence until the earthquake stopped.

Gatomon looked up around them. "Kari I think we're trapped."

Kari followed her digimon's eyes. "I think you're right Gatomon but how are we going to get out of here?"

"I don't know Kari."

Across town Tk pulled some rubble away from him and coughed loudly. Patamon looked up in concern. "Tk are you ok? Are we going to be ok?"

Tk looked at his friend. "Of course we are, but we have to get out of here so we can make sure Kari is ok. Man I should have never let her leave tonight."

"You didn't know this was going to happen Tk." Patamon said trying to relax him.

Tk didn't listen he just continued to move rubble around to get to the door. "She's probably scared and alone I have to get to her." When he finally reached the door and opened he looked outside. The streets were a mess. Building collapsed. People trapped. All he could think about was if Kari was ok. He left his clearly unstable building with Patamon in search to find her.


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