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Holly's POV

"What is wrong with me?" I thought to myself. "Maybe I should schedule a doctors appointment tomorrow..."

I got out of the shower and dressed in a cute pink floral top and a white skirt. I curled my hair, then put on some make-up. I decided that I should look cute at least, no matter how horrible I felt.

"Feeling any better boo?" Vince asked me politely. "Because from the looks of you, I'd think you felt like a million and ten bucks!"

"Not really, but thanks for that." I felt horrible, but as long as I looked nice I figured I could deal with it.

"Aw boo, I'm sorry. Want me to cancel this thing for you?"

"Nahh, I want to go." He gave me this "Really Holly?" look. "Honestly, I do!" Vince looked so adorable in his pale blue button up shirt and khaki pants. I wanted to kiss him so bad but if I had something contagious I didn't want him to get it. So instead I just kissed him on the cheek.

So we left for the bakery. We mostly rode in silence, which was better for me seeing as I didn't feel well. When we were almost there he grabbed my hand and we just sat there as he drove.

"Holly, I love you, and I'm so glad that I married you. This was my way of saying "Happy Birthday" to my beautiful wife Holly Tyler Malone!"

Just then we were at the bakery and we walked in. "Suprise!" Everyone yelled as they jumped up from hiding. "Thanks everyone! I am so thankful that I have such great friends and family! Now is it present time?"

"Holly, why dont you visit people first while we get the things ready?" Vince added

I really wanted my presents, I didn't care if I was 20 or not. Presents are presents, that's that! But since I didn't want to seem bitchy I "visited" with my friends and family. I decided that I should start with my sister and brother-in-law.

"Happy Birthday Holly, how does it feel to be 20, wow to be 20 again..." Vic said as he started to trail off.

"Thanks Vic, and it feels the same as 19 did. Other than this bug that I have..."

"Holly, I say this because I love you. Being Pregnant isn't a "bug" it's something to be happy about. Oh yeah It's something that you should tell your older sister!" Val said in an annoyed voice.

I was wondering why she thought that I was pregnant. And then she had the balls to tell me I was pregnant! Who the hell did she think she was. Just because she was pregnant didn't mean I suddenly had to be. I just got married, I wasn't her. I wasn't going to get pregnant for at least a year, well that is the plan. And I wanna stick with it. I'm sure Vince would enjoy that too. Whoa now I needed to calm down. I was starting to get light headed.

"Val, I don't know where you got that crazy idea! I'm not pregnant, I'm serious I just have a small bug. Why did you think I was pregnant?"

"Holly, the pregnancy test, "Jet lag," not feeling well. All symptoms, Holly you and your baby will be all the safer if you accept the fact your pregnant. Holly we are fine if you are, don't get upset. It's not good for the baby."

"Val! Shut the hell up! I am not pregnant! Ok get that through your thick skull. Ok? I'm not pregnant." I lifted my shirt up to show her I was not pregnant. "Do you see Val? No baby in tummy. Stop saying I am. Vince and I are not like you and Vic, we don't get pregnant a month after we are married. Who the hell do you think you are telling me I am pregnant! Just because I got married doesn't mean I suddenly want to start a family! so if you don't shut the hell up I will..."

Vic's POV

What was happening? I've seen Holly and Val fight, but never like this. Just then I saw Holly fall to the ground. Me being a firefighter, I knew first-aid. So I ran over to Holly and took her pulse. Her heart beat was normal, but I couldn't think of a reason why Holly had just passed out.

"Vic, what just happened to Holly?" I heard Vince scream from across the bakery. Then of course he ran over and picked her up and put her on the couch. I knew that she should get to the hospital right away so I instinctively called 911. Then Val had to put her two sense in.

"Vince, you weren't taking care of her. She never passed out when I was taking care of her. Then after what 2 weeks with you she passes out, no. That is unacceptable. How could you let this happen?" Then Val started crying. Man, these pregnancy hormones were driving me insane! She cries all the time, and I'm kinda sick of it. At least though, when this is all over we will have a brand new baby. That's sometimes the only thing that gets me through these tough days.

"Listen Val, I am not going to yell at you. But I'm going to tell you how I feel. That was bitchy of you. I don't care if you are pregnant. There was no reason to flip out at Holly. I don't care if you flip out at me. I don't care that she is your sister or not. She is now my wife. Nobody get's to yell at my wife like that. Granted, she shouldn't of yelled at you like that, but she didn't deserve that."

I could tell Vince was getting upset. So I had to think of something quick to stop another fight from emerging. "I think I hear the ambulance in the distance."

So then I helped the EMTs get Holly into the ambulance. Vince rode with her and everybody else went in their cars.

Vince's POV

I couldn't stand seeing Holly like that. With all those cords and wires rapped around her. It was horrible. I couldn't stand it. It pulled at the strings of my heart, but I wasn't going to cry. She just looked so helpless. Then I heard a knock at the door. So I stood up to greet the doctor.

"Mr. Vince Malone?" I heard the doctor ask.

"Yes that's me. So what is wrong with my wife?" I had to know as soon as possible.

"Well she just has a virus. Which should be out of her system in a day or so. Now you are probably thinking, why did she pass out? Well, we think she was just dehydrated and had a lack of oxygen. Now, can you tell me, what was she doing before she fainted?"

"Ummm I think she and her sister were having a fight, but I couldn't tell what it was about."

"Do you think I could possibly talk to...?"

"Valerie Meladeo, I believe she is in the waiting room. Blonde hair, pregnant, in a big crowd. Umm, If you can't find her I'll get her for you."

"Ok, thank you. I should be back in a few minutes."

So I was left standing there alone in a hospital room, with my wife. I was just thankful that she was going to be alright. I sat back down in the chair and just looked at her. Gosh did I love her. She was everything I wanted in life and then some! She was just, mine! I love her. She makes me a better person and I needed her in my life. I and I hope she knew that.

Val's POV

I felt bad for my attitude back at the bakery with Holly, but I really thought she was pregnant. I mean she bought a pregnancy test and everything. Why am I such a bad sister?

"Mrs. Meladeo?" I heard someone say. I turned to see the doctor and he had this plain look on his face.

The first thought that came to mind that something terrible had happened. "What happened Doctor? Is my sister alright? Why did she pass out? Was it my fault? Please tell me she is alright!"

"Mrs. Meladeo,"

I inturrupted. I was ok with being called Val. "Val please"

"Alright, Val, your sister has a small virus, and she should be fine. It should work its way out of her system in a day or two. And she most likely passed out because she was dehydrated and had a lack of oxygen."

"Is that all?"

"Well I need to ask what you two were fighting about."

How did he know we were fighting? Vince! He kinda ruins everything."Our fight? That's what you think this was about? Well, if you must know, I thought she was pregnant and she kept telling me she wasn't but I didn't believe her. So she kept telling me that]everything was fine she just had a bug then she just passed out. I feel so bad"

"Well, that could have caused the lack of oxygen but the dehydration was from throwing up. So it probably wasn't your fault."

Holly's POV

I had a major headache that was pounding. I felt like I had a hangover. Not that I know what that feels like... Who am I kidding I do know what that was like. I felt my eyes start to flutter. Where was I? Why is there an IV in my arm? Then I saw him, the love of my life, Vince.

"Hey baby. How you feeling?" Vince said in a calming tone.

"Did I drink to much?" I had to add some humor to the situation. I knew what really happened. Man did I love Vince! He laughed, he was trying to make the best of the situation.

"Honey, want me to get the nurse for you?" Vince was so polite. He was just so freakin' amazing!

"I'm ok, I think she should be in soon anyway! Vince, can I tell you something?"

"Sure Boo, what is it?"

"I just love you so much. You are everythink in a man that I ever looked for and I thank you for being with me throughout everything. I know I'm not easy to live with. Trust me, but you see past that! You are so amazing! You are a saint and I'm lucky to have you!"

"Holly, I love you too! You are an amazing wife and without you in my life I am not whole! I am not a saint, though. Not even close. You are the milk to my cookies, the TV to my remote, The ocean to my fish, the Ice cream to my cone, must I go on? My life isn't real without you. I'm just glad your ok. I almost cried when I walked in and saw you all hooked up."

Just then Tina walked in. "HOLLY! I thought you died or something, never pass out on me again! Oh ya I never got to tell you happy birthday! 20 It's pretty fun eh? Ha Oh my Hol I love you so much!"

"Thanks Tina, I love you too. Oh yeah, sorry I worried you." I love Tina, she was like my sister I never ha- Oh wait Val. Yeah Tina was like my twin sister. She was my best friend, even more then my husband. I know that sounds bad, but it's true. I do love Vince more, so that's good, but I love Tina, just Vince more. Gary was next to walk in.

"Holly! Oh my damn. I was so scared about you! Don't ever do that again! I mean pass out...Incase you didn't know."

"Well Gary, I'll try not to pass out. It's not really something I like to do."

"Oh yeah! Happy 20th birthday Holly."

"Thanks Gary!" Then of course, Lauren, Val, and Vic all walked in.

I really didn't want to talk to Val so I decided to talk to Vic and Lauren. "Hey Vic! Thanks for saving me back there. If it weren't for you something worse could have happened." I was so mad at Valerie still so i muttered under my breath "It's Val's fault I'm here."

"What was that Holly?" Val so impolitely added. I really didn't want to talk to her. So I pressed the nurse button so I could check out and just go spend time with Vince. the nurse came and we got all checked out. Vince and I were on our way home so I was happy I didn't have to deal with Val! Vince was so nice. He went to the bakery and got all my presents for me so him and I spent the next 15 minutes opeing my presents. It was mostly stuff that we didn't get for our wedding that we needed but there were some gag gifts from Tina. Like some naughty games and dare I say it handcuffs, fuzzy ones! I got a shower because after being at the hospital...I mean really? I had to shower.

"Vince! Guess what, guess what, guess what!" I was so happy I couldn't help but scream! I was feeling better! It must've of been something the doctors did,

"Holly! What?" Vince thought he was just so funny. He was pretty funny in my eyes at least.

"Vince! I feel better. I got another shower and when I got out I felt so much better! The doctors must have done something."

"That's great Boo! I love you so much!" He kissed me, and it was one of the best kisses of my entire life. I mean we have shared a lot of GREAT kissed but this one was amazing!

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