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Carly knocked on the door to Freddie's apartment. His mom was too distraught to answer, so he opened the door. "Hey."

"Hey. Can I come in?"


Freddie sat on the couch, but she stayed standing, too aware of the awkwardness to do anything.

"How are you holding up?"

"I've been better." He looked so tired. Carly pursed her lips.

"You guys almost got married…for me?"

"Sort of. At first. I guess I lied at the church--after we'd been pretending for a while I really did want to marry her. But not like that. Never like that."

"You guys are the best, most idiotic friends I could've asked for." Carly sat down next to him and hugged him. "You going to be okay?"


"Well, Sam's not."

Freddie frowned at her. "Why not?"

"I don't know. She won't talk to me. She locked herself in her house and she won't come out or let anyone in."

"Sam! Sam, open up!" Freddie yelled, pounding on her door. It was no use. She refused to even acknowledge him. After ten minutes of this useless effort, Freddie looked around for other ways to enter. The closest was a bathroom window. He grabbed a brick from the border that surrounded her neighbor's flower garden and threw it at the glass. It shattered into many pointy pieces. Freddie gulped, but he knew he had to brave it.

He hoisted himself up and crawled through with only minimum injuries. After dusting himself off, he peered into the house and jumped when he saw the blonde staring at him with one eyebrow raised.

"You owe me a new window."

"You owe me an explanation."

"For hiding? I didn't want to face the humiliation. Society generally looks down on bride-imposters."

"You don't care about being humiliated."

"Shows how much you know."

She looked calm enough, but when she turned to leave, he saw her shoulders shaking. Generally, when this happened, it was his cue to leave. This meant that Sam was absolutely furious, and any nerds within a half-mile radius were not safe.

"Why did you do it?" Her voice shook as much as her body, but it was pretty soft. At least she made an attempt to control herself. "Why did you tell them?"

"How could I not? Why can't you give me a break?"

Freddie was not quite so ready to bottle up his frustration.

"I thought you didn't want to marry me! You were practically crying--what was I supposed to do? Do you know how hard it was for me to say that? Do you have any idea? I didn't want this to end. Ever! But I want you to be happy, and that's what I was doing, right? Letting you go and whatever! But now you're mad again and I don't understand, what do you want me to do? What more do you want from me? What will it take to get you to cheer up? Because I hate seeing you upset, Sam. I hate it!"

"If you hate it so much, then stop confusing me! Stop rushing into everything just because you're infatuated! Stop putting your friends before yourself! Stop making me fall in love with you! You think it was any easier to watch you go when you called it off? You can't build a relationship like this, Freddie. Even I know that. It doesn't work. It damn well isn't normal. We never even dated and now we're getting married? We both should've seen some kind of disaster like this coming."

"You're not normal, I'm not normal, what the hell made you think this relationship would be normal?" He stopped. "You…was that an 'I love you' in the middle of all that crap?"

She sighed. It was all that mattered to him, love. How did he live like that, just trying to get the girls he cared for to love him back? "It might've been."

"Okay." Freddie tried to regain his previous anger, but failed. "Um…you know what, you were right. I never know what I'm doing when it comes to you and...I'm sorry I hurt you. Really, really sorry." His shoulders slumped, defeated. Sam shook her head. Who would've thought he was just as lost as her?

"Are you leaving?"

She didn't even want to see him. Perfect. Just perfect. "Yeah. Sure. See you."

"Well, don't."

"Why not?"

"'Cause I kinda feel like planning another wedding."

Freddie just gazed at her warily. Her mood swings kept him on his toes, he'd give her that. "Come again?"

"I said I want to get married. Provided you buy me a ring that isn't edible and that the ceremony's small--you know, your mom, my mom, Carly, Alex, Spencer. And we don't really need to go on a honeymoon, do we? We kind of already did."

Freddie grabbed her shoulder before she turned to walk into the house. "Sam, think about what you're saying. You don't want to date first? Not even for a little while?"

"Yeah, I do. But we might as well start organizing everything right now, because you're crazy if you think I'm wasting more than five minutes of any day planning something stupid like my own wedding."

Freddie caught a little twinkle in her eye. Thank God she was joking. He pulled her into a hug and held her tightly, but Sam pushed him away one last time and jabbed her finger into his chest.

"But you'd better make this whole dating thing really fast, Benson."


"Because we told Carly we wouldn't do anything until we got married, and I don't feel like waiting all that long."

Freddie laughed. "What Carly doesn't know won't hurt her," he murmured coyly.

"Do you really want to lie to Carly again?"

He thought about it, and terrifying images of baby showers--with him trying to use Immaculate Conception as an excuse to a very pissed off Carly--popped into his head. He paled. "You know what...we'd better not."

That decided, they made out in Sam's broken-windowed bathroom.

"Let's try this again," the priest droned. Sam glared at him. "We are gathered here to unite Frederick Benson and Samantha--"

"It's Fredward."

"What?" The priest did not appreciate being interrupted.

"My name is Fredward, not Frederick. It's like Edward, but with a 'Frrrr'."

"I have Frederick on my sheet."

"Why does everyone do that?!"

"Can we just get a move on?" interrupted Sam impatiently.

"Sam, they're going to get you married to some random Frederick idiot. We have to sort this out!"

"Like it makes a difference. Right now I'm getting married to some random Fredward idiot. I don't think the government cares."

"Evidently. Or you'd be in jail instead of at a church."

"You wanna go, Benson?"

"STOP FIGHTING!" yelled the five attendees.

The two took a deep breath. "I guess we could. Just for today."

The priest groaned. "Should I give you the annulment papers now, or after the ceremony?"

Sam nearly grabbed him by the robes. "Shut up and keep going. This marriage is going to work, so you'd better watch your mouth."

Freddie smiled. "Am I a lucky guy or what?"

"We are gathered today to join FredWARD Benson and Samantha Puckett in holy matrimony." The priest zoomed through his part of the deal. He probably had better things to do than marry two crazies who were at each other's throats. But however much they'd hated each other, however whirlwind-y this 'courtship' was, it didn't diminish the absolutely heavenly feel when their significant other finally uttered those two, tiny words.

"I do."

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