Ron's P.O.V

We're all so worried for him. I feel so useless and restless as I watch him struggle to survive each hour. I know we can do nothing more than what's already been done, but Harry's my best mate and I can't imagine my life without him. I would give anything to switch places with him. My mind had its own dark memories, but nothing like what I've witnessed the past few days.

I can imagine Hermione sitting at my side like Malfoy sits by Harry's now. I never thought the day would come where I would welcome Malfoy's presence in the same room as me, but Harry wants him here and I would never want to do anything that would worsen his pain right now. Hermione convinced me to accept him, but it was hard. I had never seen the face of Voldemort so when my mind thought of the face of evil it was Malfoy's face I saw.

It was hard for me to hate anyone who loved Harry though. Anybody who did couldn't be a totally horrible person. Harry drew people to him like flies to honey and once they met him he changed them. He had taught Hermione that death was not worse then being expelled from Hogwarts. He had taught me to not get angry so quickly and to sacrifice. Harry brought out the best in people without even trying. If anyone could make Malfoy a good person, it would be him….. And Malfoy had seemed to quite down since the war ended. I can't remember the last time that he made fun of me or Hermione, let alone Harry.

Till Hermione pointed it out I also noticed that Harry seemed to disappear at the same times as Malfoy. I can't believe I never noticed. Harry's always said that I could be as blind as a bat when it came to things I didn't want to see. I couldn't see that Hermione liked me until I was so jealous of the boy she was seeing that I hit him. She of course tended to me after I was beaten to a pulp by the guy and called me an idiot in 5 different languages. Only then did I realize how much she cared.

The group in the hospital wing wondered with silent anxiety when Harry would once again be forced to relive one of his life's horrors. Hermione and Ron sat together in an overly plush chair to Harry's left and Draco kept his stake-out on Harry's right. Madam Pomfrey checked his vitals from time to time and grimaced so hard each time all her wrinkles seemed deeper and her face older. As noon approached the atmosphere grew tenser and Harry's breathing shallower. Remus reentered the room just as the clock tower chimed and like the day before Harry levitated up from his bed and the bubble took form. The memory came quicker this time, the cloudiness coming and going much more rapidly than usual. Soon there was nothing but the memory filling the sphere.

It looked like they were in the same house as the first memory. The Dursley's house. Harry came into view right away, still only a child of 6 or seven. His face was much like it was in his spell induced sleep, pained and pale. The little green eyed angel was dressed in the same kind of over sized rags that he usually wore in his memories, and they seemed to hang of him more then they had done the last time they had seen him. Sweat slide down little Harry's face in waves and he swayed slightly from his place in the center of the living room. He was obviously sick, so sick that he should have been tucked away in a snug bed, not carrying a backpack and being pushed out the door into the rain by his aunt. Mrs. Dursley was buttoning up Dudley's rain coat and placed a large matching yellow rain hat on his head. Not a drop would touch her son's head, but the same could not be said of Harry. A worn thin sun hat that had seen too many years of wear sat on top his head and offered a thin membrane of cover over his mass of raven hair. Only the hat was any indication he was aware of the fact it was raining buckets. How his aunt cooed and fretted over her child while Harry shivered and shook of chills. It was sickening to those watching to see her obvious disinterest in their savior's care.

"Oh my Dudleykins don't you look cute! So handsome and snug!"

Dudley ignored the praise and wiggled to get out of his mother's hold.

"We're going to be late mum!" He whined loudly, breaking free of her grasp and landed right on top of Harry.

The boy dropped like a rock at the slight disturbance to his already shaky balance. Dudley stepped over him as though he was nothing more than a bump on the road and stood in the doorway while Harry struggled to right himself.

"Hurry up brat! I don't want to be late for morning juice!"

Dudley roughly kicked Harry's side and the raven recoiled at the blow, groaning pitifully.

Petunia rolled her eyes and picked the young boy up roughly, shoving him to his feet.

"You will not make my Dudleykins late! Get going!"

The door was slammed shut in Harry's face and the boy swayed on his feet.

The cool moist air seemed to cool his skin and the tot closed his eyes blissfully for a short moment.

Apparently to Dudley that moment wasn't short enough.

With thoughtless roughness he shoved little Harry down the walkway.

"Hurry up you little wart! I won't be late because of you."

Dudley made his way down to the sidewalk and waddled as fast as his little legs would carry him as Harry followed after with shaky steps and did his best to stay up right. He couldn't even keep up with Dudley's slow pace and it seemed like every little gasp was harder to take than the last. Finally the little raven haired child could go no farther and fell sideways into a hedge like a sack of potatoes.

Rain pelted his pale little face as he laid in the Fall remains of a flowerbed. He looked like a corpse surrounded by fading flowers and dying weeds. His eyes blinked in a dazed way at a gray sky and gasped for each little breath. A small moan was the only other noise he seemed to make and even it was too raspy to be heard. He curled himself up into a little ball and shivered weakly as his clothes became fully drenched. The only indication of time passing was the darkening skies above as the next couple of hours seemed to only pass as minutes for those in the hospital wing. Finally stars appeared threw the clouds and shone brightly above him.

The porch light of the house who's backyard he was in turned on abruptly and cast a warm glow on Harry's barely conscious face.

An elderly woman with a tiny little Yorkie dog on a leash came out and followed the dog as it searched for a suitable place to go. The dog seemed to notice Harry after sniffing around for a moment and tugged at the end of it's leash to reach him.

"Spunky? What is it Deary? Did you find another skunk?"

The little pup pulled the leash out of his owner's hands and ran straight to Harry and licked his face.

Harry barely squirmed at the sudden slobber attack and let out a tiny groan. The older woman came over to investigate and shone a tiny flashlight in his direction.

"Spunky? Oh my Goodness! Harold! Harold, there's a little boy out here! I think he's hurt! Oh Harold call an ambulance!"

She rushed to Harry's side and cradled his little head on her lap.

"Oh little boy can you hear me? Can you tell me your name? Harold!"

The bubble filled with blackness as the dreamer passed out and when it lit up again Harry was staring at the ceiling from a hospital bed. He looked to his side weakly and instead of a happy visitor he was met with the glaring face of his uncle. The man's face was so red and hateful that Harry tried to move away from him with what little strength he had left. An IV held him where he was and kept him from moving very far. A shiver that had nothing to do with his sickness went down his spine and he pulled the covers up higher as though to protect himself from the upcoming rage.

"Uncle, I'm so sor-"

His uncle cut him off before he could finish apologizing with a withering glare.

"You will not speak you little annoyance. You will not say one word to these people. Your punishment will be discussed later after we get out of this place…Dam people not minding their own business. At least you didn't go and die. We never would have heard the end of it. Dam nuisance."

Harry winced lightly at his words and slipped back into unconsciousness as his uncle looked up to face a disgruntled nurse.

When Harry opened his eyes again a smiling woman in a blue suit was looking down on him.

"About time you woke up young man. I was starting to worry. How are you feeling?"

Harry looked around franticly for his family and smiled in relief when he saw they weren't there.


He didn't speak after that, even though it looked like the woman wanted him to.

"I'm told your name is Harry, correct?"

The green eyed child eyed her warily and nodded.

She smiled even brighter and they could see Harry didn't trust it.

"My name is Mrs. Stilt, but you can call me Sue. I'm here to find out why in the world you were out in the rain with pneumonia. Why weren't you kept home from school?"

Harry gave no reply and stared at the woman blankly, listening to his uncle's instructions and not speaking.

The woman continued talking, but her words became sluggish as the bubble clouded over and misted.

Harry drifted back to his bed slowly when the bubble disappeared and returned to his unending slumber. It was hard to bear the look of anguish on his face and Draco was quick to run to his side and offer him some comfort. The group was so focused on the sight that they all flinched when Snape entered the room with a dramatic flourish.

His smile was triumphant as he looked around the room and caught the eye of all those there.

"I've found the reversal potion." He stated smugly, only allowing the barest hints of pride peek through. Whatever reaction he was expecting was obviously not the one he thought he would receive as an overjoyed Hermione threw her arms around him and squealed in delight.

"Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!" She gushed.

Snape turned positively green at the contact and leaned away from the teen's embrace. Ron looked positively sickened at his girlfriend's behavior and glared at the potion master fiercely.

The room was soon filled with repressed laughter and beaming smiles as the news sunk in. Only Draco didn't stare at his godfather and instead chose to gaze with tear filled eyes at his love. Praying that soon Harry's eyes would be gazing back.

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