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DISCLAIMER: I don't own Naruto. IMPORTANT!!: This fanfic does have at least two characters that use cigarettes i just wanna say I don't like smoking and I'm am not supporting it it just ended up in the fanfic (or else one part would be rather boring)

I silently jumped from roof to roof of the various buildings in Konoha. There wasn't any noise tonight in the Leaf village as though nature itself was paying respect to the fallen. The little noise that was existent was the wind whistling through my hair and the light tap of my footsteps on roofing shingles. I had to find Shikamaru before I left for Suna, I don't know why but I just had to.

When I passed over one house I could hear loud sobbing from within.

"Kurenai," I said giving a good guess of who was in the house grieving. As I passed over the silent village I saw one of Shikamaru's comrades, Choji, sitting out looking up into the dark night that didn't even glow with the evening stars. I eventually found the Nara compound dimly lit by the moon. As quietly as I possibly could I jumped over to the roof and walked towards the only noise I could hear. I reached a corner of the house and crouched down. I heard voices talking then a crash, some more talking then the door sliding open. I crouched lower and listened to footsteps walk out and then someone closing the sliding door. The person didn't move and then began to talk.

"You Suna kids can't use a door can you?" I dropped down to the walkway and saw it was Shikamaru's father who had spoken.

"No sir, this way is faster," I said.

"Temari was it?" He asked starting to walk past me.

"Yes," I answered turning to face him. He continued walking and when he noticed I hadn't moved he stopped and looked at me.

"Go on, go in," With that he turned back and walked around the corner leaving me alone. I took a breath and slid open the door and heard someone sobbing. I took a couple of steps in and slid the door closed. I slipped out of shoes and put my fan down by the entrance and then walked toward what I could only guess was Shikamaru crying in the dim light next to an overturned Shogi game. I came up behind him and sat down on my knees putting a hand on his shoulder.

"You are a crybaby, Nara," I said but it didn't hold a teasing quality.

"Temari?" He asked.

"Yeah," I said my voice close to cracking as my eyes welled up. "It's me."

Shikamaru turned around and I could see his tear stained face, which nearly tore my heart in two.

"I know he was very close to you," I said in a rather funeral tone. Shikamaru was overcome by sobs and his whole body shook with grief. I sat up on my knees and gathered the broken ninja into my arms. Then I couldn't help it, I felt one hot tear fall from my eye and land in Shikamaru's hair. There wasn't anything I could say, I hadn't known Asuma like Shikamaru had and saying that everything would be better was entirely false so instead I just held him in my arms crying with him.

I wiped a tear from my eye and lifted Shikamaru's face up he sat up and was now taller than me. I held his face in one hand and used my right thumb to brush a tear from his cheek. He closed his eyes trying to control the emotions and I pulled his face towards mine planting a soft kiss on his forehead then one on each trembling eyelid. Then I placed my lips on his.

I pulled away not because I wanted to but because I had to. I stood up and walked over to my things.

A quiet "bye" was the only thing I said as I left the room as I didn't see it necessary to add "good" to the word since the times were everything but.

It was three weeks later and I was working in Gaara's office again in Suna, shuffling papers and instructing people who had requested an audience with the Kazekage. In the stress of work I had tried a cigarette or two and seemed to take the edge off of work though Kankuro often said I was killing myself but if he had been holding up his end of the work he would want to kill himself too. I knew it was bad but in a way it reminded me of Shikamaru which helped. The thing was Gaara couldn't stand the smell so I couldn't smoke in the office, which nearly drove me insane. I was fidgeting in the lobby waiting for the Konoha representative to get here so I could take my break and kill myself. I was digging my nails into my palms when someone came threw the doorway.

"About time," I started to insult the Leaf ninja but when I examined him I stopped.

"Temari, it is pleasant," He said smirking.

"Shikamaru," I smiled. "Long time no see."

"Yeah well where's Gaara? I want to get this over with," Shikamaru said.

"Talking with Kankuro," I said lying; I just wanted a few moments alone with Shikamaru to catch up.

"I guess I'll wait," He said putting a cigarette in his mouth and fishing for a lighter in his pocket.

He smokes? I thought looking at the cigarette, that or he's torturing me. Finally he found his lighter and lit the end. I bit my lip; I couldn't stand it any longer.

"Does this bother you?" Shikamaru asked taking the cigarette out of his mouth.

"Yes," I said quickly taking it right out of his hands and placing it in my mouth and taking a deep breath. After a few puffs I took away from my mouth.

"Sorry, I was about to die," I gave a weak smile.

"Oh no problem I guess," Shikamaru went and leaned against the wall and I followed but ended up sliding down the wall and sitting on the floor.

"Why Tsuande send you?" I asked after taking another puff.

"Mostly to get me away from Konoha," Shikamaru said sliding down the wall and sitting next to me. "So I won't think of killing those filthy bastards as much."

"I don't think it's working," I said noting his tone.

"Nope," He said while I was taking another breath of the cigarette and he reached over and took it right out of my mouth. "Sharing is a nice gesture."

He smiled, took a breath and gave it back to me.

"So it is," I smiled. "Since when do you smoke?"

"Asuma…" He said leaving me to guess the ending.

"Oh," I said trying to avoid his former teacher but yet it kept coming back to Asuma.

"You?" He asked.

"Stress," I said looking off into space giving some extra emphasis that I was extremely overworked.

"Try planning to kill an immortal," He said putting on the same blank face I had been wearing.

I didn't respond just took another breath from the cigarette when I heard an angry voice call from down the hall.

"Temari?! Are you smoking again?!" Gaara's voice called.

"Crap," I cursed quickly putting the cigarette into a surprised Shikamaru's mouth and standing up.

"No," I said as Gaara entered the lobby area. He shot a glance at me but then saw Shikamaru still on the floor with the cigarette in between his lips.

Gaara looked back at me then addressed Shikamaru. "Come, lets finish this up," Gaara said showing a rare show of fatigue. I followed the two down the hall and into Gaara's office. As my little brother was sitting down behind his desk he looked at Shikamaru.

"Can you put that out?" It wasn't really a question, more of command. Shikamaru did follow the Kazekage's orders and put out his cigarette in a bowl on a small table near him.

"Okay Lord Kazekage," Shikamaru said sounding all business. He walked over and slumped in a chair in front of Gaara as I held my ground in front of the door to the office watching the meeting. "Let's start."

"Alright, I'll go first," Gaara said interlocking his fingers and resting them on his desk. "As you know Konoha and Suna have had some tensions recently."

Tension? I never knew something was going on in between the countries.

"I'm well aware of that," Shikamaru said sounding a little bored.

"Well we need a way, according to the Elders of both villages, to ease that tension and keep things smooth for as long as possible. They suggested some kind of link."

"Like what?" Shikamaru asked a little more into the conversation since it getting down to the point.

"Well they did have one thing in mind," Gaara said his face showing some uncertainty and his eyes looking past Shikamaru and staring straight at me.

Oh no.

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