Raised with Magic

Chapter One: White Light

I've always been told that I am abnormally smart for my age. I don't think I am. I'm already 5 years old. I've learned to understand things just by listening and asking questions. I don't think that makes me abnormal. My teachers love me. I'm told that not many five years olds are in the third grade. I don't think that's what makes me abnormal. I think I am abnormal because I don't have any friends. That, and sometimes funny things happen around me.

Mother hates that I'm different then the other kids. She never said so but the truth is always in her eyes. She always dresses me up in these ugly itchy dresses and makes me go on play dates with kids my own age. Mother doesn't let me bring my books with me and I only feel more awkward when I talk and my 'friends' don't understand what I am saying. I know I shouldn't think in stereotypes, but my Mother reminds me of 'air head blondes' my cousin Jared talks about. She isn't though, which bugs me because I don't like that she pretends to be.

Jared is awesome, he's the only one who I consider a friend, but he lives far away so I don't see him much. Jared is 11 years older then me but he doesn't think I'm abnormal. He thinks it is cool I'm in third grade and he tells me about all the cool things he does in school.

Besides cousin Jared my daddy is the only person who thinks everything is fine. He buys me all types of books that we hide from mother. He's really smart and he talks to me the same way he talks to adults. Daddy always calls me his little book worm, but only when mother isn't around. I listen to everything my daddy says, even when it doesn't sound important or my mother doesn't want me to know. Like this one time when my daddy started telling me about the 'bad stuff' in the world. Like how sometimes people might come in the house to hurt us. He said if anyone ever came into the house and they didn't introduce me to them I should hide in the secret passage way in the wall. Mother told him to stop and that he was scaring me. She told him that stuff like that would not happen and that we lived in an upscale neighborhood where the bad stuff simply doesn't happen. I listened though and I didn't realize why I should be scared until I need to follow his advice.

The bad people came into the house and they caused mother to scream and for my daddy to fight. I saw everything from my hiding place. Daddy hates violence but he tried to keep the two men away from my mother. But then there was blood. I knew it's importance from Jared's explanations of his biology class. I knew that it was supposed to stay inside of you. The two men started taking stuff like mother's jewelry and daddy's t.v. I just stayed really quite like my daddy told me to. Mother had lied, because the bad people had come to our neighborhood. The bad people had come to our house.

I don't think the men would have found me if it weren't for Leo. The passageway led to the basement and somehow Leo found a way in and out of the house from the route. Leo's my cat. He darted past me and opened the panel enough for the men to see me. I remember them coming towards me and then my arms flying to protect my head and a white light.

When I woke up, I was in a place that looked like a hospital. I would know, a while ago a girl at school pushed me and I had to go to the hospital to get stitches. But the people wore funny clothes and had these pieces of wood that did stuff for them. This one lady came in when I woke up. She called me 'sweetie' and talked to me like mother talks to babies. I wanted to ask what was going on but I couldn't bring myself to talk. The lady told me to sleep and that people would come talk to me soon. I've been awake since, but no one has come.

The door opened and I looked over, scared. A tall man with a mustache entered. Besides the weird dress like clothes on the man, he looked normal. But the men in the house had looked normal too. "Hello, my name is James Newlhouse." The man introduced himself in what I guess was a kind voice, besides the fact he was speaking down to me. "You can call me Jimmy, alright?" I just continued to stare at him, glad that he stood away from the bed.

That blessing was cut short when he sat in the chair next to my bed. Without meaning to I moved away from him and towards the other side of the bed. This kept him from coming closer. "What's your name darling?"

"Hermione." I spoke, if only so he wouldn't call me 'darling'. Daddy told me 'darling' is what people call other people they care a lot about. This man doesn't know me so he shouldn't call me that.

"Hermione, now that's a pretty name. Do you have a last name miss Hermione?"

"Hermione Granger." I answered quickly. He made me feel silly, because I hadn't answered rightly the first time.

"Alright." He wrote down what I suspected was my name on a piece of old looking paper. He used a feather and I realized this was a quill and parchment, we learned about them second grade. They were what people used before pens and paper. "Mr. Newlhouse," I started knowing that manners generally helped people understand that I could understand them perfectly fine. "Where am I?"

"Your at St. Mungo's it's a hospital for magical maladies and injuries."


"Yup. You see apart from the muggle world, the world you are used to there is a magical world and sometimes two non magic people will have a son or daughter who is magical." He explained briefly. From the way he explained this it was obvious that he had said this before. The idea of magic wasn't inconceivable, unexpected and strange sure but not unbelievable.

"Where are my parents?" I asked instead, I would worry about magic being real later.

"Hermione, your parents didn't make it." I knew he meant death. They died, and to be honest I didn't truly understand what that entails, only that they weren't going to be around anymore. But, I am five, I am allowed to let myself believe that this wasn't what he actually meant.

"What do you mean, didn't make it?" My thoughts were so steady in my head that it was surprising when my voice cracked.

"Your parents had to go away." I wasn't about to call him out on him not telling me they're dead. I understood that people expect me not to understand.

"Hermione, I'm going to need you to tell me what happened. Can you do that for me?" It wasn't until he asked me if I was able that my head begun to hurt. The feeling was odd and consistent, it reminded me of that gym class where we learned how to feel our pulse. The pain came at that beat. Besides having stitches, I've never really been in pain but this definitely topped anything I had felt before and all I wanted was my daddy. "What's the matter?" Mr. Newlhouse asked, worried. "Are you alright?"

"My head hurts." I whispered, beginning to cry. I hate crying. The water is salty and sometimes it gets on my lips so I taste it. I don't like the taste of salt.

"Okay, I'm going to get a healer to take away the pain. I'll come by tomorrow so we can talk, alright?" I tried to answer him, but all that came out was a whimper. I nodded repeatedly instead Strangely, during this, I started wondering about where Leo was only I couldn't find the words to ask.