Raised with Magic

Trade Secrets

Dear Jared,

Sorry that this will be so short but I am about to run down to Professor Snape's lab. He only has one free period and he is willing to teach me a few "trade secrets" when he has the time. Obviously, I am still at Hogwarts, I am heading home tomorrow and when I am looking forward to seeing everyone at, I will miss being here. Tonks has been a very interesting source of company these past few days. I never realized before how much you could learn about someone through someone else. Let's just say I've learned some fun stuff about Bill and Charlie.

Need to run if I am not to be late,

Love Hermione.

I got down to the dungeons via the same scarcely known passageways that the Professor himself uses to reach the dungeons. I could see some of the last lingering students leaving the area as I slid into the Professor's classroom. He was already walking towards his lab and I followed.

I have always liked Mum's lab more than the Professor's, mainly because Mum's is literally my home. Regardless, I was at ease here in his lab and I perched myself on one of the stools and waited for him to address me. Sometimes, he needs some silent time to get himself into a less bitter mood after dealing with students.

Today it took him four minutes of absolute silence in his happy place, his lab, to get back to what I consider his normal self. As I sat making as little movement as possible, he had been busy gathering a large amount of ingredients. Once he reached the point where these certain ingredients made no one thing together, I had to start dividing and figuring out what I would be making and what he would be working on. I came up with an ivy balm as my project and either a very highly complicated potion for him or he would be working on two potions. It annoyed me that I couldn't figure out what he would be making. I should know, because he has never once experimented in front of me without my Mum present.

"Start." He commanded at the end of the four minutes, when my portion of the ingredients had been placed before me. I didn't move, I was still staring at what he would be using. To my annoyance I could still not determine what he would be doing. For once since I've known the Professor, he didn't seem annoyed that some one had ignored his order. He seemed amused and that only fueled my own annoyance. I was highly annoyed.

I tried to walk through it, the ashring root was almost always used in healing potions. That is not to say I was dismissing any potions of other varieties. The doxy acid and the remy acid kicked up the power of the potion, a lot. Frog juice, harvested from the legs specifically, would set off the properties of the meer essence which was a very rarely needed ingredient. Traditionally meer essence was only used in poison antidotes but ashring would only serve to make a poison more powerful.

"Walk trough it." I ignored him, after all what else would I be doing?