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December 23,1994

"I Cant believe your leaving..and so close to Christmas." I couldn't believe it myself. Leaving my home, my family and friends before Christmas is a nightmare come true.

"Listen, next time Im in town you, me and little Drama will have to make a drinking game out of this whole thing." He laughed a little making me laugh. "And play a few game of SKATE."

"Im sure my mom would love that."

"Yeah." My flight was called. "Bye Rob. I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you even more Sara." With one last hug, I left my best friend and my home.



"I cant believe we are here! I'm at my first demo as a pro." My 15 year old was bouncing around the limo.

"Clam down love. You dont want to hurt yourself before we get there."

"Come on Ville how can I get hurt in a limo."

"You would be surprised..just ask Bammie over here."

"Ville is right Temperance." She was making be dizzy.

"Okay." She finally sat still and staired out the window.

"Did we really have to get a limo for this thing?" I asked Bam as he was trying to pour beer down Jussi's pants. "And what are you doing?"

"Yes we did. Your daughter is the next Tony Hawk. Im cooling him down." He said not stopping trying to 'cool' Jussi off.

"Mom, do you think that Tony Hawk and everyone will be there?" Temperance asked looking between me and Bam.

"I dont know. Maybe."

"Hell yeah Tony is going to be there. So is Timmy, Rob and the whole crew." Bam said finally giving up on Jussi.

"Rob Dyrdek?" I asked my mouth going dry. I felt like my heart was going to beat right out of my chest.

"Now Rob Williams. Yes Rob Dyrdek, he built this park."

"Why didn't any of you tell me this before? Tempy, I'm sorry but you cant skate today."

"What! Mom!" She was pissed.

"Sara if this is cuz' of Rob then she wont be skating an were. They are team mates. Besides we are there. Tempy run!" Bam and Temperance jumped out of the limo before I could say anything.

"Temperance! Bam!" I shouted out the door.

"Let them go. Its been 15 years." Jyrki said get out behide me.

"Yeah but.."

"But nothing, you guys were bestfriends Im sure you can pick out from the start." Linde put his arm around me. I seen Rob and a not so little Drama standing at the tents where the skaters kept food and water. It felt great to be back in L.A. but I didn't know how I could face Rob.