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His Mind Quake, it was going to happen sooner or later. He was under a lot of pressure and the loss of his family had finally caught up to him. Enough said.

Chapter 25

The not so good vs Evil

"It has a lot more than that, its self-updating, so it has everything that has ever happened in Hogwarts recorded in it. We could even read this very conversation in it if I asked for it. Hogwarts hears and sees everything. It's all recorded here. I am only telling you this because I know you won't tell anyone about it, am I right?"

"Yes Harry, it's one of your big…" Hermione didn't get to finish her sentence as the whole castle shook, knocking her off her feet. At the same time Hedwig appeared over Harry's head, hanging in the air, her talons out and ready. Tula appeared almost as quickly along with fifteen other elves, taking up defensive positions around Harry.


The Castle shook again follow by a loud boom. Harry finally pulled out of his shock and looked down at the book in his lap. Instead of the staff meeting that he had been following, there was one word on the page, "lockdown." Surprised Harry read the word out loud.

Since the last days of Helga Hufflepuff the school had been put into lockdown several times by previous Headmasters. For them it simply closed doors and brought up any Wards the previous Headmasters and professors had placed around the school. For Harry, as the heir to the Founders it was totally different.

As soon as the word left his mouth things started happening. Students that were out in the halls of the school suddenly found themselves in their common rooms. The House common rooms and dorms sealed themselves, solid walls appearing where doors had been. The doors to the infirmary and classrooms closed and locked themselves. The school librarian, Madam Pince and the students that were in the library watch in shock as the doors disappeared to be replaced by a solid stone wall.

The suits of armor displayed around the school animated and stepped out in to the halls from their alcoves, weapons drawn and ready. Lastly, buried deep below the school, in a room that had not been entered since the Founders themselves created it, an ancient ward stone came to life. Wards that had not been used in a millennium sprang up around Hogwarts, battle wards that had no equal anywhere in the world.

In the Founders tower the entrance hall from the common room to the Hall of doors disappeared, replaced by five feet of solid stone. The walls of the common room that normally displayed a view of the grounds around the tower changed. A map of the school appeared on one wall along with various views around the school, the front gates, the Great Hall, the Entrance Hall, and a view of the staff room that look to be straight out of a horror movie.

Professor McGonagall and Professor Sinistra were lying in a heap on the floor, a pool of blood forming around them. Professor Flitwick was standing in a defensive position over the two witches while Professor Stuart was waving her wand over the both of them. Professors Burbage and Grubbly-Plank along with Filch were cowering in the far corner of the room with Hagrid guarding over them. Professor Sprout was in the center of the room with professor Vector; both holding what looked shield charms up with their wands.

The real horror was the battle taking place between Dumbledore and Professor Quirrell. Dumbledore was trying to forcing Quirrell out in to the hallway away from the other professors with a barrage of spell fire that could only be described as horrifying in its intensity. Quirrell though was firing back at the Headmaster with his own barrage of spells.

Harry now knew who the shade was that kept invading his mind during Defense class. Quirrell must have lost the turban that he normally wore sometime during the battle; it was lying in the corner of the room. On the back of Quirrell's head was another face that had a look of utter rage and hatred. The face was so distorted that it was impossible to describe. Harry knew that face though, Voldemort.

A spell fired by Quirrell was side stepped by Dumbledore; flying over his right shoulder, the spell traveled on into the room and collided with Professor Sprouts shield. Professor Sprout was able to deflect the spells but was thrown back in to the rear wall of the room where she fell unconscious, the spell travelling up into the ceiling of the room. The castle shook again as the spell impacted, a large hole being blown in the ceiling causing rock and debris to fall on everyone. Dumbledore took that moment to throw a banisher at Quirrell which pushed him out in to the hall, Dumbledore quickly following him out.

All of this was being displayed on the wall in the Founders Tower. Susan after getting over the shock of what she was seeing ran to the fire pit in the center of the room while pulling a small pouch from her pocket. Taking a pinch of powder from the bag she threw it into the fire and called out Amelia Bones.

Hermione had collapsed back down to the floor in near hysterics while watching what was happening. She just couldn't believe what she was seeing, two professors lying on the floor, looking like they were dead or dying, and the battle raging on in the halls of Hogwarts. It was just too much for her young mind, she then fell unconscious.

Neville just stood in the dueling area, his mouth hanging open. He knew wizard duels could get nasty and this one was shaping up to be one for the record books. When Hermione passed out Neville ran over to her to see what he could do.

Harry was stunned. After saying 'Lockdown' he was hit with a lot of information really quickly. He felt a new connection forcibly connect to his mind and magic. He received a lot of information in only a few seconds as the ancient wards came to life. Hogwarts was feeding him hundreds of images, the students and their locations, the battle taking place, dark objects in the school, everything flooded in and it took Harry entering his mind and creating several copies of himself to cope with it all. That was a new trick he thought to himself as his mind took in everything. He could hear Susan frantically talking to someone, he knew Hermione had fainted and Neville was looking after her, so he turned his full attention to the battle being fought in the school.

"Tula, get some elves, get Professor McGonagall, Sinistra, and the other professors to the Hospital wing." Harry ordered. Tula popped away instantly with six of the elves in the tower. He could see them in the staffroom already via the wall projections.

"Hogwarts, send the armor." Harry called out. Armor from all over the castle started moving in the direction of the battle. Harry turned to Susan.

"Aunt Amelia is on her way with a dozen Aurors." Susan answered Harry's un-asked question.

"They won't be able to get in with the school in lockdown." Harry replied. "I am not taking it out of lockdown until whatever this is, is over." Harry turned again to the wall just in time to see a suit of armor take a Killing curse that had been intended for the Headmaster. Harry knew that curse all too well and it made his blood boil seeing it. Dumbledore didn't even flinch, he just returned spell fire. Quirrell wasn't looking to good. The Headmaster had obviously landed several spells on him and he was slowing down while Dumbledore looked like he was just getting in his stride.

It was at that moment that a suit of armor was able to come up behind Quirrell and run its sword through the Defense against the Dark Arts teacher. Quirrell let out a horrifying scream then fell to the floor. What happened next made Harry run to the bathroom to loss his dinner. A dark black shadow emerged from the body of the dying professor, dark black blood pooling around him. The shadow screamed in rage and flew toward the Headmaster who put up a golden shield just in time to repulse the shadow; it then flew away down the hall toward the entrance hall.

As Harry lost his dinner in the bathroom as the wards tracked the shadow as it flew out on to the grounds of Hogwarts and into the Forbidden Forest. It passed out of the wards, disappearing in to the dark forest just as Madam Bones and her Aurors arrived at the main gates.


Harry sat quietly in Dumbledore's office; he had released the lockdown on Hogwarts after getting quickly cleaned up in the bathroom. Amelia and her Aurors had quickly secured the scene around the body of Quirrell and all the areas where the fight had taken place. Amelia was talking to one of her Aurors at the door to the Headmaster's office. Dumbledore was sitting behind his desk looking a little haggard but otherwise unharmed. Amelia turned from the door giving Harry a look then turned to Dumbledore.

"Albus Dumbledore, you knew this was going to happen, didn't you? That's what all those traps on the third floor were for? What was the object Quirrell was after? What was the dark shadow that flew into the Forbidden Forest just as we arrived?" Amelia was not happy. She was relieved though that Susan had been with Harry in the tower when this all started.

"I suspected it would happen, yes." Dumbledore replied. "When the traps on the third floor were removed I had no way of controlling the possibility of what I suspected. If you had let me keep them there…"

"Deadly traps in a school full of children, Dumbledore have you lost what is left of your mind, you should have just told me what you suspected and I would have had Aurors here in minutes. Instead you get into a deadly fight with Professor Quirrell, two of your professors in St. Mungo's, three others plus a student in the Hogwarts hospital wing under Dreamless Sleep Potions, and the rest of the school children frightened. What were you thinking Dumbledore!?"

"I…" Dumbledore started to reply.

"Don't even try to explain yourself right now Dumbledore. We will get to the truth of this matter. Albus Dumbledore you are hereby under arrest for the death of Professor Quirrell, several hundred counts of child endangerment, twenty three counts of Compulsion Charms on Severus Snape whose mind is still broken, and many other charges related to your handling of Lord Potter. I told you Dumbledore, warned you that I was keeping a close eye on you." Amelia interrupted.

"Hand over your wand Dumbledore and do not try to resist." Amelia moved forward. The Auror still at the door had his wand in his hand and was moving forward. After the fight with Quirrell, Dumbledore just didn't have it in him to fight two fresh, highly trained opponents. To add to that Albus knew Amelia was justified in her actions.

"Very well Amelia, you are just doing your job." replied Albus as he slid his wand over the desk. Fawkes sitting on his perch gave a calming trill.

It was not lost on Harry that Fawkes was still the Headmaster's familiar. There had to still be something good in the man that had put him in hell for most of his life. That he was willing to face the charges against him, willingly, said much.

"I have one more question before we take you to the ministry Dumbledore." Amelia's voice was just dripping with antipathy. "What was the object you had in the school and is it still here in Hogwarts?"

"It is still here in the school, yes, though it is not real. I had let it slip out that I was protecting Nicolas Flamel's Philosopher's Stone for him. It's only a large ruby stone that I had." Dumbledore then reach out to the corner of his desk, his hand disappearing for a second then reappearing with the ruby.

Harry spoke up for the first time at this point. "Madam Bones, Severus Snape's broken mind is my fault. He tried to get into my mind twice; I trapped him twice during the mind duel. The second time he was still trapped in my mind when I had the mind quake. That's why his mind is broken." Harry had his head down; he wasn't feeling too proud of himself for what happened to Snape. Even after everything he had found out from the man's mind he still felt sorry for what happened.

Dumbledore's eyes shot over to look at Harry, his eyebrows disappearing in to his hairline. Here was some information confirmed by Harry that he had suspected.

After picking up Dumbledore's wand, she turned to Harry "Yes Harry, I am aware of the duels. I was informed through a third party. You are not in any trouble." Amelia then looked back to Dumbledore. "One of the last compulsions on Mr. Snape was for him to look into your mind, no matter how forcefully he needed to." Amelia was still piercing Dumbledore with her eyes. "You are not to blame for his man's actions."

Harry turned to Dumbledore, his eyes going black. "I was starting to think maybe you were not as bad as I thought. Why Fawkes is still bonded to you, I cannot understand." Harry turned to look at the Phoenix. Fawkes just looked back at Harry and gave a short trill. With that Harry stood up and walked out the office door.

"If you please Dumbledore." Amelia pointed to the door.

Dumbledore followed by the Auror walked out of the office. Amelia took one last look around; she would be back with a team of Auror to go through the office later, the fake Philosopher's Stone still sitting in the middle of the desk.


Friday's classes were canceled; Professor Flitwick was sitting in the Headmaster's chair at breakfast the next morning. With two of the four head of house professors recovering in St. Mungo's, and Professor Sprout still not out of the hospital wing, her nerves still shot after seeing the horrific battle, Professor Flitwick took charge of the students. He had seen far worse duels during the last war and being a veteran champion of the dueling circuit, he was only slightly disturbed at the ferocity and cruelty of the duel. He was much more worried about his fellow teachers but reports were that they would recover completely in a few days thanks to Professor Stuart's efforts during the battle.

Professor Stuart was helping out in the infirmary along with a mind healer from St. Mungo's for Hermione and the other professors. Flitwick had been very impressed with the way Professor Stuart handled herself during the battle, she never even flinched.

Amelia had stationed five Auror teams at the school to help watch over the students and to search out the dark objects that had Harry later told her about that the wards were still reporting to him. Each team had an Auror trainee and a seasoned Auror.

During breakfast the students were told that Professor Quirrell had for some reason lost his mind and attacked the other teachers during the staff meeting. The Headmaster defended the staff but not before Professor McGonagall and Sinatra had been severely wounded. He also informed the students that Headmaster Dumbledore had been arrested on charges that included the death of Professor Quirrell. He wanted to get the students prepared for when the Daily Profit arrived with the full story.

Harry had breakfast with Neville and Susan. Hermione was still in the hospital wing, still in a bit of hysterics over watching the battle. Aunt Amelia had prepared Susan for this kind of horror so she was taking it all much better then Harry would have thought. Neville was just Neville; something about him, Harry had discovered, was that there wasn't much that bothered Neville.

When the Profit arrived there was nothing in it about the battle or Dumbledore's arrest. Harry figured it would be in a special addition or the reports were still being held by the Ministry. Harry was expecting a call from Sirius and Remus at any moment or for them both to come through the front doors of the school to pull him out. He had already decided after leaving the Headmasters office last night that he wouldn't be leaving. This was his school, he had his friends here and it really was his school, he couldn't just walk away from Hogwarts.

After breakfast Harry and the others visited Hermione in the Hospital wing. She was doing better after talking to the mind healer and Professor Stuart. She was hoping to be out by dinner time. They then went to the Founders tower, Harry figured with the extra day to the weekend he could start on some of his list of things to do which had just greatly increased due to this incident. Susan and Neville went back to doing homework as Harry took the stairs to the tower library. He had some research to do. It was about an hour later that Harry got the call from Remus that they would be coming up to the castle.


Sirius paced in front of the fireplace. "Let's go Remus! I want to get to the castle and see Harry." Sirius yelled out.

"I'm coming." Remus yelled back as he entered the foyer. "With what Amelia told us; I want to get there as much as you do."

"I am really tempted to pull Harry out of Hogwarts after this. How could that old fool tempt fate by bring in a fake artifact that every evil wizard in the world wants, never mind Voldemort? That it was Voldemort makes it even worse." commented Sirius.

"Then let's go." replied Remus as he tossed floo powder in the fireplace and called out. "Three Broomsticks"

Sirius and Remus stepped out of the fireplace one after the other not even stopping to take in the noisy tavern. The trip from Hogsmeade to Hogwarts only took a few minutes. When they were in sight of the front doors to the castle they could see Harry waiting there for them. "Harry!" Sirius hurried to him, pulling him into a tight hug. "Are you okay?" He pulled away enough to make sure his godson was fine, before hugging him again.

"I'm fine," Harry smiled, hugging Sirius back with just as much enthusiasm. "Hey Remus."

"Harry," he greeted, waiting his turn to get a hug. "Nice to see that you're alive."

Harry smirked, leading the way through the castle, to one of the entrances to the Founder's Tower.

"Alive, yes. I'm a little tired though, it's been a long couple of days." replied Harry. He had been keeping Sirius and Remus up to date every night to the goings on at the school and how he was doing. Some nights he didn't get enough sleep because he would stay up late talking to Sirius.

He walked into the alcove near the Great Hall that lead to the founders Tower with Sirius and Remus right behind him. Once they were in the Hall of Doors, Harry explained how they worked and where they went. Hermione had made little labels for each of the doors indicating where they led too.

Sirius was smiling that smile as they walked through the hall, Harry could tell he wanted to try every one of the doors and leave little surprises in each of the house common rooms, well knowing Sirius; Slytherin would get a big surprise.

"Sirius, don't even think about it, I made promises to the professors that I wouldn't abuse the freedom that the hall gives me. Professor Flitwick would be very upset if I broke that promise." Harry said with a chastising look on his face. Remus just laughed, he was thinking the same thing Sirius was but he would never let it show on his face the way Sirius did.

Entering the Tower, Harry waved to Neville who was sitting at a study table going over his homework. Susan was visiting Hermione in the Hospital Wing. Harry showed the two Marauders around the lower tower first, taking them through all the suites. He had already told them about the Hufflepuff books that were found so he showed them where they were stored. After that he took them up to the library.

Remus being the book worm that he was, almost as bad a Harry and Hermione, stopped in the entrance to the library and just let his mouth hang open. Harry and Sirius both started laughing at him as they could see some drool starting to form at the corners of his mouth.

"Remus, snap out of it." Sirius called out as he slapped the back of his friends head.

"Remus you can spend all the time you like in here later." Harry told him. The three took seats in the lounge at the center of the library and Harry started telling them all about what had happened. Harry had already stored the memories of the battle in a book all its own on the third floor of his mental library, well away from any other frequently accessed memory.

He explained about the Hogwarts wards that had come to life and how he was aware of everything going on in the school to some degree. He was still trying to figure out how to tune it all out, for now he had tied the connection to a large book in the center of his minds library and a small siren horn that Hogwarts could use to get his attention if something big was happening. It was enough that he wasn't constantly being overwhelmed with information from the wards.

The three Marauders stayed in the library the rest of the afternoon catching up with each other. Remus wasn't doing much at the Potter Manor; he didn't go out much because Sirius had to leave quite often for Black Family business. He spent most of his days reading in the Potter library.

Sirius was still trying to get the Black family businesses in order; he wasn't making many friends on the seeder side of the Black family interests. He had already received a couple death threats that had nothing to do with Death Eaters, just former employees of said seeder businesses that didn't like losing their jobs. He wasn't worried though he told Harry, he could take care of himself, and they had been reported to Amelia.

At dinner time, Sirius and Remus joined Harry in the Great Hall with Neville. Harry wasn't going to miss the return of Hermione from the Hospital Wing, plus tonight's dinner was sure to be exciting if the Daily Prophet was doing a special addition.

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