Title: Take Me to the Dance?

Author: justme_jane

Summary: George wants to go to the dance with Fred. Fred wants to go with…? Fred/George slash!

Word Count: 182

Rating: R

Warnings: Incest, mostly, I guess. Oh, and slash, too, if that really needs warning… O.o

A/N: FINALLY I've gotten this out! I hope you guys don't mind my change of pairing for once, just a brief change, however, but, erm… enjoy, either way!!! :D

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the Harry Potter series, or anything associated with it, only this plot and story. And if I had written them, the whole series would have gone more along the lines of this and would have shown my absolute love for slash between these two lovely boys. ;)


"You know, Fred…"

"Yes, George?"

"I'm not too sure I really like you asking Angelina to the Yule Ball…"


"Well, yeah. I mean, think about it. You get to take Angelina, but who would I take? I'd much rather go with you, Freddie…"

"…I'm sure you can find somebody."

"Oh sure, maybe just a pity date – but how much fun would that be? None, that's right."

"We can't go together, George, you know that. People would see-"

"Exactly my point, Freddie. I want people to see. Then they would at least know that we're together, no one would care – well, maybe except for Ronniekins, he might mind a bit, but who cares, really?" he punctuated his words with a small, subtle roll of his hips against his brothers, taking mind of the engorged cock against his own.

"Nnghh…" Fred grunted, trying desperately not to throw his head back in ecstasy as he took in the many sensations running through his body at the moment. "Oh Merlin… fine. You win."

George could only smirk in triumph.

He should have been a Slytherin.


A/N: Okay, so this really has taken me too long(!) to get written, but that's really only mostly because I have never before written a Fred/George fic, so… er, yeah. Hope you like this, anyhow, and I hope it wasn't too painful for my first Fred/George!!! :D LOL. Oh, and also notice that I sort of... changed what happens in GoF with the Yule Ball and who Fred and George go with, hahaha, but I felt like doing it, so... yeah. LMAO. XD