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The Gates of Konoha

"Are you sure about this Lady Hokage?" A voice asked their leader who was front and center for the group's arrival.

After pouring over paperwork for who knows how long, she had decided on who would tie the knot between Konoha and Suna.

She held her chin high as the gates were pulled open. Tsuande tried desperately to hide her disappointment. None of this had gone as planned. She didn't want to be the bad guy in this story but she had no choice.

Shikamaru would be kept as far away from Temari as possible. She didn't want to take any chances.

Everyone was silent as the pair was escorted inside the city with three ninja in between them. They both sagged under the weight of the world. Shikamaru had his head down but practically radiated anger. Temari was quickly brushing away tears.

This wouldn't be a happy ending.

Tsuande turned to the young ninja that had questioned her.

"I'm not sure about anything right now," She whispered more to herself than anyone else.

Shikamaru was shoved off to the Hokage's right. Temari reached out for him and he looked back at her. There was a slight moment when you'd have thought that even this couldn't come between the two but the ninja shoved them farther apart and broke the moment.

Temari crumpled into tears again and Shikamaru looked as if he wanted to. What had happened to these two? They used to be some of the greatest warriors the ninja world had to offer and what were they doing now? Sobbing.

Love had ruined them.

Tsuande bit her lip and refused to show any emotion as Shikamaru was dragged off towards the Hokage building, however he fought back to see her announcement. She didn't want to have him see but she had no choice.

No one had a choice anymore.

"Temari," She walked over to the girl. She looked pathetic, nothing like her former self. "As you know you are to marry a Konoha ninja."

The poor Suna warrior broke out into sobs again that sliced the silence.

"And The young man I picked out has ties deeply rooted with Konoha," Tsuande stuttered. And the only one that could fight off Shikamaru and you the Hokage thought but didn't say aloud.

Temari looked up at Tsuande with a look that awoke some motherly instinct in the Hokage that wanted to take the girl in her arms and say everything was going to be alright. Nothing was going to be alright, so what was the point?

Tsuande brushed away the feeling and gestured for the man to step forward. He came up with some difficulty because a girl was hanging on his arm whispering to him not to do it.

"I believe Neji Hyuga is… is," She couldn't even think of a way to finish the sentence. The girl, Tenten who had been on Neji's Team since their Genin years, gave into grief and quietly let the tears roll down her cheeks. Temari did the same and from off in the distance a wail arose, bouncing off the buildings and echoing around the hushed village. The gray clouds too began to weep a steady drizzle on the land and Neji stood behind his mask of Hyuga reserve refusing to show emotion but obviously longing to hold Tenten's hand.

Tsuande dismissed everyone and retreated to her office, refusing to see anybody.

Hyuga Compound

The light rain had started to come down in torrents against the windows. I sat in a dim corridor, my hand on the chilly window pane, gazing blankly in the blurred world outside.

I never even got to answer him. The ninjas came back and tore us apart to escort us back to Konoha before I could reply.

My damp hair had been taken down and now laid heavily on my shoulders. I couldn't feel my fingers that were against the glass but I didn't care.

I just curled next to the window sill as a shard of lightening touched down, flashing light across the Leaf Village.

"Temari-san?" A heard a quiet voice ask. I turned to see Hinata Hyuga standing in the door way to the darkened passageway, I wondered how long she had been there.

"Yes?" My voice cracked and I felt absolutely miserable.

"I know how hard it must be for you," I gave a bitter laugh at this but she continued unfazed by my reaction. "I think what I want to say is- don't give up yet."

I looked at her puzzled. Why on earth was she telling me this? She didn't say anything else, just turned and left me.

I looked back at the rain. Don't give up yet.

After what could have been a minute or an hour I stood up.

I am Temari of Suna, daughter of the Yondaime Kazekage and sister of Godaime Kazekage, ninja of the Sand. I am Temari of Suna, a fighter, a warrior. I am Temari of Suna I will not let these ninja control me or Shikamaru! I am Temari Nara- I will not giveup!

I threw the strip of fabric I had been using to wipe my tears to the ground.

"I'm Temari," I said to myself coaxing my growing determination. "And I get what I want!"

Some might consider me crazy for sprinting through the driving rain while thunder rolled over head, but I'm sure they thought I had lost it long before then.

I had jumped from the Hyuga Compound without bothering to grab my shoes or my fan. I darted through the streets feeling an emotion welling up inside me that I couldn't quite place.

I turned a sharp corner and ran into a girl huddled under a coat. I recognized her, it was Tenten. She recognized me to and tried to turn away but I grabbed her shoulders and made her look at me.

"You love him right?" I asked her. She gave a confused nod that became more assured the longer my eyes dug into her. "Then go to him. Don't let this get in your way."

I smiled and continued my journey to the Hokage building leaving her in the middle of the street staring back at my back as I curved around the corner.

Needless to say the ninjas didn't know what to make of a shoeless Suna warrior bursting in from the rain. I just ignored them as I slipped down the hallways searching for the right room.

When I was walking down one corridor a certain door popped out at me and a smile crept over my face.

I turned the knob to find it locked. I stepped back and kicked it open, throwing myself inside and at its one occupant.

"Yes!" I shouted into his chest. He wrapped me in his arms even though I was drenched, and held me so tightly I could hardly find room to breath. "yes!"

"Yes what?" He asked pulling back a fraction to look me in the face.

"Yes I'll marry you."

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