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Chapter 23

The Hermione Slap down

Sunday had been a day of hell for Harry. First the mind quake, then the recovery from it. Hermione's concern was appreciated but her drive to find a way to keep it from happening again was grating on Harry's nerves. He tried telling her several times that it would not happen again but she just wouldn't listen.

At first he thought he had found a kindred spirit in Hermione, he was coming to realize that she wasn't anything like him. Oh she had a near perfect memory just like Harry but she didn't use it the same way he did. She was all about facts, even if those facts were incorrect and when someone tried to correct her, she would pull out a book to prove she was right not caring if the book was also wrong.

Harry knew she meant well with all her fussing and that she was just worried about him and that it was the worry that had her forgetting everything he had been trying to teach her.

Harry had tried over the past week to show her that books were not always right, that you had to think for yourself and check multiple sources before coming to any conclusion. He knew it would take time to break her habit, to change the way she processed everything. The question was, did he want to take that time? Harry had enough on his "to do list"; he was finally coming to understand that he was only one person, an eleven year old kid at that. He didn't need to solve the world's problems all by himself.

Hermione was a problem that Harry just wasn't sure he could solve. He would talk to Professor Flitwick after classes today and see if he could help. Harry liked Hermione as a friend but he just could not take much more.

Harry had called Sirius the night before and told him what had happened. Sirius was upset and wanted to come to the castle and see him personally but Harry talked him out of it saying that he was fine now. Harry wanted to see Sirius just as much but knew it was a bad idea still for either him or Remus to go anywhere near Dumbledore.

Tula had been fussing over him all morning and wanted him to stay in the tower for breakfast. After dressing for the day and against Tula's wishes, Harry made his way to the Great Hall for breakfast. It was still early but he wanted to be there before his friends to show them that he was ok.


Dumbledore wasn't happy, not in the least. Poppy, after informing him that Snape was awake, had been keeping him away from Severus all day, he wasn't even allowed in the hospital wing. She had called in a mind healer from St. Mongo's, though it was within her rights to do so, it was also completely unacceptable.

It wasn't that Severus didn't need a mind healer at this point, Albus was quite sure he did, it was the chance that the healer would discover some if not all of the compulsion charms that Albus had put on the Potions Master over the years, all for the greater good mind you. He was starting regret some of those actions at this point.

Albus had spotted the potential in Snape back when he was still a student at Hogwarts. He had looked in to Severus's mind and found someone that he could, with a little magic, manipulate into becoming a spy for him within Voldemort's followers. Severus had the soul of a good man but he also had a lot of hate in him. Severus had been abused by his muggle father and hated the man for it; that hate had somehow transferred to James Potter after Severus was sorted into Slytherin.

What kept Severus from going completely dark was his love for Lily Evens. The two of them had been close friends for a couple years prior to starting at Hogwarts. Severus had been the one to tell Lily that she was a witch and had even taught her a few things about the wizarding world.

Albus had fostered the hate, turning Severus just dark enough to join Voldemort's forces with the constant rivalry between Severus and James Potter helping Albus's plans. Severus would have begun spying for Albus regardless of the events of that October night, those events had just moved Albus's timetable up.

If the compulsions were discovered he would be in a lot of trouble. Merlin knew he was already in trouble. Amelia Bones was already investigating him, going back through everything he had ever done. Some of those things could and would see him spending several if not all his remaining years in Azkaban.

He had removed all the traps from the third floor corridor and was going to announce that at breakfast today. The stone was in his office under a Fidelis Charm. Albus was disappointed that his plan to bait Voldemort was in ruins. The Auror had been through the third floor corridor with a finely tuned wand within two hours of the confrontation with the head of the DMLE.

The only good thing to happen in the past few days was the one inroad he had with Harry. Albus had been allowed to help the boy and it was very informative. Harry was a Master Occlumans; it wasn't surprising with everything Albus had learned so far about the boy, not to mention the power that Harry had.

"Maybe it's time for me to retire Fawkes?! No, no, I must see this through." Albus spoke out load. Fawkes just looked at Albus with sad eyes. Fawkes knew his companion was coming back toward the light but he was still slipping along the way.


The fire turned green in Madam Pomfrey's office fireplace, Amelia stepped out of the green flames, the floo shutting down behind her. She had received a floo call moments earlier from Madam Pomfrey at Hogwarts requesting that she come to the school.

"Poppy, now will you tell what his is all about?" asked Amelia as she noticed Poppy behind her desk.

"Amelia, thank you for coming…" replied Poppy with a scowl on her face. "I had to call a Mind Healer in from St. Mungo's…"

"It's not Lord Potter is it?..." Amelia interrupted.

"No, no…" Poppy got a quizzical look on her face. "What's your involvement with Lord Potter? Never mind, that's for another time. It's Severus Snape, are you aware that he has had two attacks of some kind, like his mind has been taken from his body? No?"

Amelia just kept her neutral face. She was aware that Harry had trapped Snape out of his body once, Sirius had informed her of Snape's attack on Harry and the results of it, and she was already planning to bring charges against the man. She wasn't informed about the second attack and figured Harry had something to do with it.

"Well this time when he came back his mind was severely injured. I kept Dumbledore away this time and called in a Mind Healer from St. Mungo's. What he found is why I called you." Poppy continued.

Amelia stayed silent allowing the Hospital Wing Patron to continue, Amelia had known Poppy for a long time, they had been a few years apart at Hogwarts. Poppy was a good person and didn't over react easily. If she had to call a Mind Healer in and keep Dumbledore away, then to call the head of the DMLE, this was serious.

"Severus came back to his body Sunday morning; this time he couldn't remember his own name…"

Amelia gasped, if Harry did this he would be in a lot of trouble, this wasn't something that she could protect him from.

"…the mind healer has been examining him for over fifteen hours. Severus suffered from a mind quake. Amelia it doesn't take a genius to figure out that Lord Potter had something to do with this. Two mind quakes in the same night, one during an out of body experience…" Amelia held up her hand to stop Poppy.

"I am aware of the first incident Poppy. It was an unprovoked mind dual against Lord Potter. Lord Potter won the duel and as honor, law, and magic dictates, Lord Potter was within his rights to do with Severus Snape as he saw fit. He released him with a small modification to his memory so that Mr. Snape would not remember the duel or the outcome… If Mr. Snape attacked Lord Potter again I was not notified about it. I can only assume that Mr. Snape did try to use legilimency on Lord Potter again and that he lost the duel again…"

Poppy sighed. "I knew that man would get himself in trouble one of these days, he was never one for the rules. What you've told me fits but it's not the mind quake that is the problem, the mind healer is working with Severus to repair that damage. The healer also found over twenty compulsion charms on Severus, some of them twenty five or more years old, the newest only a few weeks old." Poppy looked down at her desk for a few seconds re-reading the parchment laying there. Picking the parchment up, Poppy handed it over to Amelia.

"That is the magical signature of the person that placed the charms. It was difficult to get a reading on the charms; the person is very powerful magically and has over a century of experience…"


Neville was the first to get to the Great Hall for breakfast. He immediately spotted Harry sitting in his spot at the founders table. With a smile on his face, seeing his best friend, Neville, sat down in his regular spot.

"How's it going Harry?"

"I'm okay Nev. Don't even have a headache anymore. I'm just ready to get back to classes." replied Harry.

With a smile and a nod Neville started filling his plate; he didn't need to verbally say anything. It wasn't long before Susan arrived and after basically the same question was asked and answered the three friends dug into their food. It wasn't surprising that ten minutes later Hermione arrived with a book in hand and sat down at the table with a look of triumph on her face.

Hermione placed the book down on the table and regarded Harry with a critical eye for a few moments before starting in.

"Harry, I found ways to prevent mind quakes from happing again in the future. It says in here…" Hermione started.

Harry looked at the cover of the book and scoffed. It was one of the truly worst books written about Occlumancy that he had ever read. There was a copy in the family library that had a hand written note on the first page saying that the book was rubbish. He had read it anyway just so he knew what not to do. It figured that Hermione would find it in the Hogwarts library and without checking other references would believe it to be the end all, be all on Occlumancy.

"Hermione" Harry cut her off. "that book is rubbish and completely wrong, I have a copy of it at home in the Potter library. Did you bother to check any other references? Or did you just assume this" Harry pointed at the book. "Was the end all, be all of Occlumancy books?"

Hermione started sputtering. "This… this… it is not rubbish… it has everything in it…"

Harry spotted Dumbledore just coming into the Great Hall from the staff entrance and he was going to prove a point to Hermione right here and now.

"Headmaster!" Harry called out. Dumbledore looked in Harry's direction and smiled. "Do you have a moment Headmaster?" Harry called to him. Instead of going to the head table Dumbledore changed direction, heading toward them.

"What are you doing Harry, that's the Headmaster; you… you can't just call to him like that." Hermione started to protest.

"Mr. Longbottom, Ms. Bones, Ms. Granger, Lord Potter you have a question?" Albus asked as he came up to the table. Hermione looked like she was in the presence of royalty.

"Professor Dumbledore," Harry looked from Dumbledore to Hermione and then down to the book. "We have a bit of a debate going on. Being a Master Occlumans yourself," Harry emphasized the title. "would you be so kind and give us your opinion of this book, it appears to be the definitive work on the subject?" Harry asked. Dumbledore had seen the book lying on the table when he approached, he thought it was rubbish and was curious to why Harry would be reading it.

"Lord Potter, you should be familiar with this book are you not?" asked Dumbledore in return.

"Oh I am quite familiar with it and consider it to be rubbish and full of incorrect and poorly written information." replied Harry. Harry looked at Hermione when he said that. Hermione started sputtering again forgetting that the Headmaster was standing there. Harry could tell she was gearing up for a fight on a subject she knew next to nothing about.

Dumbledore finally understood what was going on. "Ah, I see the problem here. Ms. Granger, did you find this in the school library?" Harry could see the twinkle in the Headmasters eyes.

Hermione looked up at the Headmaster in surprise at having been addressed directly. "Ye… Yes Headmaster."

"Good, good, I have been looking for it for a few years, where did you find it? Oh never mind that, I can finally get rid of it. It should never have been written, Freeman Wester wasn't an Occlumans, his theories and conclusions on the subject are completely wrong. This book has led many people astray in the practice of the mind arts."

"But…but.. it says.."

"Ms. Granger, not every book is right no matter how much the author says he is. Alas even I am not perfect and have made many mistakes."

"But… what about Harry's mind quake, it could happen again…" she started to open the book.

"Ms. Granger, what you have read in there is completely wrong. As long as the person who suffered the mind quake survives the experience, they will never suffer another."

"…bu.." Again Hermione started to reach for the book. Before her hand could reach the cover of the book it flew up into the air and burst into flames. Hermione squealed as the book was consumed by the flames.

"Ms. Granger, books are not always right, your professors here are not always right, we all make mistakes. Please keep that in mind from now on. Lord Potter, thank you for giving an old man the chance to teach once again."

"Professor." Harry nodded to the Headmaster who turned and walked away. Harry looked back at Hermione to find her getting up from her seat, tears starting to form in her eyes.


"Jusst… jusssst leave me alone." Hermione then ran from the Great Hall. Harry stared to get up to go after her but was stopped by Neville.

"Leave it Harry... give her some time to come to terms with this…"

Susan then stood up. "I'm going to go make sure she doesn't get in trouble."

Harry and Neville watched Susan leave the hall in the same direction that Hermione went.

"That could have gone better…" Harry said to Neville. Harry then looked up at the head table. Dumbledore was talking to Professor Flitwick and indicating the doors to the Great Hall. Flitwick then got up and exited the hall by way of the staff entrance. Harry caught the Headmaster's eyes and gave him a nod of thanks.


Hermione didn't show up for Herbology that morning and Harry was starting to get worried. Susan walked in a few minutes after class started handing Professor Sprout a piece of parchment. She then walked over to Harry sitting down at his table.

"Professor Flitwick has a seventh year teaching his class, he is talking to Hermione, as I was leaving I heard him say something about a visit to her parents." Susan whispered. Harry's eyes got wide hearing that, this contacts turning his eyes brown. That was a new color for Harry and Susan took notice of it.

"Harry don't worry I'm sure she will be back before lunch." Susan had guessed right as to what the color meant as Harry's eye started to return to their normal green. He was worried for his new friend.


Draco knelt down in front of the fire. "Draconis Occultum Nec" he called into the green flames.

"Father, Father."

"Draco, what are you doing using the floo! Dumbledore can trace it from the castle…" Lucius scolded his son.

"I'm not in the castle father. I snuck out to Hogsmeade, I'm at The Three Broomsticks." replied Draco.

Lucius breathed a little easier; at least the kid had some sense. Lucius had been becoming increasingly disappointed in his son over the past few years. It seemed the more he tried to teach the boy Slytherin ways, the bigger an idiot the boy became. If it wasn't for the tests he had done to prove that Draco was his he would not have believed it.

"What is so important that you risk being expelled from school to contact me?" asked Lucius.

This was the part Draco wasn't sure would work but he need it to if he was to get any part of his life back.

"Father, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay here. Because of the family troubles, I am being treaded most horridly by Slytherin House, Dobby is treated better. I also have no way of getting what you want; Potter is out of my reach. Getting sorted in to Slytherin sealed that." Draco explained.

"I understand your difficulties Draco but I have faith that you will adapt and continue the proud Malfoy name." Lucius had not such thoughts but he had to encourage the boy.

"Father, your faith in me is welcome news but I feel my staying here is a waste of time. I ask that I be allowed to join you and learn directly from you. Please father, I do not know how much more I can take." Draco kept his face clear of emotion, his father would never allow it if he showed any weakness.

Lucius took a moment to consider his sons request as pathetic as it was. It did have some merit though; he could teach Draco directly to take his place when the Dark Lord returned, maybe even be the focus of the Dark Lords wrath. He could be convincingly distraught over losing his son at the Dark Lords hands.

"Maybe it is time to take our fight underground and start training the next generation in secret. Our setbacks of late are too heavy to ignore. Our Lords cause must survive to the next generation." Lucius paused for a moment. "Very well Draco, return to the castle and gather your things."

Draco breathed a sigh of relief but now was the moment of choice. Did he join his father; learn the old ways from him or…

"I have all of my things with me father, my trunk is in my pocket." replied Draco.

"Very well Draco, I will open the floo for you." With that Lucius's face disappeared from the floo. Draco pulled his head from the flames and looked to the side of the fireplace where several Auror and Amelia Bones where waiting. It was time to make a choice, escape into the floo and join his father or allow the Auror to take his father allowing him to become a Black with his mother.


Dan and Emma Granger normally took Sunday and Monday off from work, their dental office open Tuesday thru Saturday. It was just good business to give their patients a weekend appointment option. They had just finished breakfast and were planning a little shopping trip today. The pantry was getting low and Emma wanted a new outfit for the office. Dan wasn't looking forward to the day, he hated clothes shopping.

They were just getting their coats on when Dan heard a small pop coming from the back garden of the house. They lived in an upscale part of Crawford and enjoyed having a large back yard. The house itself was a two story colonial and in Dan's opinion was the nicest house in the area. They had just been talking that morning about plans for the Christmas holiday when Hermione would be home. Plans had been made for a trip to the continent, Paris to be exact. Hermione would love it.

Dan walked back into the kitchen to look out back to find out what the pop was when the back door opened and a crying Hermione ran in and right into his arms. He was too shocked at seeing his daughter to get his mouth working. Dan looked down at his daughter then back up to the open door to find a very short man standing there.

"Hermione? What are you doing home?" Dan asked in a concerned voice. Emma walked in to the kitchen at that moment spotting her daughter in her husband's arms.

"Dan, what's going on, why is Hermione here? How did she get here?" Hermione turned to her mom, releasing her father she ran to her mom's waiting arms.

"Mom…" sob… "I… I… hate… it…" Hermione sobbed into her mom's chest.

"Mr. and Mrs. Granger, I'm Professor Flitwick, Hermione's Head of House at Hogwarts." Filius spoke up from the door. "There has been a small problem at the school and I thought it best to bring Hermione home and talk to you both about it."

Dan was the first to recover and looked to the short man standing at the door. "How did you get here? What's happened? Why is Hermione so upset?" Dan didn't like seeing his daughter upset, Emma told him many times that he spoils her, letting her get her way, but he just didn't like to see her upset. Seeing her now, crying in to her mother's chest was getting Dan upset and he wanted answers.

"I'll be happy to answer all your questions. May I come in?" replied Filius.

"Yes, come in, I hope you have a good reason why Hermione is so upset!" Dan's anger was starting to rise. Filius entered and closed the door behind him. He looked around the large kitchen but felt they should have a more comfortable place to talk.

"Is there someplace where we can talk?" he asked.

"This way!" Dan replied, turning, he walked out of the room. Emma with Hermione still hugging her followed her husband. Filius despite the seriousness of the issue kept a smile on his face and followed the family into a nice living room. Dan was standing near a fireplace while Emma guided Hermione to a couch where they both sat down.

"Now please explain what's going on. Why is Hermione so upset?" Dan asked again.

Filius conjured a chair suitable to his size and sat down.

"Please let me start from the beginning. First let me say that Hermione is a brilliant student, she has a sharp mind and is doing well in her studies. The day the students arrived, Hermione made friends with our other, for a lack of a better word star student. There is more to his story but I am not at liberty to fully talk about it." Filius started.

"By making friends with Mr. Potter she also made friends with his small circle of friends again this is not the problem. The problem is that Mr. Potter is just as brilliant as Hermione…"

"He… He's… better than me…" sob. "He… he's number one in class, he doesn't have to study… He… for crying out load he owns Hogwarts…" sob..

Both Dan and Emma looked at Hermione then back at Filius.

"Mr. Potter is a very gifted young man. He has, I believe a perfect memory, quite like Hermione does. Like Hermione, he has only to read something once to remember it word for word." Filius paused for a moment. "And yes, Mr. Potter is the Heir of Hogwarts. He owns the castle and school."

Dan and Emma again looked at each other. Hermione had issue all through primary school with other kids. They knew their daughter was smarter than most and that caused problems with other kids. She had had friends in the past that either turned out to be using her to get her to do their homework for them or to just be cruel to her. They had both been thinking the same thing when they allowed Hermione to go to Hogwarts; here was a place she would fit in. It looked now like it was all the same.

"So what happened, did he use our daughter to do his homework or did he befriend her just to play some cruel joke on her?" Dan asked his anger really starting to show.

"Mr. Granger, it is nothing like that at all." Filius snapped back at Dan. Dan took a step back, the look on the Professors face clearly displaying his displeasure at Dan's comment.

"Actually Mr. Granger, the problem is with Hermione. She cannot accept being proven wrong." Filius was trying to approach this gently for Hermione but it was obvious he needed to be blunt. Filius went on to explain the events that led up to this morning and what had happened.

"I do not agree with the way the Headmaster dealt with the situation this morning, he didn't need to burn the book. Mr. Potter and I have both been trying to get Hermione to see that books are not perfect. We have both told her that she should check many sources then come to her own conclusion. I brought her home this morning to see if I could enlist your help in this matter." Filius finished.

Dan and Emma where shocked to hear what had happened, they were even more shocked to hear that Hermione may have a real friend if she could get over her book obsession. By the time Flitwick was finished telling them about what happened, Hermione was in tears again. She was so embarrassed and she felt stupid, like she wasn't good enough to be in Hogwarts.

It was just before dinner that Filius and Hermione returned to Hogwarts. Between Hermione's parents and himself it looked like they had been able to get through to Hermione. In the end Dan and Emma where very understanding. Dan told Filius in private that they had been having the same problem with Hermione since she learned to read.

Dan and Emma sat down to dinner with a better outlook on the school that Hermione was attending. That her Professor would bring her all the way from wherever it was the school was at to enlist their help spoke well of the school. That Hermione may have a real friend that will be able to help her was only icing on the cake.


Harry didn't personally know anyone in the Ravenclaw first years except Hermione. But he knew how upset she would be for missing her classes. Harry took notes during Herbology for Hermione; after class was over he stopped one of the other Ravenclaw first years to ask if they would be willing to give Hermione a copy of their notes.

When Hermione hadn't returned by lunch Harry started getting worried, it was a small comfort that Professor Flitwick had not returned either.

The rest of Harry's classes went the same as they did the week before. Dumbledore taught potions again, Binns almost put Harry to sleep in History, and Ron Weasley and Dean Thomas just made it to Transfiguration on time. Harry walked toward the Great Hall for dinner with Neville and Susan who had met up with them in the halls.

Harry was hoping beyond hope that Hermione was back. He really felt bad about that morning and didn't want to see Hermione through away her magic because of him. He knew that if she decided to leave the school or if her parents took her out the Ministry would have to bind her magic and then wipe all memory of it from their minds.

When the three friends walked into the Great Hall, Harry spotted Hermione first. She was sitting at the founders table like she always did except there were no books out being read. Quickening his pace, Harry got to the table, sitting down right across from Hermione.

"Hermione… I…"

"It's ok Harry. I know you were just trying to prove a point, I get it now." Hermione interrupted.

"I'm sorry Hermione…" Harry replied.

"Can we just forget it ever happened and be friends? I'll try really hard not to let everything I read go to my head. Will you help me with that?" Harry could see in Hermione's expression that the world was riding on his answer.

"Yah, we can be friends, and I'll help as much as I can." Harry smiled.

Neville and Susan had stayed quiet up until now; both of them smiled and affirmed their willingness to be friends too. After that the conversation turned to that day's classes. Harry told Hermione that he had notes for her from Herbology and who she could get her other class notes from. Things seemed right in the world again for Harry. The four friends continued talking through dinner oblivious to the rest of the people eating dinner around them.


Up at the head table several teachers where watching Harry and his friends. Professor Flitwick looked at the scene going on at the founders table and smiled. He had taken a gamble by taking Hermione home and was excited that it looked like everything was going to work out.

Dumbledore was watching the scene as well. He was happy that everything was worked out for now. Harry needed friends, he needed to build those relationships; it was going to be very important in the future. He needed something he was willing to sacrifice himself for. That was the one thing that Dumbledore still knew for certain. There was no way around it, prophecy or not, Harry still had a piece of Voldemort inside him, he had to die eventually in order to vanquish Voldemort for good. Albus was going to try to find any way he could to avoid that outcome; he had been searching for a way for nine years and was going to continue to search until the last possible moment.

Quirinus watched the seen with the loathing his Master was feeling for it. He was trying not to feel the same way about it. In that small part of his mind that he had so far been able to keep secret he was happy that things had worked out. He would do what he could to keep his Master's plans for Potter from happening. As for what Voldemort wanted from the Headmaster he would continue to do everything he could, Dumbledore be damned…


Lynn Stuart sat in her London flat rereading the article in Potions Monthly about her new discover for the use of Dragon Blood. She was extremely pleased with herself, especially after everything that's happened to Harry at the hands of one Albus Dumbledore, the original publisher of the uses of Dragon Blood.

She was just waiting for her shift at St. Mongo's to start when an Owl flew in her open window dropping a letter on the table. Lynn wasn't expecting anything from anyone. She picked up the letter but didn't recognize the hand writing on the envelope.

What is this about? She thought. Opening the letter, Lynn's eyes got bigger and bigger as she read. She needed to talk to her father right away and see what he thought. After reading the letter she stood up from the table and with a small twist, disappeared.

She appeared in Diagon Ally seconds later and made her way to Gringotts. As she entered the large white marble building, she paid proper respect to the guards at the doors then made her way straight to her father's office. She didn't need to stop at a teller to get permission to enter the back offices like she would have a little over a year ago. Since her father had taken Harry on as a client at Ragnok's request, he had gained considerable respect amongst the Goblins. His actions over the past year since then gained him even more. That respect was also bestowed on her as his daughter.

Goblins, being a warrior culture, honored strength no matter if the battlefield was a courtroom or a bloody war zone. Her father was a warrior in the eyes of the Goblins. She stopped outside her father's office and knocked on the door.

"Come." Lynn heard her father call out. Lynn opened the door and entered the office. Scott told her once about Ragnok's office, she had not been in it yet though. He told her how it projected the power that Ragnok held. That her father's office had that same sense to it and was close to the same size as Ragnok's spoke of the power her father now held.

"Dad, I received this letter just now and I knew I had to show it to you right away." Lynn started as she took a seat at her father's desk.

"Let me see it Lynn." Scott replied with a smile. Lynn didn't seem upset by whatever it was so he wasn't going to panic.

Lynn handed the letter over to her father who started reading it. When he finished, Scott looked up at his daughter.

"Well this is interesting, what do you want to do? I think we should talk to Sirius, Remus, and Harry about it." Scott replied.


Harry wasn't in Defense against the Dark Arts for more than a few minutes before the shadow appeared back in his mindscape. The difference this time was that the new prison for that piece of Voldemort that was attached to Harry was on the edge of his mind. He had surrounded it with mist like the rest of his mind but it wasn't as thick.

As the shadow explored the edge of Harry's mind it got close to the mausoleum. Harry shifted some of his defenses in that direction, the mist thickening but this left the rest of his mind less defended. The shadow never attacked his mind but by the time DADA was over Harry had a headache and just wanted to lie down in his bed for the rest of the night.

Harry was sorely getting tired of other people trying to get into his head and the past few days had eroded his tolerance of the intrusions. He decided to work on the problem of the shadow but it was just one more thing added to his to do list.

It was a very tired Harry that fell asleep after his classes on Tuesday that he never heard the mirror call from Sirius.