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Kari opened her eyes to finally see the sun shining through her window. She smiled and looked to find Gatomon still asleep at the end of her bed.

"Today's the day." She told herself. "That I'm going to tell Tk that I love him."

She jumped over to her bureau looked at herself in the mirror. She had extreme bed head, there was no way she could let Tk see her like this.

"Kari, honey can you come here for a minute?" Mrs. Kamiya yelled from the other room.

Kari walked into the kitchen to see the food burning and Tk sitting at her kitchen table horrified…oh my god Tk was at her table. Kari immediately pushed her hair down and tried to straighten up.

"Mom! Why didn't you tell me Tk was here?" Kari asked flutteringly trying to look half way decent.

"Oh, relax sweetie it's just Tk, now can you come here and help me with this food?"

Tk smirked at Kari in her pajamas blushing furiously. She looked over at the breakfast her mother had prepared. "Mom there's no saving that food…now if you don't mind I'd like to get dressed and next time warn me when I have friends over!"

Kari said running into her room to change.

"She wouldn't care if it was Yolie seeing her in her pajamas it's just cause its you, Tk." Mrs. Kamiya said throwing out her latest attempt at cooking.

Tk smiled in spite of himself and felt a sigh of relief over the fact that he would not have to eat Mrs. Kamiya's cooking.

Kari walked back into the kitchen now in a yellow shirt and a jean skirt. Her hair was clearly brushed too. "Tk since my mom burned breakfast how bout we got out to breakfast."

Tk smiled in relief, "Sounds good to me."

"Okay I'll get started on lunch!" Kari's mom yelled as Kari and Tk left the apartment.

"I'm not coming home." Kari whispered hearing her mother's words.

"How have you been?" Tk asked her softly.

Kari smiled at him. "You just saw me yesterday."

"I know…" Tk said. "But when you were missing it felt longer than just a couple of days. It was really hard."

"I was hard through the days of you not speaking to me…" Kari said sadly.

"I'm so sorry." He whispered. Kari reached over and grabbed his hand. She squeezed it slightly.

He looked over at the young pink faced girl. "Kari things have changed between us." He whispered to her.

"I know."

"You're still my best friend…but that's not all I feel about you anymore." Tk told her.

Kari looked up at him and the two sat down on a bench in front of a local café. "My feelings have changed too…"

"I've fallen in love with you Kari." Tk said quietly. "And it scares me to death. You're my best friend and I would never want to ruin that but I can't deny these feelings anymore."

"I love you too Tk." Kari said resting her head on his shoulder.

"So where do we go from here?" he asked her.

"I guess we are together now." Kari responded.

"Together forever."


8 Years later

Kari sat with her daughter on the couch. "So that was how you and daddy fell in love Mommy?" the young child asked her mother.

"Yes Sammie, that's how it happened." Kari said closing her photo album that lay in her hands.

"Mommy, daddy really saved your life in the digital world." Sammie said "and the dark world."

"Yeah…" Kari said. "He really did."

"Mommy did Sora ever end up happy?" Sammie asked sadly.

Kari sighed. "She was always happy but she had never fallen in love again. Uncle Tai was really her true love."

"That's so sad Mommy." Sammie said.

"I know dear but let's not forget that when Sora adopted Jake that was the happiest day of her life." Kari said trying to lift the little girl's spirits.

"That's right and she's a great mommy to Jake." Sammie said more confident. "I just wish she had Uncle Tai "

"I know you do. I wish you could have met him he was a great guy, but I always have a feeling that he's watching closely over us sweetie." Kari told her.

Tk walked into the home with a little blonde miniature him. "Mommy!" The little boy yelled running over to his mother.

"Hey there Aaron," Kari said hugging her son.

"Mommy I won my baseball game." Aaron told her excitedly.

"That's wonderful honey." Kari told him and Patamon came through the door behind with a little hat on and a mini foam finger.

"He was awesome!" Patamon exclaimed excitedly.

Gatomon looked up from her sleeping position on the couch. "I'm happy for all the excitement but a cat needs her beauty sleep."

"Gatomon is right it's getting late Sammie, Aaron off to bed." Kari told the young children.

"Goodnight Mommy!" Aaron said running off to his room.

Sammie stayed behind and looked at Kari. "Thank you for telling me the story mommy. Love you goodnight."

"Goodnight" Kari said as she watched her daughter also leave to go to her room.

Tk sat down on the couch next to his wife. "What story did you tell her?"

"How we fell in love"

Tk smiled "that's a good story." He said as he kissed his wife goodnight.

"The fight was worth it." Kari said softly.

"You were worth it."



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