Last time:

"You have been so much trouble. Most definitely more than you are worth. I will enjoy watching the life leave your eyes when this is all over." He turned to the others. "Search her, does she have her wand?"

The man complied, his hands rougly groping Ami's form. "No sir." Ami tried to pull free, weakened by her attack and unable to.

"Where is it?" Kaden asked her.

She didn't reply, the woman approaching her and also pulling off her communicator.

Kaden stalked into the bedroom of the suite, emerging victorious moments later. Ami sighed. Of course he had found it- it had been right at her bedside.

"In the short forty minutes since your friends and the Preventers arrived they've caused quite a ruckus- the preventers are taking out all of our civilian troops and arresting them," Kaden said. "However we won't be allowing any preventers personnel to get to see our leaders. You however have received the honor. Shall we?"

He approached where the workers were holding her, generating a gaping black portal right next to them. "Move."

Part 13

"Take it easy," Ami shouted as she was thrown on the floor out of the portal harshly. Kaden smirked, looking around the room and waiting for Ami to notice where she was.

Ami wiped some blood from the side of her mouth, getting to her knees shakilly and watching as the two agents who had grabbed her backed next to a large group of youma behind a red rope on he other side of the room. The room was huge. Ami tried to get her bearings. Where exactly had she been thrown?

"What?" She muttered confusedly, turning her head and gasping as she met the stunned eyes of all of her friends. The eyes of her chained up friends. They stared back at her, wide eyed and in a shocked silence. Her eyes flew to Heero's furious eyes. He didn't look too good, seemingly having been attacked, but was focused on her being there.

Heero couldn't even find his voice, pissed beyond belief. All he had wanted to do was keep her safe, and the bastard Kaden had somehow still got her here. He would kill him today even if it was the end of him.

"A-Ami! What the hell?" Mars was first to break the silence, suddenly furious. From next to Ami, Kaden laughed.

"What? Did you really think you could keep her from us? You should have just brought her with you- it would have spared us the trouble of having to find her."

"How the hell did you know where she was?" Jupiter demanded, heated now.

"You Senshi still don't get it," Ryder said, stepping out of the dark area opposite of the youma, where he was still clutching Sailor Moon. From behind him, the remaining generals appeared, including five other generals that they had not seen before. "Our network of spies and informants is highly extensive. None of you would have been safe anywhere for much longer."

"Well then, where are the leaders you insisted on us seeing?" Uranus snapped.

"He's right here. He's just watching- observing," general Anthony said, smirking.

"What's there to observe? He wants us and here we are," Wufei said, not pleased at being chained up.

Ryder, as if to answer him, released Sailor Moon. She rushed to Ami's side, the two on their knees on the cold floor and sitting about ten feet from where their friends were chained behind them. Kaden tossed Ami's transformation wand around in his hands as though it was the most interesting toy he had ever seen.

Silence pervaded the room, the senshi and pilots exchanging glances. They had waited all of this time to see the leader- and the leader was just waiting it out.

Ami glanced around the darkened room, trying to see where someone could be hiding. The youma on the right and the generals on her left laughed at her actions, confusing her further.

The sound of more laughter reached her ears, except that this was low and felt strangely close.

A dark shadow crossed before her eyes momentarilly, and Sailor Moon must have seen it too because she clutched Ami tightly, suddenly afraid.

"Sailor Moon, what's going on?" she asked, frightened and more confused as she had just arrived. Sailor Moon's arms tightened slightly more around her waist. Was something else scaring Sailor Moon more? Ami turned her face to look at Sailor Moon's, a gasp catching in her throat as she saw Sailor Moon's huge grin and bloodshot eyes. She was screaming loudly half a second later and disentangling herself from her friend's arms, dragging herself backwards but crashing into Kaden's legs. Kaden laughed but did not move, not allowing Ami to back up any further.

"What?" Heero asked, the others sitting up and trying to see what the hell had happened.

Sailor Moon chuckled, rising from the ground in an almost eerie way as she looked down at Ami, grin still intact.

"Ami dear, that was mean." It was a frightening blend of Usagi's voice and that of a man, low and almost demonic. The generals were smiling broadly, the rowdy youma being kept quiet by the two spies on the other end of the room. Tuxedo Mask stared at Sailor Moon in shock, a million thought rushing through his head as he tried to keep up with what was happening.

"I guess I should explain," the psuedo Sailor Moon continued, laughing. "I am the leader of the Dark Alliance. I am the source of all of the power behind every member here. Unfortunately my physical form was taken from me during a battle many years ago. My powers lived on, my soul preserved through them as I came to this dimension to try and dominate here. This dimensions politics were unstable and I knew I could cause a ruckus fast here. I built a team and an empire with this rouse of the security agency- but I knew not everything would continue so smoothly. You senshi still existed in perfection in the other dimension despite many beings and powers greater than yours trying to ruin you. I knew that if I let you be, you would eventually destroy us, especially when you'd sorted your business in Crystal Tokyo.

"So I had to act fast. I needed to capture you all, and furthermore I needed to find a way to completely steal your powers. I was planning on killing you- but it seemed like such a waste to lose all of your magnificent powers. Take, for example, your friend Sailor Moon here. We tried everything to get her silver crystal to respond to us and it never worked. Perhaps I should just try taking over each of your bodies and using your powers that way," it mused, turning its attention to the still frightened Ami. "That is- everyone but you. I don't want to be in any pain and if I go inside of you I will be. Your circumstance is quite interesting. I didn't know about it before we captured your prince; he was very useful to us."

The pilots stared at Sailor Moon in shock. They had seen so much over the last few weeks and yet seeing that the leader of such a huge empire was nothing more than a spirit fueling the workers with power was almost too much. They needed to see a physical form- something solid that they could kill.

Heero shuddered as the being inside Sailor Moon turned its attention to Ami. All he had wanted to do was protect her. That was why he had left her behind. It had all been a waste. He turned his attention to Ami, who was still trying to slide away from Sailor Moon, but she was having trouble.

Another attack no doubt.

Her body was trembling and she was having more trouble sitting up, leaning against Kaden's legs involuntarilly. Kaden still did not move and Heero's blood boiled.

"You're having an attack right now, aren't you?" The odd mix of Sailor Moon and the man's voice asked her. "This is just thrilling. Your powers will have to be put to use. What can I have you freeze? This dimension? The next? I wonder- can you control it or will it just be time?"

Ami felt her head hit the floor, unable to move anymore.

"The release of your powers is near; I can feel it. As we are, thanks to you foolish pilots, in a base surrounded by preventers, maybe we should see if we can induce those powers now and get rid of them."

It turned to Kaden. "Keep that wand away from her. I don't want her to use it. I want her to give us a sample of the earth freezing powers if we can ger her to."

"How will we get her to?" Another general asked. The being within Sailor Moon smirked, and it looked oddly synical on her soft face.

"The day for her to freeze the earth is upon us and it will happen the moment she is too weak to control it. Weaken her."

It suddenly left Sailor Moon's body, a black mist rising into the air and slowly dissapearing although its voice was still loud and clear, echoeing off the walls. "Attack Sailor Moon."

The workers glanced at each other. It was a win-win for their leader. Either Sailor Moon willingly gave up the crystal or Mercury tried to protect her and resorted to showing off the powers. Their leader was a step ahead as usual.

The others chained up behind them had already set to work on trying to break free of the chains, the leaders words ringing through their ears. They had thought this would be difficult but hadn't expected any of these twists in the plan before entering the base.

Sailor Moon shook her head, trying to sit up but unable to. She felt completely drained from that creature being inside of her. Had he stolen some of her energy? She could barely keep her head up. It was the oddest and most disgusting experience and she prayed she would never have to repeat it.

"Sorry Ami," she offered, knowing the girl had been frightened.

"Don't apologize," Ami muttered, trying to sit up and bear through her attack. She had to be strong. Everyone was chained up and he had just given a very exact command about attacking her leader.

"I'll go first," Ryder said, stepping forwards. "Sorry about this my princess, it'll only hurt a little while. Oh- and the effects of my leader being inside you will probably wear off but not for another hour or so. He feeds off your life energy while he is within you if you were wondering. You'll get used to it eventually."

Sailor Moon shuddered at the thought, trying to keep her eyes open and watch Ryder.

A black ball of energy formed around his hand and he chucked it at where Sailor Moon laid. Tuxedo Mask yelled loudest of all, nearly breaking the chain holding his left hand but still unable to free himself.

The others behind them also looked up, screams and shouts ringing through the air. A new scream followed but it was Sailor Moon's. "Ami no!"

Heero's blood ran cold, watching as Ami collapsed on top of Sailor Moon. She had somehow managed to get to her feet and had taken the hit on her back.

Ami attempted to sit up now, still conscious as Sailor Moon helped her as much as she could move. "Ami! Ami, are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine," Ami responded, trying to get her bearings as she leaned back and sat in front of Sailor Moon tiredly, facing her.

"Ami why did you do that?" Sailor Moon asked, again trying to sit up but failing, her head hitting the floor. "Oh my God, we're in trouble. What did he do to me?"

"Relax Usa," Ami said, trying to keep her voice from wavering. Kaden watched Ami critically from where he stood by the pair.

Heero relaxed slightly when he saw that Ami was somewhat okay, but tensed up as he watched Kaden and the others. They definitely weren't done. What were they trying to do? Kill Ami? Weaken her body so much that she couldn't control her powers and released the ice on this planet? Weaken Sailor Moon to the point of submitting the crystal willingly? Or were all of these things just a rouse for the bigger picture- the fact that the Dark Alliance leader simply enjoyed watching people suffer? At this he turned back to his chains with more urgency.

Tuxedo Kamen, in his fear for Sailor Moon, had seriously damaged the chain holding his left hand. He was now tugging frantically on the weakened chain to try and break it first.

Wufei and Pluto, from behind him, followed his lead and put all of their energy into trying to break the chain on only one of their hands first. Heero followed suit, watching as the other senshi and pilots caught on.

"My turn," Kaden said, raising his hand and forming an attack similar to Ryder's. He chucked it at Sailor Moon with a blank look on his face, unsurprised as Ami moved again and took the hit, this time in her right shoulder.

Sailor Moon screamed again. "Ami stop!" Her heart was thundering in her chest and she could barely form the words let alone breath properly. The situation was out of control.

"Now it's mine," General Anthony said. "No I'll go," Cole and Lucas said together, three more attacks racing towards the two.

Sailor Moon screamed louder this time as Ami blocked her body with her own, beginning to sob. Ami weakly tried to sit up, covered in blood.

"Ami stop, please stop," Sailor Moon begged, unable to stop her crying.

Heero, who had broken his left chain much like the others, had set to work on his right chain. He was panicked, yelling at the senshi.

"What is she doing? Tell her to stop!"

The senshi shook their heads, tears streaming down their faces as they furiously tried to break their remaining chains.

"We can't Heero, just focus on freeing yourself," Venus said, Neptune nodding. His jaw dropped.

"What do you mean you can't?"

"It's her duty," Mars explained, finally breaking the chain on her right wrist and moving to break the chain on her left.

"It's all of our duty," Venus clarified as she broke her chain too. "We owe our allegiance to our princess. We would have all done the same."

Heero furiously broke the final chain on his right hand, hearing a few of the other senshi's chains breaking as well. Ami's mentality about her own life sounded a lot like his old view of his life and he couldn't allow this to happen.

From behind him, most of the Senshi were free except for Saturn. Wufei and Pluto were bent next to her, helping her break free. The sounds of the senshi attacking the generals reached his ears and he was momentarilly blinded as the attacks flew past him, stopping the generals in their assault. The furious shout of the leader broke through the sound as the youma were released from where they had been held on the right, the room becoming madness instantly.

Screams tore through the air, the battle vicious. Heero dodged senshi's attacks, youma attacks, and generals, having no time to wonder how his friends were doing and racing towards Ami. Tuxedo Kamen was at his side, obviously running for Sailor Moon.

He spotted her unmoving form on the floor, none other than Kaden crouched next to her. Tuxedo Mask, nearly at Sailor Moon, gasped as he was tackled by Ryder.

The two fumbled around on the floor, Tuxedo Kamen freeing himself and then immediately throwing himself to the side as Ryder's attack narrowly missed him.

"Watch out!" Sailor Moon shouted, trying her best to crawl from the spot she lay but unable.

"Hey!" Kaden looked up as Heero's precisely aimed kick connected with his face, knocking him away from Ami.

He fell to his knees, turning her over and gasping at how much blood she was covered in. How many times had she been hit? Her eyes were open, glazed over and watching him weakly.

"I'm sorry," she muttered, her mouth filled with blood. "I didn't see them until they were in the room surrounding me."

"Don't apologize," he replied furiously, dodging as a scream from Ami reminded him that he still had Kaden to worry about. Remembering he had an extra strapped to his leg beneath his pants, he reached down and pulled it out, holding it towards Kaden.

Kaden didn't hesitate to move, the bullets missing him as his fist connected with Heero's face for the second time that month, knocking him away. The gun clattered to the floor amongst the madness of everyone else's fights, Heero trying to get to his feet quickly but still reeling from the hit. He had forgotten how otherwordly Kaden's strength was.

Kaden knew what Heero wanted and how to get to him, bending down and picking Ami's nearly unconscious form off the ground.

"Let's really piss off your boyfriend over there," Kaden mused.

"N-no," Ami muttered, shifting and trying to grab at her transformation wand in Kaden's hand. He wouldn't let it budge, shaking her slightly and watching as she stopped trying to grab it. It was too easy. She was so sick and wounded that it was like he was dealing with an infant.

Heero tried to look on the floor for his gun, rolling out of the way of a youma's attack and nearly being burned alive as he stood and then ducked once more. He rolled to the ground, spotting Duo and Mars a few feet away but not lingering on it as the masses of fighters shifted and he saw Kaden holding Ami. He had to focus. The gun!

A moment later he rushed towards the pair, Kaden spinning around to face his haggard form.

"Yes? Did you find your gun? Do you even remotely have a way to fight me right now? You can't beat me. I'm stronger, faster, and I'm not easy to kill. Surrender yourself and I will make your death quick."

Heero's blood was boiling, never having been more angry than he had become in the last twenty minutes. This was ridiculous. This was beyond ridiculous. The asshole just wouldn't die. He thought back to all of the times he had beat him- the countless bullets he had put in Kaden...and yet here he was.

He needed...he needed help. Damnit. Where were the preventer's troops? Surely they had taken over everywhere else by now- why not this floor?

"Mars watch out!" Duo called, tackling her to the floor as two youma attacks connected where she had stood.

"Thanks," she said, out of breath from the fighting already.

"No time for chit chat," Anthony's voice interrupted, the two on their feet in less than a second as the floor burned beneath them.

From where Venus and Quatre fought, Venus tried to see her friends. There were so many youma in the room that spotting her friends was tough.

She destroyed the youma in front of her, dodging an attack from another and nodding as Quatre shot it a few times. Cole was in her face a moment later, backhanding her and knocking her to the ground.

"You still have me to worry about Venus, don't forget!"

Jupiter could see the outers and Wufei fighting four generals and several youma but could do nothing to help as she and Trowa were in a bind of their own. The general before her, Dominic, had Trowa pinned down by three youma and was currently threatening him.

"I'll release him but you must come now, or else he dies."

"Come now and leave your leader?" She questioned, raising a brow.

"My leader will survive this day after this base falls, if it falls," Dominic replied.

Jupiter raised a brow. What did he mean by that?

"Haven't we told you Senshi a million times?" Dominic asked with a laugh. "Our network is hugely extensive. We have more employees than you would like to count. Not at this base, no, but on their own and waiting for commands. Even if your preventers kill everyone inside this base, they won't be able to kill our master and he will gather his other workers and start again."

Kaden wasn't moving, just staring at Heero. The sounds of the battle raged around the three but all Heero heard was silence. Why had Kaden stopped gloating? Why wasn't he attacking him?

A black shadow shrouded Heero's vision a moment, and he stumbled back a step, feeling a pressure in his head and chest. "What?"

Ami focused her energy, trying to stay conscious despite the agonizing pain from her attacks and injuries. Kaden, carrying her, walked forwards and silently offered her to Heero.

Her eyes widened. Why was he letting Heero take her? A trick of some sort?

She was deposited quickly into Heero's outstretched arms, Kaden's face blank and not giving away what he was doing. Heero's face was emotionless as he stared at Kaden, and Ami turned her attention from his face to how he was holding her. She was in his arms, but he wasn't holding her close to himself. He was holding her away like she was a complete stranger or unfamiliar toy, and he was soon glancing down at her oddly. it couldn't be. Kaden had taken a couple of steps away, still watching as Heero began to speak. Only it wasn't just Heero's voice. It was a blend of his and that evil spirit, the leader.

"Why haven't you shown me your powers? Did we not inflict enough harm? Are you really that durable?"

Ami felt herself completely lose hope in that moment.

"I can't," she replied. "I can't control it- please leave him alone."

"Leave him alone?" He responded, raising a brow. Ami felt so odd, staring at the face of someone she cared so much about and fearing him so much at the same time. "So you care about this pilot? Well I hate to break it to you, but as a normal human he won't survive very long with me in his body. I'm draining his life energy by being inside of him. Perhaps I should just keep his body."

"No," she begged. "No, please leave him. Leave him and I will go with you, wherever you're going to run and start a new base. I'll go now."

"Ah, you want me to flee and fight another day? You think I've given up because your preventer's have taken over. No! You are going to freeze this city and kill them all and you are going to do it now! You're in my control now. Do it."

She shook her head. "I can't. I don't know how."

"Maybe if she's transformed?" Kaden offered, and the leader shook Heero's head. "No fool, keep that wand away from her." He turned his attention to Ami, releasing her from his arms and watching emotionlessly as she hit the hard floor.

"Do it. Show me some of your power." She didn't move, and he stepped on her blood covered back. "Now!"

She groaned, shifting but not moving. The leader smirked, speaking. "You have to make it so damn difficult, don't you?"

He kicked her in the stomach, blood filling her mouth, and continued to do so. A good kick accross her forehead had her head spinning. Reaching down, he picked her up off the ground by her t-shirt and held her up at eye level.

"Ready yet?"

She could only shake her head, gasping as he threw her to the floor. "Do it now! Or I will drain the life out of him!" He crouched down next to her, bringing his lips to her ear.

"Tell me Mercury, are you in love with this pilot?"

Her eyes widened at the question, Kaden's head perking with interest as he took a couple of steps closer. She tried to sit up, but the leader pushed her back down, her head hitting the floor and her back killing her.

"You see while inside of him, I know all of his thoughts. There hasn't been a thought that has crossed his mind in the last month that hasn't revolved around you. He is... completely in love with you. I wonder, do you feel the same or is he just convenient for you?"

Ami's eyes began to sting and she blinked back her tears. Unbelievable.

"Answer me, do you love him?" The leader prodded, Ami knowing the answer immediately. It was what she hadn't even been able to admit to herself yet.

"Yes." Kaden crouched down at her other side, leaning forwards slightly to hear her.

"Are you using the term lightly?" Kaden asked. "You couldn't love him if you're letting us just kill him like this."

The leader looked at Kaden with appreciation. Kaden was his best man. He always knew what tactic he was going for.

"I do, more than anything," Ami responded earnestly. "Please leave him alone."

"That's not enough; I asked you to use those powers. Can you really be that selfish? Even after the man did all of this for you?" The leader asked, Ami having made the mistake of looking at him and catching the blue eyes of Heero as he spoke.

She tried to stop her tears, unsuccessfully this time. "I can't. Please. I'm begging you."

"Ungrateful girl. I don't even like the guy and I think you're selfish," Kaden added. "You're just a terrible human being. You're using him."

She continued to cry, shaking her head. "Please."

The leader smirked, beginning to speak and gasping. "He's- he's fighting me off. Unbelievable; no one's ever done that."

He suddenly fell back, Heero's body limp as the black shadow floated out of his body and above them, before dissapearing, likely somewhere else in the room.

"L-leader?" Kaden called.


Kaden look down at Heero's voice, screaming murderously as Heero fired three shots at his face.

Kaden fell back away from the pair, screaming in agony.

Heero kept his gun trained on him, although he was too weak to actually get off the floor from the leader of the Dark Alliance inhabiting his body.

"Remember when you asked me earlier if I found my gun? I found it," he said stoically, shooting four more rounds at Kaden. He wondered if Kaden would try to escape, but to where? Kaden always came here.

Heero crawled over to the agonized man, as quickly as he could manage, taking Ami's wand from his hand and sliding it backwards towards where she laid. Ami grabbed a hold of it, trying to sit up.

"I have to transform." Blood filled her mouth as she tried to talk and she turned away, spitting it on the floor.

"No, relax," Heero said, his gun trained on Kaden. Kaden was not moving, groaning in pain.

"You can hurt him as much as you'd like with that gun, we both know it won't kill him," Ami replied, weakly raising her hand in the air.

"Mercury Crystal Power."

The light momentarilly blinded him, and soon Mercury as on her knees and ushering for him to move away from Kaden. He did so, gun still trained on him.

Mercury stood all the way, back hunched but somehow on her feet.

"Take it easy, how are you standing?"

"I'm stronger in this form," she assured him, "let me kill this bastard."

Heero nodded, more than happy to let her do so.

"Mercury ice storm!"

The attack enveloped Kaden's body, causing him to scream again, before encasing him in a thick layer of ice.

"Will that do?" Heero asked quizically, frowning at the ice statue of Kaden.

"That's my strongest attack," Mercury replied, collapsing to the ground but pointing at Kaden's form. "Look."

The ice was crumbling to tiny pieces and dissapearing- as was Kaden's body.

Heero relaxed only for a moment, crawling towards Ami but gasping. Her transformation was faded in the blink of an eye, returning her to her bloodied clothes. Her body was trembling more than usual, and she was unresponsive. What set him off most was her eyes, normally a deep blue, now a pale icy color.

He wanted to call for help, knowing that the room was much quieter as the Senshi had killed most of the youma and likely all the generals. he looked around. It was true. The generals were dead, and only a handful of youma remained.

The leader's voice, although he was unseen, echoed off the walls of the room.

"Yes! Time for the freeze!"

The room shook, Heero gasping as he realized Ami was causing it, her body beginning to glow a pale blue color. It wasn't a second before Sailor Pluto dove next to him, scooping Ami up off the ground and waving her time staff. A black portal opened up, Pluto moving through it and it closing behind her with a flash.

Heero, on the floor and mouth agape, turned to stare at any nearby senshi for answers. The whole ordeal had taken only about three seconds.

"No! No! No! No! No!" The leader's furious voice bounced off the walls, any remaining youma cringing and falling to their knees. "She's wasting the powers and freezing the other dimension!"

"You'll have to forget about that and deal with us!" Uranus shouted up at the ceiling, the group looking around for the spirit.

"I won't have to do anything! Do you think my base is my only source of power and workers? I will gather my remaining subjects on this planet and build a bigger network and base! You shall see!"

A huge gust of wind tore through the room, knocking anyone who was standing to the floor. Then the wind stopped, and the senshi and pilots looked around in confusion. The room felt lighter, and the few still alive youma had been taken away wherever the leader had gone to.

"God damnit! That monster is still lurking in this dimension!" Uranus shouted furiously, Wufei sharing her sentiments with a lot of cussing. Neptune approached with Saturn, Venus and Quatre at her heels.

Duo rushed towards Heero, yelling as Heero's hand shot out and grabbed his ankle, knocking him to the floor.

"Heero buddy, take it easy!"

"Where did Pluto take Ami?"

Mars rushed over, helping Duo up.

"To our world. To freeze the earth."

"I don't know what's going on," Sailor Moon offered as Tuxedo Kamen carried her over. "We're supposed to be frozen with our planet too, and we're all here...and that monster got away."

"This is crazy," Jupiter said, glancing at Trowa. "How long does it take to freeze a planet?"

The bizarre question caught everyone off guard, silence pervading over the group. The sounds of shouting interrupted as the preventers troops broke down the door at the opposite end of the room, Quatre approaching them and speaking. "The leader got away!"

Heero stared up at the ceiling, hoping his stremgth returned soon. Where was Ami? He needed her to be okay. The thought of her freezing an entire planet sickened him.

Ami blinked back her tears, looking up at Sailor Pluto. Her body was glowing a pale blue color, and Pluto stood next to where she laid on the grassy hilltop, slowly beginning to freeze over like the rest of the planet.

"It hurts."

Pluto also bit back her sobs. "I know. It's because you accumulated the power too fast and you're injured too badly. I- I don't know if-" Pluto stopped herself, watching as the raw power left Ami's hands. She couldn't bring herself to tell Ami what she feared the most. Ami's body wouldn't survive this.

The group was in a five star suite in Garderville, awaiting the return of Pluto. It had been an hour and a half here but it felt like much longer. Heero had reserved his own room, needing to be away from everyone else.

On top of the dissapointment of the Dark Alliance leader escaping, he was in a frenzy about Ami. He didn't want anyone seeing him like this. Would she be back soon? Time ran differently in her dimension- faster.

Heero sank into a chair, putting his head in his hands. He had to stop thinking- he was going to drive himself mad...

"Not very sharp for the perfect soldier."

He jumped, seeing Pluto standing before him. She looked tired and her eyes were bloodshot. His eyes moved from her face to the bloodied woman she was carrying.


She passed the unconscious woman to him, speaking.

"She's alive...but just barely. Her wounds have been quickly patched but...her body is so weak. Her heart rate is...slow. I-I don't know what more can be done for her or how long she'll hold on."

Pluto detransformed, turning and stalking out of the room. "I must go up to the other floor and talk with the others. We have too many situations on our hands."

Heero was rarely empathetic but he felt for her. The world of the senshi was frozen, and they were supposed to be with it to create their kngdom. The enemy had escaped, hundreds of Garderville security agents in custody but none of them talking. Worst of all was Ami.

Ami. Nothing else in particular mattered to him.

He sat on the corner of the bed, staring down at her unmoving form. His eyes hardened. She would be fine. He loved her and she would be fine. He knew so because any woman that could love a man like him had to be strong enought to survive this. He laid her on the bed, covering her with the blankets, and laid next to her. He laced his hand through hers, staring up at the ceiling of the room and exhaling slowly. She would be fine.

epilogue coming